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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
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Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
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Hindel and Barbara rush to get Prince Nick to the shrine. Just then, a Ghoul spots the Cypress Army. Hindel tells Barbara to take Nick to the Shrine while he greets Cypress, but Barbara refuses to do so. She says that Warderer told her not to take orders from Hindel. They decide then to both take Prince Nick to the shrine. They leave and Cypress attacks.

Battle #19

vs. (x2), (x4), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x4), ,

A simple battle. Get everybody's Level to around Level 6 here, if it is not already. Split the Force up into 2 groups. I don't care how, just balance it out. Send one down and one right. Defeat some monsters and meet back on the right side of the moutain. You can either then head to the island, or up the the Minotaur. Make sure as always to get rid of the Clerics first. Kill all of the monsters to move on.

After the battle, Gyan will show up. He says that the Force should rest before going on. He knows a shortcut to the shrine. Gyan joins the Force and you camp up. You get new weapons here (about time). Buy everybody what they need, save, and continue. You reach an area where you must pass to get to the shrine. But, you are ambushed and are forced to fight.

Battle #20

vs. (x2), (x2), (x3), (x2), (x2), , , , **
(Chest, right), (Chest, left),

The fight is not easy, lets put it that way first. But then again, it is not hard. Send about 2 people both left and right to grab the chests. Give the Valkyrie to Randolf (and give his Halberd to Dawn), and give the Buster Shot to Graham to balance out his and Chester's attack. The thing you have to watch out for is the Iom Statue. Like in some other SF games, the orb will change color from blue to yellow to red. When it first changes to red, you have 1 turn to move to any one of the sides before it releases the Iom Beam. It will attack the entire middle row (Force members and enemy monsters) for around 16 HP damage. It could help you, or destroy you. Other than that, it is pretty easy. Once you get to the end, rid of the Clerics first, or else you will regret it. The work on the Iom Statue (and make sure to send someone to occupy the Demon Master, so that it will not cast Freeze 3 on a group of Force Members. Kill the Iom Statue quickly (it hit me once, but I had Sarah there to use Aura 2 on a lot of injured members. After the Iom Statue is destroyed, make quick work of the Demon Master.

After you kill the Demon Master, he will mumble something about a resurrection. Mayfair for now ignores it, but right now, you are so close to rescuing Prince Nick. You then camp up. Do what you have to do (make sure to give the weapons to who they should go to). Save and Exit. You will then see Warderer waiting at the shrine. The shrine shakes (which is Iom wanting his meal). Barbara and Hindel bring Prince Nick to Warderer. Hindel and Warderer bring him into the shrine while Barbara stays back to attack the Force.

Battle #21

vs. (x2), (x3), (x2), (x2), (x2), , , , **
, , EC(Chest, upper-right), 10,000g(chest, right), **

The first thing you want to do is search the statue in front of you. You will find Rush, a Samurai. He joins the force. EGRESS NOW! But who to take out... I take out Natasha. May has better magic than her, and Natasha is just slowing down the Force. Rush is a much better pick. Give Slade Natasha's Protect Ring. Also, give Rush the Running Ring from Higins. This fight can be a bit hectic. Many new monsters. Work everybody up to Level 12 (except for May). May is really not that important and in fact, Magic will not be a key in many more battles (except for Healing). Send 6 up the middle and 6 right (balance it out, remember). Meet back in the middle and work your way up. Keep in mind that Barbara can still use the Axe of Atlas (which can cast Blaze 3). It is not to hard to make your way to Barbara, nor is it hard to defeat her. Have Deanna, Rush, Rohde, and Claude surround her, Randolf, Chester, and Graham shoor from afar, May and Higins use their best spells (Bolt 2 and Raijin 1). Barbara should die in no time.

After you defeat Barbara, she will say that there is no way you can defeat Warderer and Iom. Mayfair then orders Deanna to search the shrine, but there are now monsters behind them. Just as the monsters are about to attack, Ruce shows up. Ruce handles the monsters while Mayfair and Deanna enter the shrine. You camp up. Give Rohde the Axe of Atlas. Save and exit. They search the shrine and then, a voice comes to them, and a monster appears at the head of the shrine. It is WOLDOL from Book 1. He forces the Force to battle.

