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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
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Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
Spell Chronology

You arrive near or around where the Gargolye landed. Although it seems as though Graham has made an error in calculated where it landed, cause the Gargolye and the Sword are not there. A noise is heard from a distance and an Archer is fighting with an Iom Monster. The Monster calls for the guard to attack, but the Archer's people did not do anything. The Monster cuts off the drawbridge and then notices Cypress. They then attack.

Battle #6

vs. (x2), (x2), (x4), (x2), (x2), **

This is where you want to get Graham's level up to around 9. But don't make a big issue out of it. Just have him do your killing. The battle is not too tough. Just keep away from the Rat Flies and the Blaze 2 of the Dark Mages. Kill the Hell Soldier and continue.

After the fight, the Archer lowers the Drawbridge and talks to the Force. Mayfair asks for the Sword of Hajya back. The archer then says that he will talk to King Emild about it while the force camps. NEW WEAPONS!!! Buy everybody a new weapon, save and exit.

At the castle, the Archer tells the King that they are here to reclaim the Sword of Hajya. Emild holds it up and just as Deanna goes to reclaim it, a rock falls and nearly crushes him. King Emild them reveals himself as Gordon, of Iom. He wrecks the castle and runs away, letting his monsters handle it. The Archer (Chester as he is called) gets mad and joins the force.

Battle #7

vs. (x3), (x2), (x5), ,

This is when you want to Level up your characters. Get everybody to Level 11 (those Hell Soldiers are worth a bit, as well as the Rat Flies), but do not promote them at Level 10. Like last time, promote Non-magic useres at Level 15 and Magic Users at Level 20. Graham may still need leveling up anyways, and Chester will, that is for sure. Grab the Protect Milk from the chest and use it on Luke. Now, as far as difficulty, just another easy one. Really nothing to worry about. BTW, I hope you are still having Luke and Slade use Heal 1 every round. For 10 Exp a pop, you cannot go wrong. Once they all have reached 11, take and kill all the monsters to continue.

After the fight, a Mage named May comes and says that she came to save the King when the castle crumbled. Mayfair tells her that the King has already been murdered and a man named Gordon has taken his place. May, furious, then asks to join the party. They travel down the tunnel and meet up with Gordon, which starts the fight.

Battle #8

vs. (x2), (x2), (x2), (x5), , , **

Even with Gordon, this is not a tough battle. Though this is the best place for Experience. Get everybody up to Level 12 in this battle before killing Gordon. Once you kill all but Gordon and the Priest, and get in the middle somewhere, Gordon will summon 5 Zombies to attack. Kill the Zombies but be careful, because they can poison their target. Now get rid of the Priest, and then go after Gordon. He should be easy. Just have Luke get close to him and watch what will happen.

Once you kill Gordon, he will drop the Sword of Hajya and Deanna will pick it up. Mayfair is all set to go back to Cypress, but a voice is heard in the tunnel that says that they have captured Nick, and that the only way to get him is to go to Portobello and sail to Iom. Mayfair decides to go to Portobello. You then reach camp. Do what you have to (make sure to remove any poison). Exit and you will arrive at Portobello. The Iom army immediatly spots Cypress and starts to defend the port.

Battle #9

vs. (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2) **
, , (Chest, upper right)

Some of the monsters are new here, and are quite tough. The Master Mage has the deadly Blaze 3, so be on the lookout for that. Get everybody up to Level 13 here. Have Deanna kill the first Skeleton to get the Steel Sword, and have Graham kill the first Hell Sniper for the Robin Arrow. Also grab the Quick Ring from the Chest. That should be given to Deanna. The Zombies are still a pain to get rid of, so get them at a distance. DO NOT use Freeze on Zombies or Skeletons! Doing so will hurt them, but only about 6 HP for a Level 2 spell. Get rid of the Priest before doing anything more. Kill the Master Mage to finish this battle.

After you defeat the Master Mage, he will say that Yes, Nick has been taken hostage at Algam, an inpenetrable fort. Mayfair tells the Force to get on the boat, that they are going to Algam. But when the arrive at the docks, Iom monsters are already there. The leader orders the rest to defend the boat to prevent the rest from getting in.

Battle #10

vs. (x2), (x2), (x3), (x2), (x3), (x2), ,
, (Chest, left), (Chest, right)

Not a terrible tough fight, though you can have your hands full in it. Don't worry about leveling up here, although if you do, great! If anybody is at Level 14 or over, let the other less experienced ones come and take over. Have Jaha take the Battle Axe. Anybody can take the Running Pimento, but don't use it just yet. The toughest part comes when you hit the middle wave with the Master Mage. Use the Checkerboard Formation (no 2 Force members are adjecent to each other) and approach the Master Mage. After that is killed, move on. Have someone who is not at Level 14 kill the Arch Knight and give the Power Spear to Dawn. Kill all the monsters to move on.

Cypress has taken over the ship, but Mayfair says that something is wrong. Someone then shouts that there is a reason for that. It is Randolf and Sarah. Randolf said that they lost the battle at Algam Fort, and only himself, Sarah, and Claude escaped. Randolf tries to tell the Force to get off the ship. As half of the force gets off, the other half is left on the ship as the bridge collapses and the ship sets sail. Now you only have half of your force.

Thus ends

Save and continue.

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