Explanation and Legend

To change classes, you must first reach a required level. The soldier whose class you want to change must also have stats within a certain range (usually ALI and CHA). Given that, you can select the unit, select Edit, select Change Class, and look for an arrow saying "Up OK!" next to the icon of a soldier. If there is one, select that soldier and you'll see a list of classes he can switch to.

Some class changes can only be carried out by using certain items on soldiers. For example, using an Undead Ring on a Tiamat creates a Zombie Dragon.

This section has the vital information for all classes, broken down like so:

Name of Class (Fighter Lv. 11+ CHA 75+ ALI 10-70) HP: 54+6
STR: 65+5 AGI:52+7 INT: 55+5 CHA: 42 ALI: 24 LUK: 50
P: 55 F: 32 I: 37 E: 34 B: 39 W: 51
Type: Plains (5) Size: Small Cost: 800+250
Front Row: Magic (3) Back Row: Death (2)
Notes: This class is wonderful.

Clearly the numbers here are just examples; this isn't a breakdown of any particular unit. Here is a legend explaining each of these entries:

  • Name: The name of the class. Simple. If this class is an upgrade from a lower class, the requirements for the upgrade will be given in parentheses as shown.
  • HP: The character's Hit Points, or how much damage he/she can take before dying. For entries of the pattern A+B (example: 72+6), A is the base value, and B is the average amount gained per level up.
  • STR: Strength. Determines physical attack power and defense.
  • AGI: Agility. Determines accuracy in attacking as well as speed.
  • INT: Intelligence. Effectiveness with magic.
  • CHA: Charisma. Charm and leadership.
  • ALI: Alignment. Good or Evil. CHA and ALI affect the availability of some upgrades. Low ALI and CHA indicate Evil.
  • LUK: Luck. Determines rate of evasion of attacks and the like.
  • P: Physical affinity. Determines defense capability.
  • F, I, E: Fire, Ice and Electric affinity. Determines elemental defense.
  • B, W: Black and White affinity. Determines strength and/or weakness to Black or White spells.
  • Type: The terrain type this character travels the fastest on and is most effective on. The number is the relative size of the character. A unit's terrain type, as far as movement is concerned, is the same as that of its highest number (largest) character.
  • Size: Large or small. A unit can hold up to five Small characters. A Large character takes up the same amount of room as two Small characters.
  • Cost: The cost per day of using this character.
  • Front: The character's attack from the front row of a unit. Parentheses contain how many times the character uses this attack per battle.
  • Back: The character's attack from the back row of a unit. Parentheses contain how many times the character uses this attack per battle.
  • Notes: My own comments, clarifications, and remarks regarding the usefulness of this class.