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Book 1 (Shining Force Gaiden)
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Book 2 (Shining Force Gaiden II)
Spell Chronology

In the begining of the first book, you will see Queen Anri (from Shining Force I) as well as Ken and Lowe (also from SF1). A guard enters the throneroom of Gardiana, saying that 3 Cypress messangers have come to see Anri. Ken and Lowe do not trust them and send the soldiers out to block them. The one in the middle (Woldol) uses Bolt 3 and easily kills the guards. The 3 then walk inside. Ken and Lowe are still protecting Anri, until she says that she will see them. Woldol says that King Edmond of Cypress sends a gift of friendship? Woldol shows Anri a box. When she opens in, a black fog engulfs her and sends her into a deep sleep. Woldol says that as long as they obey him, Anri will live. They disappear and Gardiana sends a new Shining Force to Cypress, but after a month, no one returns. By this time, Lowe and Ken has given up hope. Just then, Ruce comes in and introduces the New Shining Force. Shade, Sig, Wendy, Apis, himself, and a stranger named Nick. Lowe goes with them and they then set off for Cypress.

After a week on the high seas, the force it met by some trouble from Cypress. Thus Battle 1 begins

Battle #1

vs. (x6), (x2), **

These are not exactly the odds we are looking for for the first battle. 9 on 6. But still, this battle is quite easy. You are already equipped with weapons that are quite strong and everybody has Protect Rings. This battle is easy, but stay away from the Dark Mage as it can cast Blaze 2, which can wipe out your party. Keep everyone in the Checkerboard formation (Checkerboard Formation is when you don't place 2 Force members adjacent to each other). Do not kill the Dark Mage yet. Build everybody up to Level 3 (have Nick use Egress when needed). Then surround the Dark Mage with Nick, Ruce, Sig, and Apis and he should die quickly.

After the Dark Mage dies, it will blow up and destroy the ship. Everybody jumps off and swims to the nearest shores. When the get to the shores, the find out that they have lost all their equipment. Lowe then hears a girl screaming and decides that the Force should attack. But you are useless without weapons. Lowe says to use wood or rocks to defeat them.

Battle #2

vs. (x6), (x2), **
Treasures: , , , , , (x2, surroundings)

The first thing you have to do is when everybody starts out, just make as though you are staying in the same spot. That person will search the area and retreave the weapon that they need. Have everybody then equip their wooden weapon. They are not as powerful, but it is still better than nothing. The only one without a weapon will be Sig. If you are still confused, the blue circles indicated the 5 weapons. This battle is not too tough. No magic users, so you can group up without any punishment. Make sure everybody is at level 4 (have Sig use Heal 1 to gain 10 exp/turn) and then kill the Dwarf to move on.

After the girl is saved, a strange man appears. He says that he wants to join up. So Cray the Monk joins up. The girl then says that Cray is her brother. She says to camp before going anywhere. At camp, if you go all the way to the right, you can buy some better equipment. Buy everybody what they need and sell that wooden crap. Revive any dead allies and save up. Exit town and Cray will say that you need a ship to get to Cypres. To get one, you have to get past the Miniyom Bastion, which Cypress has captured. Just then a Knight appears and starts an attack.

Battle #3

vs. (x2), (x2), (x3), (x2), **
, ,

This battle is not too tough. Try to keep Cray alive. Build your levels up to around levels 5 or 6, and have Cray do the same thing that sig does per turn, have them use Heal 1. Make sure you get the Quick Chicken and the Protect Milk. To finish this battle, find the Cypress Knight and kill him.

Use the Protect Milk on Wendy and the Quick Chicken on Nick. Give Apis the Bronze Lance. Revive any dead and continue on.

The Force arrives at Miniyom Bastion. The only way to get in is for them to lower the drawbridge. Cray then says that he used to work for the Bastion, and gets them to lower the bridge for them, which he then attacks the guard. Before dying, the guard blows a whistle which summons backup.

Battle #4

vs. (x4+), (x3), (x2), , **
, (chest, outside left), (chest, inner left), (chest, inner right)

This level can be a bit tough. Dwarves reappear from the doors, so keep an eye on that. Actually, that is the best way to level up. Get everybody's level around Level 7 or 8. The worst thing to watch out for is the Death Archer. They have a high defense and are a pain to kill. If you want to end the fight quickly, kill the Dark Mage. This time, he might be a little more trouble, but he should still be easy. Grab the Cheerful Bread and the Powerful Wine, as well as the Hand Axe.

When the battle ends, you continue into the Bastion. Lowe mentions how creepy it is, and then a Brass Loader interupts and tells you to leave. Thus starts another fight.

Battle #5

vs. (x2), (x3), (x2), , ,
, , (chest, right)

This one can be tough if you have a low level. Get everybody around level 8 or 9 and you should be fine. If anybody is dead, Egress and revive. Save the Powerful Wine for a bit. Use the Cheerful Bread on Sarah. Then go back into battle. Do not split the force up. This would be a huge mistake. But make sure that Nick gets the Middle Sword from the chest on the right. Also make sure that Shade gets the Steel Arrow from the Death Archer. Apis should be quite strong, so don't worry about him. Since there is no boss, you have to kill them all to defeat them. Watch out for the Ratmen and the Brass Loader. Kill them all and end the battle.

After the battle, the front doors swing open and a birdman flies in and heads for Nick. He says that he is Claude of the Cypress resistance. He wants to join and has a ship outside waiting to take Nick to Asreet Island.

Thus Ends

Save your game and continue.

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