The Octopus Family

Jules Verne would be proud of these nightmares.

Octopus HP: 78+9
STR: 51+3 AGI: 38+2 INT: 47+1 CHA: 20 ALI: 50 LUK: 50
P: 64 F: 54 I: 53 E: 20 B: 50 W: 50
Type: Ocean (8) Size: Large Cost: 300+50
Front Row: Tentacle (4) Back Row: Tentacle (2)
Notes: Out of Water, this unit sucks. Pathetic AGI and extreme Lightning vulnerability make it a prime target for Muses and Valkyries. In water, however, this is a danger in its own right. Note that the Octopus gets 4 front-row attacks, more than any other unit in the game. It is decently strong, but not a threat on land.


Kraken (Octopus Lv. 12+ ALI 55+) HP: 86+10
STR: 57+4 AGI: 47+2 INT: 50+1 CHA: 20 ALI: 57 LUK: 50
P: 67 F: 59 I: 58 E: 17 B: 43 W: 57
Type: Ocean (8) Size: Large Cost: 700+110
Front Row: Tentacle (4) Back Row: Maelstrom (2)
Notes: This the Octopus with greater STR, AGI, and usefulness in general. Unfortunately, it's even more vulnerable to Lightning. Stay the hell away from magicians if you use Octopi. In water, this is a death machine. Its back-row attack, Maelstrom, attacks the entire enemy squad twice. It, however, can be used only in water. When on land, the attack used is two tentacle strikes.