Battle #22

vs. (x2), (x4), (x4), , , , , **
, , EL (Chest, right), 6,000g (Chest, left)

This battle can be tough, but not that tough. Be careful of the Demon Master (not only Freeze 3, but with the Evil Rind, now has Bolt 2). Death Woldol also has a Bolt 2 item in the Light Sword. Send 6 left and 6 right, remembering to balance it out. Fight any monster and meet back in the middle of the area. Let the monsters come to you and then hit them with everything. Eventually, it should be that Woldol is the only one left. You know what to do now. Time to surround him. Nick, Claude, Rohde and Rush surround him. Randolf, Chester, and Graham from afar. Sarah and Slade healing. May and Higins using their Bolt Spells. Quickly, Death Woldol will die.

Woldol will say that he is melting... MELTING! Anyways, you are almost done. Give Deanna the Light Sword, and Sarah the Evil Ring (but do not equip it). Revive anybody who died. Save and continue. You will arrive inside the shrine. Warderer will say that the traitor is Hindel. It seems that Hindel has tried to free Prince Nick. He beats up on Hindel for a while and then the Force shows up. But why would Hindel help Cypress? Deanna steps forward, as if he knows, but the fight starts.

Battle #23

vs. (x2), (x3), (x2), , , , , **
(Chest, upper trail)

This is the battle where you want to Level up Sarah. At this point, the only person's level that is going to matter is Sarah's. Get her to Level 20, even if you have to Egress. By then, she will learn Aura 4, the best healing spell in the game. As for the difficulty, not too tough. Clean out the monsters, only leaving the Evil Bishop and Warderer. Have Claude go after the White Ring in the chest. Kill the Evil Bishop quickly, as usual, then work on Warderer. Do what you usually do, surround him, and attack from afar. But be careful, he does have Bolt 3, which can be a huge pain. Keep up the attacks and Warderer will soon die.

Warderer then disappears. He then reappears right beside Nick. He is still going to sacrifice Nick to Iom so that he can regain his power. Hindel (unmasked), then gets up and attacks Warderer to save Nick. Nick then gets up and says that like Hindel said, his hand is no longer stone (Woldol turned it to stone in the last one, remember?). Nick says that Gyan DID know about Hindel, but had to avoid it to trick the enemy. Nick then looks at Deanna, saying that he looks like Hindel. That is because Deanna and Hindel are brothers (remember at the beginning? Killed by a lowly swordsman). Warderer then gets up again and throws Hindel into the lava. Then the crazy fool jumps into the lava himself, thus awaking Iom.

The Final Battle

vs. (x2), (x2+), , **

Ok, it is go time. Iom is quite huge, and hard to attack. But frist, you have to rid of the outside monsters, or at least the Evil Bishop. They will come to you, so that will make it a bit easyier. Slowly inch your way up, making sure that the Iom Dolls make their way down. Once they do, unleash fury on them. But there is just one problem, the Iom Dolls regenerate. Quickly get rid of the Evil Bishop and the Iom Worms (make sure to give Deanna the Healing Rains, and remember the the Iom Worms use Demon Breath). Heal up and then send in Nick for the first blow with the Sword of Hajya (or else Iom cannot be defeated). Make sure to keep Deanna WAY behind when attacking Iom. Send Claude behind Iom to attack, Randolf to the side to throw the Valkyrie, and both Chester and Graham attacking. Also, keep Sarah back away from Iom. If anybody's HP should fall too low, either have: 1. Slade go in and heal the injured one. 2. Have Sarah use Aura 4.: 3. Have someone use a Healing Rain, or: 4. Have Deanna use the White Ring. Only when the a lot of Force member's HP starts to fall low. If something should happen that your first attack line dies (Nick, Claude, Randolf, Chester, and Graham, this will be a bit tougher. Send up one Force member at a time and attack it. Believe me, a lot will die. At the end, I had Iom down to 17 HP with only Deanna, Sarah, and Slade left. Any Iom Dolls that come, I had Slade and Sarah (after she used her Aura 4 spells up) head them off. I finished off Iom with Deanna. But anyways, after a long fight, Iom will fall.

After you defeat Iom, he will fall into the lava. You then see Warderer lying in the lava. He then hears Iom calling him, taking him to Hades, which Warderer refuses to go, but Iom doesn't care, and kills Warderer anyways. But anyways, I am not one to spoil endings, like last time, so see it for yourself.

The End

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