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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
Spell Chronology

Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
Spell Chronology

After Chapter 2 ends, you find yourself in Cypress Customs. Each Force member is being interigated. Ruce gets by and Nick comes up next. However, King Edmond (Nick's Uncle) comes out and spots him just as Ruce helps out Nick in getting past Customs. Edmond orders their arrest, but the Force won't go without a fight, now will they?

Battle #11

vs. (x2), (x3), (x3), (x5), , ,

This battle is quite tough. Your Force is split up to begin with. The best thing to do to start out with is to have the left party move down and take out the 3 monsters at the bottom, and then work their way back up. The party on the left should immediatly start to make their way to the left. Wait for the Pegasus Knights to come down, and then send Claude, Stock, and Shade after them. Yeesha starts at Level 10, so she will probably die quickly. Her magic is quite good though. Get everybody's Level to Level 17. The Bishop and Sorcerer are what you should worry about. The Sorcerer can use Freeze 2, and the Bishop can use Heal 3. Kill the Bishop first and then the Sorcerer.

After the battle, an armored beast comes and claims to know Nick. His name is Gyan. Nick does not talk (as usual) and Lowe seems to be in distrust over the whole Nick being Prince of Cypress matter. Gyan said that Nick left Cypress to save Gardiana and says that Nick is the rightful King of Cypress. Lowe then again trusts Nick and Gyan joins up. And then you head off to Camp.

You get new weapons here. At this point, you should be able to get most of them. Wendy and Yeesha will have to go without, but everybody else can. You see, these weapons are meant for promoted characters. But the Steel Sword can be used by Nick, even unpromoted. Upgrade all you can and continue.

Gyan now warns you that because of the flat area, it would be tough to hide. So they decide to set up camp. 2 Tents for the men and 1 for the women (see a funny scene with Sig here). But when night falls, an image of Woldol comes as well and he sends monsters to fight.

Battle #12

vs. (x2), (x3), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x-), **
, , ** (Read below)

Remember to stay in Checkerboard form here. This can be tough, especially where the worms come in every now and then. And I found Gyan pretty useless. What you really want to do is get to the lake on the middle right hand side. Have somebody search the bush to the left (look for the blue square on the map), and out will pop Mr. Sunday, or Domingo. Once you find him, immediatly Egress and switch Gyan with Domingo. As Gyan might be a bit stronger, Domingo has some pretty nasty magic attacks, like Freeze 3 and Blaze 3. Domingo can eventually learn Bolt, up to Level 3. And plus, Domingo is already promoted, so no need to worry about him. Anyways, as you start the battle, you will notice that the whole enemy fleet is charging. Well then, charge back, but don't have Claude go in by himself. Take it slow. Pick up the 2 items here, and sell them. The best thing to do here is Level everybody up to Level 18 for the non-promoted ones. Also, beware the Bow Riders, as they can really put a hurting on you. When you are ready, kill the Deadly Born and continue.

After killing that, the Deadly Born will say that the Magic Mushrooms will bring your doom at the Death Tunnel. Camp up and do what you have to do and continue.

When you enter the Death Tunnel, a Ghoul will greet Nick and say that his friends (the old troop) have been killed in the crossings. Just then, an older Centaur comes out and warns you about the Magic Mushrooms. They knock him out. Lowe says that the Centaur is Kashing, and thus starts the battle.

Battle #13

vs. (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x5), , , **
, , (Chest, right), (Chest, lower left)

This place has a whole lot of treasure here. But, when you make your first move, the Magic Mushrooms will pop out. Oh no! That spells trouble, right? WRONG! They are really not tough. Just kill them before they make a 2nd turn, or else they will put you all to sleep at a huge range. Everything else is basic. The Evil Pixies can be a pain to deal with. Just send Claude in after them or have one of your Magic users wipe them out. Make sure to get Ruce the Heat Axe, Apis the Halberd, and Nick the Critical Sword, the 3rd strongest sword in the game. Others could give the Critical Sword to Claude, but I wouldn't right now. Also, get the Protect Ring and give it to Domingo. Believe me, he will need it. Be around Level 20 or so before going on. Kill the Ghoul and continue.

After the battle, Kashing awakens and says that some of the old Force was either killed or taken prisoner. He then joins the Force. I find Kashing useless, thus I did not use him. Apis is a much better choice anyways. Camp, and Promote the rest of your Force. Now, you are truely the Shining Force. Save and continue.

You arrive outside Gundol. Enemies will notice that the Shining Force have arrived, but since Bazoo and Geppel are not around, they defend Gundol themselves.

