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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
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Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
Spell Chronology

You are in Cypress. The time has come to end this. King Edmond is already waiting for Nick, but he is complaining that he shouldn't have to fight because he is King. The Cleric tells Edmond that the Shining Force has come, and thus King Edmond must fight him.

Battle #17

vs.(x3), (x2), (x3), (x2), (x7), , , **

The first thing that I would do is take out Sig and bring in Shriek. I took out Sig because he may be strong, but Cray has Boost and Mayfair should have Aura 3 by now, if you are around Level 8 or 9. Also have Claude give Shriek the Running Ring. Now you have 2 birdbrains that have a high movement. This can be a tough fight because there are many things that will slow you down. Only Claude, Shriek, and Domingo will not feel the affect of this. The battles should not be too tough. The Dulahan can be a bit tough, and the Golems can sneak up from out of nowhere and destroy you. Take this battle slowly so that no one gets killed. When you do reach the lower right hand corner, keep in the Checkerboard Formation and kill the Cleric and the Demon Master BEFORE going after Edmond. If not, the Cleric will use Heal 4 on Edmond or the Demon Master. Make sure to pick up the Cleric's Evil Ring (he can use it you know, which casts Bolt 2). When only Edmond is left, hit him with everything you have and he should after a while die.

Before he does die, Edmond will tell Nick that he is a traitor to Cypress. Just then, a centaur comes out and tells Nick not to listen because Edmond was brainwashed by Woldol. This Centaur, Randolf, will join the Force and take you to camp where you can buy new weapons. You can now purchase Healing Rain here, but don't do that just yet. I also do not put Randolf into the Force. Apis is all you are going to need for Paladins. Plus, Shriek makes a better battler anyways. And if you want, give Domingo the Evil Ring. This way, he will always be able to attack with Bolt 2. Get your weapons and continue.

Randolf will lead the Force to Woldol's location. The guards are going to try to stop the Force (again as usual). Or at least delay them until Iom is summoned, and then, it is over.

Battle #18

vs. (x2), (x2), (x4), (x4), (x2), (x3), , **

This can be a bit difficult. Send 5 left, 5 up, and Claude and Shriek out into the open to fight. Nick, Stock, Wendy, Cray, and Domingo go left. Ruce, Apis, Shade, Mayfair, and Yeesha go up. With Claude and Shriek going at once, make sure to fight on the sides where no other monster can surround them. Make sure that Apis gets the Valkirye from the Dulahan, or else you will regret it. The only thing that should be a problem is the Demon Masters and the Evil Bishop. In the name of everything holy in Cypress, KILL THE EVIL BISHOP FIRST! It can cast Aura 3, which is like Heal 3, only it covers a lot more. Take this battle to Level up a bit to around 10 or 11. When you are ready, kill the Executioner (should be no problem), and continue.

Camp up and exit. You then arrive inside the castle walls where you meet a man in Green Armor. This is Geppel, and you then go into battle.

Battle #19

vs. (x2), (x3), (x2), (x2+), (x2), (x2), , **
, (Chest, right of castle), , **

This battle can be a quick one, or a rather long one. If you want, you can find Amigo in the bushes to the right side of the drawbridge (the circled location might be incorrect, if so, contact me). The first thing you will run into are 2 assassins. Send Claude to corner one of then, and Shriek to corner the other and kill them both before sending anybody inside the walls. Duhalans will keep coming down and will reappear from the top of the walls. Once you are inside, send Shriek, Claude, and a couple of others to the right to tackle the Chimeras, and a few to the left to tackle the Wyverns. Make sure somebody grabs the Dark Sword in the chest, and then return back to the middle. Have Nick kill the Evil Bishop to get the White Ring and when it is only Geppel left, unleash everything on him. Be careful that he doesn't use the Axe of Atlas on you. Anyways, after a long fight, he should be dead and he will drop the Axe of Atlas to whoever kills him. Hopefully, it is Ruce that gets it.

