The Amazon Family

Like Fighters, they can change between classes as they please as long as they meet the CHA and ALI requirements.

Amazon HP: 83+4
STR: 42+2 AGI: 50+3 INT: 52+2 CHA: 46 ALI: 50 LUK: 48
P: 38 F: 32 I: 36 E: 43 B: 38 W: 42
Type: Forest (3) Size: Small Cost: 100+30
Front Row: Arrow (1) Back Row: Arrow (2)
Notes: This is a worthless unit, like the Fighter. Despite this, take the time to upgrade her so you can change classes, as the various forms of Amazons provide the best possible support for the various forms of Fighters.


Valkyrie (Amazon Lv. 5+ CHA 50+ ALI 35+) HP: 81+4
STR: 45+2 AGI: 52+3 INT: 54+3 CHA: 53 ALI: 54 LUK: 52
P: 42 F: 34 I: 44 E: 52 B: 32 W: 48
Type: Forest (3) Size: Small Cost: 620+80
Front Row: Chop (2) Back Row: Bolt (2)
Notes: This is a good early-game support unit. Put her in the back row and she will prove useful with some extra magical punch when the Wizards don't have quite enough. She gets even better when she becomes a Muse.


Muse (Valkyrie Lv. 15+ CHA 60+ ALI 70+) HP: 76+4
STR: 48+3 AGI: 55+3 INT: 56+3 CHA: 62 ALI: 75 LUK: 64
P: 46 F: 38 I: 52 E: 60 B: 15 W: 65
Type: Snow (4) Size: Small Cost: 1350+210
Front Row: Chop (2) Back Row: Thunder (2)
Notes: What a great unit! Her vulnerability to Black spells is offset by her two area-attack Thunder spells. This will often win the battle for you when you've come close-but-not-quite to winning.


Witch (Amazon Lv. 5+ CHA 50+ ALI 0-65) HP: 80+3
STR: 38+1 AGI: 49+2 INT: 58+4 CHA: 53 ALI: 47 LUK: 67
P: 25 F: 30 I: 28 E: 31 B: 48 W: 50
Type: Plains (2) Size: Small Cost: 510+70
Front Row: Slap (2) Back Row: Stun (2)
Notes: This is a terrible unit. She has some of the worst stats ever seen and she's weak to everything. Her Stun attack attempts to paralyze your entire unit, however it misses often and it's possible for any affected targets to wake up later in the battle. While it's true that you can give her an item to make her able to recruit Pumpkins, you can get Pumpkins in other ways. Do not make your Amazons into these.


Cleric (Amazon Lv. 4+ CHA 50+ ALI 50+) HP: 87+4
STR: 41+2 AGI: 54+1 INT: 52+3 CHA: 57 ALI: 65 LUK: 49
P: 24 F: 23 I: 21 E: 25 B: 25 W: 55
Type: Plains (2) Size: Small Cost: 200+60
Front Row: Ankh (2) Back Row: Healing (2)
Notes: Yes, she's weak against five of six elements. But you know what? She's indispensable. She can heal other characters twice in one battle, and what's better, she can destroy any and all Undead in an enemy unit with one hit. A must have!


Shaman (Cleric Lv. 10+ CHA 65+ ALI 65+) HP: 83+4
STR: 43+2 AGI: 57+2 INT: 58+4 CHA: 64 ALI: 76 LUK: 53
P: 28 F: 27 I: 25 E: 27 B: 18 W: 62
Type: Plains (2) Size: Small Cost: 450+100
Front Row: Ankh (2) Back Row: Healing (3)
Notes: She's even weaker to Black Magic than before, but she gets three Healing spells and she can still destroy Undead, not to mention her being great for liberation of cities due to her high ALI.


Monk (Shaman Lv. 18+ CHA 73+ ALI 73+) HP: 74+4
STR: 45+2 AGI: 61+2 INT: 61+4 CHA: 68 ALI: 87 LUK: 56
P: 32 F: 31 I: 29 E: 29 B: 10 W: 70
Type: Plains (2) Size: Small Cost: 700+110
Front Row: Ankh (2) Back Row: Healing+ (2)
Notes: The best healer there is. Healing+ heals your entire unit. She's as weak to Black spells as ever, but her ALI is immensely high.


Princess (Amazon Item: Royal Crown) HP: 70+2
STR: 37+1 AGI: 48+2 INT: 57+4 CHA: 72 ALI: 81 LUK: 63
P: 27 F: 21 I: 22 E: 25 B: 20 W: 65
Type: Plains (3) Size: Small Cost: 2000+250
Front Row: StarDust (2) Back Row: StarLite (1)
Notes: The lowest stats, weakness to five elements, and high cost would make one think this is a worthless unit. Not so! First, she has very high ALI, but that's not important. Her back-row attack is White and attacks an entire unit at once, but that's not important either. What's important is the fact that if she is the leader of a unit, everyone in the unit, including her, gets one extra attack. This means that if you put her as the leader in a back row with two Liches, you will get 10 magical, area-attack spells per battle! Nothing could ever live through that. Unfortunately, the Royal Crown you need for a Princess can be found only in two places in the game, although I have received two so far in random battles.