Battle #14

vs. (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x3), (x2), (x3),**

I find that the best way to win this is to split up and send a team of 6 left, and a team of 6 up. Here is how I did it. Nick, Sig, Wendy, Claude, Stock, and Mayfair go left. Ruce, Shade, Apis, Cray, Yeesha, and Domingo go up. Or, do whatever. But send 1 Long Range shooter, 1 Spell Caster, 1 Healer, 1 Flyer (Claude & Domingo), and 1 Fighter (Nick, Ruce, Apis) in each direction. That will leave 1 Healer and 1 Fighter left. Split them up the way you want to. Storm your way through this place and make sure that Stock gets the Buster Shot from the Bow Knight. Kill the Minotaur and end this fight.

After killing the Minotaur, a Gladiator will make his way to the Force. His name is Gates. He says that every time Nick kills a Cypress monster, Cypress kills an old Force Member. Gates joins and you are off to Camp again. Like Kashing, I found Gates useless. Gates is no where nearly as strong as Ruce. But for this next battle, you might want to get your fighters in. So ditch Wendy, Mayfair, and Domingo for this battle and take Gyan, Kashing, and Gates. They may be weak, but you could try to gain some levels with them.

You are now inside Gundol. Dantom and Frabell (from the opening scene), arrive and debate who should take out the Force. Frabell shows them her Fizzle Ball. They then leave as Gates notices that they only have Fighters, and no Wizards. Well, the reason being is because of the Fizzle Ball. It blocks all magic from being used. And this starts the battle.

Battle #15

vs. (x2), (x3), (x5), (x4), ,
(Chest, outside left of fort)

With no magic users, this can be hectic. Gyan and Kashing up to Level 15 and promote them. Now, build everybody's promoted level to Level 4. Grab the Running Ring and give it to Claude. His movement should now be beyond anything. If he has the Critical Sword, consider yourself lucky, as he may be able to go right up the middle and defeat some of those Brass Gunners. Your target is to defeat the Fizzle Ball. You could have Claude do that as well. Once the Fizzle Ball is destroyed, Magic becomes availible again. Do your healing at this time. Sig and Cray should be quite strong at this time. Kill the remaining enemies and continue on.

Dantom and Frabell come out. Frabell cannot believe that someone defeated her Fizzle Ball. She wants to destroy the Force, but Dantom will not let her, and neither will Woldol, who has been looking on. Woldol takes Frabell away as Dantom says that he is waiting inside the Fort. Camp up. Get your original Force out ther. Get rid of Gyan, Kashing, and Gates. And pick up Wendy, Yeesha, and Domingo. Do what you have to do and continue.

The inside of Gundol Fort looks like a Palace. Dantom says to Nick that he is not looking forward to this fight, and that his heart is with Nick, even though he must kill him. Hmmm. Interesting. This starts the battle.

Battle #16

vs. (x3), (x3), (x4), , , , , **

With a lot of new monsters, this can be tricky. Cerberuses can breath fire, doing heavy damage. Hawkman can be a pain to anybody. Cleric is an upgraded version of the Priest, as the Demon Master is an upgraded sorcerer. And Belail can use Bolt 1, so keep and eye out for that. Keep them together, but just be careful to stay away from the Demon Master's Freeze 3 spell. Checkerboard Formation works fine here. Kill anything at the bottom and then work your way up. If you are at a Promoted Level of around 9 for the Magic users, and 12 for non magic users, you should be alright. Keep the Hawkmen away from the females. When you try to work your way up, Dantom will go right and run. He will possibly be followed by the Cleric, Demon Master, and Belail. Kill everything up top and go follow Dantom. Send Claude and Domingo to the open air and try to Flank them. First things first, KILL THE CLERIC. With Heal 4, it can be a big pain. After that, kill Belail and the Demon Master. By now, Dantom should be left. Here is how to beat him. Send Nick, Ruce, Apis and Claude to surround him on each side. Have Shade and Stock go from 3 spaces out and shoot him. And have Wendy, Yeesha, and Domingo go in with their best spells. Then, if you can, have Cray, Sig, and Mayfair try to fit in with Hell 2 or Hell 3. After a round or two of this, Dantom should die.

Dantom refuses to kill Nick, due to the fact that he has served the family for too long. He says that King Edmond was brainwashed by Woldol, and that Woldol worships Iom, a very powerful and evil spirit. Dantom then dies and another Birdman like Claude comes out. Lowe says that it is Shriek. Shriek says that he was spared because Dantom let him live. Shriek says that most were lost, but Lug is still around (Ruce's father), who has headed for Cypress. Shriek joins the party.

And this ends

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