Geppel will say before he dies that Bazoo and Frabell will not be so easy because Woldol has made them stronger. The Force enters the castle and Woldol appears, saying that Iom has been summoned. He leaves and Bazoo and Frabell show up. Looks like you have to fight them both.

Battle #20

vs. (x3), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), , *,*

The battlefield is not that large, so that can make things easier. Being around Level 12 or 13 helps as well. There is no real strategy to this. Stay away from Bazoo and Frabell until you have killed off the rest, including the pesky Evil Bishop. If you are lucky, maybe Domingo will have Bolt 3 by now. When only Bazoo and Frabell are left, time to attack. Frabell is weak, so have the non-magic users hammer her until she dies. Then Bazoo should be left. Nick should have Bolt 4 by now, Yeesha Freeze 4, and Wendy Blaze 4. Have them all cast them on Bazoo, remembering to try to stay away from his Bolt 2 spell. If I am correct, 1 of each spell should kill Bazoo. If not, send in Domingo with a Bolt 2 or use the Evil Ring.

There will be 2 different scenarios depending on if you killed Bazoo or Frabell first. They move on where they see Woldol and a monster. The summoning is complete, but the monster is not strong enough to move, so Woldol will protect it.

Battle #21

vs. (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), , , **

The first thing you want to do is... RUN! Egress right away and return to camp. Buy everybody in your Force a Healing Rain. If you do not have enough money, just give it to the stronger men (Nick, Apis, Ruce, etc.). Also, leave Domingo out. You will know why after this. Go back and start the battle. Be careful, and stay out of the Evil Monster's Bolt 3 range. Also, try to keep everybody alive. Go around the Evil Monster and kill the other monsters, and that pesky Evil Bishop. After a while, all the should be left is Woldol and the Evil Monster. The Evil Monster does not move, so don't worry about that. Kill Woldol (it should be really easy), and then work on the Evil Monster. Keep the weaker members away. Send in Nick for the top, and Ruce at the bottom. Claude and Shriek should cover the hole and attack. Have Apis throw the Valkirye while Shade and Stock shoot from afar. If Bolt 3 should take out too much, just have Mayfair use Aura 4. Keep it up and after a long fight, the Evil Monster will die.

So it is all over... or is it? Woldol tries to retreat with his treasure. (???). But, someone comes and puts a stop to it. It is Lug! He has the treasure, the Sword of Hajya. Lug says that the reason Woldol wanted Cypress is because of this sword, which Iom stands no chance against. Lug will join the party for the final battle (thus taking out the last member, provided they all lived). Woldol then gets mad and powers up to his full power, a scorpion-like form. Now it is time to end this.

The Final Battle

vs. (x6), (x1+), , **

DO NOT USE EGRESS! Doing so will make you fight the last battle over. Have everybody stay still until it is Lug's turn. Walk over to Nick and give him the Sword of Hajya. Have Nick equip it and have him give the Critical Sword to either Claude or Shriek (if he has it). Equip either one with the sword and now it is time to attack. Go to the sides and kill the Taroses. Then, after that, it is time to go up the middle. The Evil Bishops regenerate at the back door. Send the birdman that doesn't have the Critical sword up to the door and put a stop to the Evil Bishops. Kill the Sentinal and now it is time to face Woldol. BACK OFF RIGHT NOW! Use Aura 4 or a Healing Rain. Nick must make the first blow to Woldol with the Sword of Hajya. By doing so, Nick's right arm will turn to stone. Now, you can unleash fury. Woldol will use Demonbreath, which is quite powerful. Use your best spells, (Bolt 4, Freeze 4, and Blaze 4) on Woldol. Shoot from afar with Shade and Stock. Have Ruce, Claude/Shriek, Lug, and Cray surround him so that he cannot move. Do not worry if they die. Have Nick nail him with Bolt 4 and then get into attack (or have him use the White Ring). Woldol has 250 HP, so it will take a while. Aura 4 and Healing Rains work great, so use them. After a while, Woldol will die.

Since I am not one for spoiling an ending, watch it for yourself and see what happens.


Of Book 1

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