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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
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Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
Spell Chronology

You arrive on Asreet Island. Claude notices that Cypress Soldiers are just outside a town looking for somebody. Lowe then says that they have to find this somebody before they do, so the Force attacks.

Battle #6

vs. (x3), (x4), , , , ,
, &

This battle takes a little bit to get started. Claude fly near the person who recieved the Running Palminto from the last fight. When that person's turn comes, have them give it to Claude and then have Claude use it the next turn. Already, you boosted Claude's usefulness by 200%. This item will increase his moving distance. Now, you can have Claude go and try to clean house to start out with, which I do not recommend, because the Death Archers and Ratmen will get him. Claude starts at Level 6, so work him and everybody else up to Level 10. Then you can start to clean house. You have to kill everybody to advance.

After the fight, Lowe says that he hears fighting. You then arrive at camp. Do what you have to do and exit. When you arrive in town, a guard asks some Cypress Soldiers why they attack this town. They say that they know too much and must die. They kill the guard and continue their search for a Mayfair. They search and a Hell Soldier finds a rock that moves. He moves it and a Centaur comes out and attacks. Another soldier sees the Shining Force coming and they take their battle possistions.

Battle #7

vs. (x2), (x2), (x3), (x2), (x2),
, , , (x2)

The first thing you want to do is send down somebody like Apis and Ruce to defeat the monsters below them while keeping the rest of the Force still. Once they are dead, go back up and meet the rest of the Force. This fight is pretty easy, but just don't get close together and use the Checkerboard formation when fighting (remember? Not placing 2 members adjacent to each other). Now make your way to the right, pretty much making a clean sweep of the town. The Hell Soldiers and Brass Loaders might keep you busy, but not to worry as they can be easily defeated. Make sure to get the Protect Milk and Powerful Wine before killing all the monsters and continuing on. Also, when fighting the Priest, remember that he can heal himself. If you need experience to make it to around level 11, let him heal. Sig and Cray can make good with this deal.

When the battle is over, the Force walks to the hidden entrance and is greeted by the Centaur who calls himself Stock. Stock then calls for Mayfair. She is the daughter of the Archbishop of Cypress, until Woldol took over and killed the Archbishop and blinded Marfair. Mayfair is a Priest, so she is your 3rd healer of the game. Also Stock joins as well. What gets me is that Stock starts at Level 4 and Mayfair at Level 5. YIKES!

But at least at camp, you can get new weapons. Make sure to do so. Give Claude the Powerful Wine and Stock the Protect Milk. Upgrade weapons and continue. Also, you might notice that you can promote your characters at Level 10. Others might agree with me, but I do not promote at Level 10. Have non-magic users (Ruce, Shade, Apis, ect.) promoted at Level 15 and magic users (Nick, Sarah, Sig, ect.) promoted at Level 20. You will thank me later for this.

Save and exit the camp. You will arrive outside the Tower of Bazoo. Mayfair says the Bazoo is the right-hand man of Woldol. You must enter the tower, but you must also fight first.

Battle #8

vs. (x3), (x3), (x3), (x3), , ,

This fight is not tough, but since Mayfair and Stock are at such low levels, you have to level them up. The easiest way is to Egress every now and then when Monsters run low. Do not kill them all just yet. If you kill the Skeleton and recieve the Steel Sword, give it to Nick or Claude. I gave it to Nick, but some others will give it to Claude. Anyways, the best way to Level up is to have Stock fight, and Mayfair use Heal 1 every round on anybody. She will get 10 Exp everytime she uses it. You can even have Sig and Cray use this strategy. If a monster goes low on HP (like 1-3 HP), have Mayfair stick herself in the battle and fight. She should kill it and get around 50 Exp for the defeat. Continue doing this until everybody in the Force gets up to Level 11 or 12, if they are not already. Also, as long are you are still Egressing and returning to the fight, have Sig and Cray build their levels with Heal 1. It is possible to get them to Level 20 during this time. When you do, PROMOTE THEM! Their fighting skills will be much better after promotion. Anyways, make your way up to the upper part of the battlefield. Kill the monsters, but beware of the Master Mage's Blaze 3. Stay in Checkboard Formation and kill him. Grab the Cheerful Bread from the Priest.

When they are all dead, and after a LOOOONG fight, Lowe will congratulate the Force and they will all come to camp. Revive and Promote Sig and Cray if you haven't already. Also give the Cheerful Bread to Mayfair. Now it is time to enter Bazoo's Tower.

Inside, you will see Bazoo. He says that the Force will not get by him. He casts a spell which makes the ground shake and split. Bazoo then says that he will wait for the Force at the top. But before that, you must again, fight.

Battle #9

vs. (x2), (x2), (x5), (x2), (x2), (x3),
(Chest, lower left), (Chest, upper right), (Chest, upper left)

Due to the cracks in the floor, this can be tough. Be around Level 13 or 14 for this. The thing to do is to divide. If you gave Claude the Steel Sword, send him up the middle, just be careful to not die in the process. To prevent a quick death of Claude, make sure that he is at an edge so that only 1 monster can attack him. Kill the Pegasus Knight first, as like Claude, can fly. If Claude gets too weak, send him over to Sig, Cray, or Mayfair for a healing. Send Nick, Sig, Wendy, Stock, and Ruce to the left, making sure that Nick gets the Quick Ring. Send the rest to the right. The monsters shouldn't be tough, and make sure before you kill them all to get Ruce the Battle Axe, and Apis the Power Spear. Kill the rest of the monsters to continue.

You will now be atop the tower. Lowe will ask Bazoo what he is looking for. Bazoo will tell, but you have to defeat him first.

Battle #10

vs. (x3), (x2), (x2), (x2), (x2), **

Again, not a hard battle. At this point, you should be around Level 15. Promote Ruce, Shade, Apis, Claude, and Stock right now. Like I said, not a hard battle. Get rid of the 2 monsters after the first stairs and then split up. Nick, Shade, Sig, Wendy, and Claude go left. Ruce, Apis, Cray, Mayfair, and Stock go up. Make sure that either Shade or Stock defeat the Hell Archer for the Assult Shell. Remember to stay in Checkboard Formation due to the fact that a Master Mage can still cast Blaze 3. Keep Claude in the air and attack the Pegasus Knights as they come down to attack on the left side. The Pegasus Knights also are hard to kill due to good dodging attacks. Have Wendy ready with a Blaze 3. Meet back up at the top. Send Claude around and wipe out the Priests. Try to stay away from Bazoo, as he will use Bolt 1 when you get close. Also, quickly take out the Master Mage. Send Shade or Stock to do that. When only Bazoo is left, stand back, and wait for him to move. Then, have Nick, Ruce, Claude, and Cray get clost to him and attack while having Stock, Shade, and Apis use their long range weapons, and have Wendy use Blaze 3. Have Sig and Mayfair stay still in case of healing. But with this attack, Bazoo should die rather quickly.

After the fight, Bazoo says that he is looking for... Nick. Bazoo then escapes and a female mage comes and thanks the Force for saving her by defeating Bazoo. Her name is Yeesha, and she tells the secret that Nick is the Prince of Cypress.

Thus ending

Save and Continue

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