The Gryphon Family

These flying beasts of burden are not only good fighters, they can also carry up to three small-sized characters so the entire squad enjoys a faster movement rate.

Gryphon HP: 80+7
STR: 50+2 AGI: 58+4 INT: 37+1 CHA: 30 ALI: 45 LUK: 53
P: 43 F: 33 I: 48 E: 53 B: 55 W: 5
Type: High Sky (5) Size: Large Cost: 200+50
Front Row: Charge (2) Back Row: Gale (1)
Notes: Gale is a Physical attack which affects the entire enemy unit. The Gryphon itself is not the greatest unit you can have, but at least it guarantees up to three Small units very fast travel speed.


Cockatris (Gryphon Lv. 9+ ALI 0-60) HP: 74+6
STR: 54+3 AGI: 63+4 INT: 42+1 CHA: 40 ALI: 36 LUK: 55
P: 46 F: 37 I: 3 E: 57 B: 64 W: 26
Type: High Sky (5) Size: Large Cost: 890+80
Front Row: Charge (2) Back Row: Petrify (2)
Notes: Note that an Ice spell tears it apart. It's not very strong against White magic either. It has higher stats and a better attack (a Physical attack which turns one target to stone for the duration of the battle) but it's really not worth the cost.