The Mermaid Family

When facing off against these opponents, you are likely to forget the romantic nature with which they were revered by mariners throughout the ages.

Mermaid HP: 93+5
STR: 49+2 AGI: 52+2 INT: 51+3 CHA: 53 ALI: 57 LUK: 44
P: 29 F: 26 I: 52 E: 21 B: 43 W: 48
Type: Water (2) Size: Small Cost: 900+130
Front Row: Stab (2) Back Row: Blizzard (1)
Notes: Blizzard is an Ice spell that attacks one target only. Mermaids are pathetic, as they are weak against Fire, Thunder and physical attacks. Their high cost does nothing to compensate for their uselessness. Never recruit them.


Nixie (Mermaid Lv. 11+ CHA 50+ ALI 50+) HP: 85+5
STR: 51+3 AGI: 55+3 INT: 57+4 CHA: 57 ALI: 74 LUK: 41
P: 34 F: 31 I: 60 E: 23 B: 47 W: 62
Type: Water (2) Size: Small Cost: 1150+210
Front Row: Trident (2) Back Row: Blizzard (1)
Notes: This is just as pathetic as the Mermaid. Her elemental affinity isn't much higher and she's almost as weak to physical attacks. Her spell affects the entire enemy unit this time around, but it's still not enough to make you want to pay that much money to maintain this excuse for a soldier.