The Angel Family

As one might expect, these are the antithesis of the dark powered Demons. Their powerful White Magic spells can wreak havoc on parties with low alignment.

Angel HP: 70+4
STR: 40+2 AGI: 43+2 INT: 50+3 CHA: 50 ALI: 65 LUK: 50
P: 27 F: 39 I: 40 E: 37 B: 35 W: 55
Type: Low Sky (2) Size: Small Cost: 300+50
Front Row: Halo (1) Back Row: Banish (1)
Notes: Both Halo and Banish are White attacks. The Angel is stronger than the Imp, but she is weaker to physical attacks. Plus she only gets 1 attack per battle. Develop her into a Seraphim, though, and she'll rock.


Cherubim (Angel Lv. 11+ CHA 55+ ALI 60+) HP: 71+4
STR: 45+2 AGI: 46+2 INT: 55+4 CHA: 60 ALI: 76 LUK: 54
P: 31 F: 42 I: 44 E: 41 B: 24 W: 66
Type: Low Sky (2) Size: Small Cost: 800+130
Front Row: Halo (2) Back Row: Banish (2)
Notes: Now this is more like it. Two casts of Banish will bring even the strongest evil leader down to about 20 HP. Of course, the Cherubim is even weaker to Black magic, win some, you lose some.


Seraphim (Cherubim Lv. 22+ CHA 60+ ALI 80+) HP: 76+4
STR: 49+2 AGI: 49+3 INT: 60+4 CHA: 70 ALI: 87 LUK: 57
P: 35 F: 45 I: 48 E: 45 B: 17 W: 77
Type: Low Sky (2) Size: Small Cost: 1300+210
Front Row: Halo (2) Back Row: Jihad (1)
Notes: Jihad is the ultimate White spell in the game. It affects the entire enemy unit, and it also makes up for the Seraphim's high cost and weakness to Black spells. These characters are indispensable in stages with lots of evil units and Undead, such as Antanjyl.