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This is a list of what classes can be leaders of units. Not all of them can, obviously. If a unit is stationed in a town or Temple it will be able to recruit certain other units. The list also contains what units each type of leader can recruit. Note that all recruits will be two levels below the level of the character that recruited them.

* - this leader can recruit these characters from anywhere, not just in a town.
** - use a Pumpkin item on this leader to enable her to recruit this character.

Leader Recruits
Knight Fighter
Paladin Knight, Cleric
Vampyre Were Wolf
Wild Man Fighter
Evil One Wild Man, Wizard
Beast Man Fighter, Hellhound
Beast Master Cerberus, Cockatris, Wyrm
Dragoner Dragon, Wyvern
Dragon Master Black, Red, Silver Dragons
Doll Mage Golem
Doll Master Rock Golem
Ninja Master Ninja
Wizard Giant. Hellhound
Mage Giant, Cerberus, Imp
Sorcerer Ghost*, Skeleton*
Lich Phantom*, Wraith*
Samurai Fighter
Samurai Master Samurai, Ninja
Valkyrie Amazon
Muse Valkyrie
Witch Hellhound, Pumpkin**
Cleric Amazon
Shaman Angel, Cleric
Monk Cherubim, Knight, Shaman
Princess Angel, Faerie
Eagle Man Gryphon, Hawk Man
Raven Man Gryphon, Hawk Man
Demon Imp, Wizard
Angel Faerie
Cherubim Angel, Faerie
Seraphim Cherubim, Faerie
Mermaid Mermaid, Octopus
Nixie Mermaid, Octopus

Unique Leaders

These leaders belong to unique classes and recruit different characters depending on who they are. For example, Slust and Fenril are both Dragoons, yet they recruit different units.

Leader Recruits
Lord None
Debonair (General) Evil One, Valkyrie, Raven Man, Demon, Doll Master
Tristan (General) Knight, Samurai, Mage, Shaman, Mermaid
Slust (Dragoon) Fire Giant, Red Dragon
Fenril (Dragoon) Ice Giant, Silver Dragon
Fogel (Dragoon) Red Dragon, Gold Dragon, Tiamat, Wyvern