The Canine Family

Validating the origins of the cry "to loose the dogs of war," these beasts are far removed from the domestication we have come to expect of them in this life.

Hellhound HP: 87+6
STR: 51+3 AGI: 59+3 INT: 32+3 CHA: 17 ALI: 44 LUK: 51
P: 46 F: 49 I: 40 E: 37 B: 58 W: 22
Type: Mountains (5) Size: Large Cost: 100+30
Front Row: Smash (3) Back Row: Fire (2)
Notes: At least it's inexpensive, that's all I've got to say. This is a terrible unit. Maybe it's good in the very beginning of the game, but later when the enemy gets powerful Mages and Angels, they're dog meat (A HA HA!! I FUNNY!!). Don't use them.


Cerberus (Hellhound Lv. 13+ ALI 0-60) HP: 83+7
STR: 56+4 AGI: 62+4 INT: 48+4 CHA: 23 ALI: 30 LUK: 53
P: 51 F: 52 I: 40 E: 36 B: 65 W: 15
Type: Mountains (5) Size: Large Cost: 570+100
Front Row: Smash (3) Back Row: Charm (2)
Notes: Charm confuses an enemy similar to the Lovers Tarot. This is a worthless character to use, as it's still weak to elements and anyway, 5 Small characters tend to be better than 3 Small ones and a Large one.