Unique Classes (Notes Only)

This is your leader. You named him at the beginning of the game. Lords come in two kinds, male and female. Their attacks vary depending on the answers you gave Warren in the intro. "Good" answers will get you attacks like Banish, "Neutral" ones will get you Slash, Thunder or Iainuki, and "Evil" answers will get you Poison and Phantom. The Lord is strong, and capable of withstanding some pounding. All EXP from enemies killed by Tarot cards goes straight to him (or her). It's best to keep him or her under-leveled so he doesn't lose too much ALI. Thus, it follows that you should keep him at the base, out of the way of battle, and protect him with a strong unit just in case.

You fight two of these in the game. They're in the back row both times. They use a lot of Black Magic. The first one uses Nightmare followed by Phantom and the second uses Phantom twice. It follows that they are weak to White Magic, and can easily be killed by means of Angels, Princesses, and Judgment cards.

You fight four of these in the game - Debonair, Figaro, Previa and Luvalon. You can only recruit two - Debonair and Tristan. They are great fighters. In the front row, they get three physical attacks. They are exceptional swordsmen, outmatched only by Dragoons. If they are the leaders, they can recruit five other classes. Tristan's recruits are different from Debonair's. An excellent class!

You fight three of these - Slust, Fenril and Fogel. You can recruit all three if you have a high reputation and the Star of Heroes. They are all located on Sky Islands, found by finding Chaos Gates in some stages. Dragoons are excellent. They are nearly impervious to physical attacks, and other than Black Magic not much fazes them. In the front row, they provide an indestructible barrier, as well as three physical attacks a piece. Put them in a unit with a spellcaster and a healer for maximum carnage. They recruit different units as well. Fogel recruits more than the two others, and among his possible recruits is the dragon Tiamat.

There are two of them, and you fight them both in one battle. They are the bosses of the stage Fort Allamoot. They have some powerful physical attacks and spells (including Nova), however after a few turns they will do the powerful Gemini attack which combines their bodies into one and decimates your party. Be advised that after you kill one of them, he can't be revived and the Gemini attack cannot be used.

You fight one of these. He is the boss of the stage City of Xanadu. He has an STR rating of above 200, making him an incredibly strong fighter. His unit comes with some back-row spellcasters as well, making the battle even harder. A powerful magic team will take even this powerhouse down with little trouble, though.

The corrupted Empress of Zeteginea makes a last stand in the stage Zeteginea. She has only two cohorts, and they're all in the back row, so she's vulnerable to your fighters as well as to your mages. She casts Firewall twice, and it is very strong, so try and take her down before the second cast.

You fight many of these, although they're all the same person. Dark Prince Gares will fight you once in Island Avalon and once in Shangrila. When you get to Zeteginea, you will fight numerous clones of him with flying cohorts. Fortunately, finding the source of the clones will eliminate them all. When you reach Temple Shalina, you will face his true form. He uses a powerful Black spell and follows it up with some mean physical attacks.

After Gares is killed at Temple Shalina, you will fight the Sage Rashidi, the evil bastard responsible for everything bad in the world. He will use very powerful magic of many different elements, but White magic and Judgment cards will drain his health in no time.

Killing Rashidi will get you into battle with this Ultimate Evil, Diablo. The strategy for beating him is found in the walkthrough, so I won't go into it here. He comes with two very strong cohorts and has an instant-death attack, not to mention over 400 HP.