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Enemies (without pictures)

The following is a list of all the enemies, minus bosses, that you'll encounter throughout Megaman Legends 2 and effective ways to beat them. If anyone knows of a good way to determine an enemy's HP, please let me know. Also, note that most of these names are not official in any way. If anyone knows their Japanese names, please tell me about it.

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Black Elephant
These guys are black-colored variations of the elephants you've been seeing off-and-on throughout the game. Like before, the only thing they can do is charge at you, so just get out of their way when they do so. They can be found in the Calinca Ruins.

These fishies, while they don't really have to be in water, generally float on a set path, usually in a square-shaped hallway. They're quite harmless, actually. However, the second you start shooting them or waltz into their field of vision, they'll expand to several times their original size. Then, without hesitation, they'll drill towards you quickly until they reach the end of the current path they're on, where they'll deflate again. Also, while they're expanded, spikes will protract on their backs and sides. They're invulnerable there while expanded. However, you can still damage them from the front, and it doesn't matter where you blast them at when they're deflated. You can generally find these guys in the Nino Ruins, though they appear elsewhere.

Blue Reaverbot Carriers
This is the blue-colored variety of the one or two Reaverbot Carriers you may have seen. Generally, they float just above you and are stationary. They can't harm you directly, but they can release flaming Red Zakobons. And if you don't have the Flame Barrier, those Zakobons can catch you on fire (that's bad). Since they seem to have an infinite amount of Zakobons to unleash, it's probably better to take care of these guys first.

Blue Zakobon
These are the blue-colored versions of the basic Zakobon Reaverbot. If you've kept your armor upgraded, they won't even be able to hurt you by the time you've encounted them. However, just touching them will freeze you (i.e. blue fire). So stay away. In some cases, they may be frozen themselves when you first enter a room. However, as soon as you accomplish something in the said room, they'll escape, so don't let your guard down. They're found in the Calinca Ruins.

You'll usually run into these giant worms on your way back from activating a console, in a place they weren't at before. They're pretty harmless, but if you give them a chance, they'll stand up and shoot fire at you. However, after you take a shot or two at them, they'll transform into the Moth Reaverbot. They appear in the Saul Kada Ruins.

Chicken Launcher
While there are only a couple in the game, they are very dangerous! Once they spot you, they'll shoot powerful homing missiles. They CAN move, but they're not very mobile, having to move only inches at a time and in wide turns. The trick to beating these guys is to get just close enough to lock on without alerting them to your presence. Then, use a special weapon to blast them. They'll never know what hit them. You'll find these guys in one of the last rooms of the Saul Kada Ruins.

These insect-like Reaverbots run in a straight line on a set path, not caring what's in their way. So it's best you're not. They come out of holes on the wall. The space they're in is only wide enough for two of the Reaverbots, but they only come out one on a time, and alternate sides. So it's pretty easy to predict which side you need to be on when the time comes. You can destroy them, I guess, but there's an infinite number of them, so it's best to move on. They appear in the Manda Ruins.

These feminine-looking Reaverbots don't want to hurt you. They just spin around the room like a top, and will only spin into you if you happen to be standing in the wrong place. They're also indestructible. If you destroy a Reaverbot in the same area, however, they will do everything in their power to get to the zenny left behind before you do. So make sure you grab it quickly! They dot the game's ruins, but mainly appear in the Calinca Ruins.

These flying Reaverbots hover around, usually not noticing you. However, if they do, they might swoop down at you. They're easy to kill, thankfully. They also appear during the boss fight with the Manda Guardian frog. They're annoying there, because you might accidentally lock onto them instead of the frog. They appear in the Manda Ruins.

These guys first appear on Forbidden Island. Generally, they snort and then charge at you, so just get out of their way. Sometimes, they'll be buried under a vast snow dome. However, as soon as you approach, they'll break out, so watch out. You might see them in some ruins as well.

These little guys are extremely docile. If you're underwater, they'll just swim around, usually in packs. They won't even dare to touch you unless you shoot at them, in which case they'll begin nipping at you. However, if the water's drained, they'll just flop helplessly on the ground. You can find them in the Nino Ruins.

These guys just hop around in mighty bounds. Sometimes, they'll hop in straight lines, other times not. Some varieties will even try to block your progress by staying in front of you and jumping when you jump. They're pretty easy to kill, thankfully, and when they do, they'll fall onto their backs. They can be found all over the place, but their primary hangout is the Manda Ruins.

Giant Chicken Launcher
There's only one of these in the game, and it appears in the snow-covered chamber of the Calinca Ruins. It's a gigantic version of the Chicken Launchers you saw back in the Saul Kada Ruins, and it behaves the same way. Except the missiles it shoots are larger. Before you do anything else, you'll want to kill this thing. It shouldn't be too hard if you keep circling and shooting, though they can take a lot of punishment. Just watch out for the Blue Zakobons in the room.

Gold Miroc
There's only one of these in the game, but it's worth seeking out. It's found in the Pokte Caverns on Manda Island, and it appears (sort of) randomly. It zips around the room, sometimes jumping at you. Killing it can take some time, since it has a lot of HP. However, an easy way to kill it is to use your Lifter to pick it up and throw it. Afterwards, a single shot should be enough to finish it. And then you get the big prize: tons of zenny! This is the best way to make zenny in the game. For more information, check the Secrets section.

These things are annoying. They'll hold up large shield that protect most of their body whenever you fire at them. And whenever you stop firing, they'll drop their shields to fire various chemicals at you. Depending on the area, they can spray gas that will make you rot (i.e. lose special weapon energy and stop you from firing), catch you on fire, or freeze you. The trick is to start firing just a second after they drop their shields. It also helps to be up close when that happens. The higher your Buster's Rapid is, the less the Reaverbots will be able to raise their shield. You can also pick them up and throw them with the Lifter. Throw it at another Reaverbot to destroy it instantly. They usually appear in twos, and inhabit just about every ruin.

Green Guruguru
This is the green version of the spider-like Guruguru Reaverbot. If they ever spot you, they'll charge at you with a fury like no other. After they take so many shots, they'll flip onto their backs. When this happens, they won't be able to move, so take advantage of the situation. They'll flip several times before finally dying. The best way to kill them is to pick them up with the Lifter and throw them at another Reaverbot. They'll die instantly. They dot the various runs.

Green Tall Shield Reaverbot
This is the green variety of the Tall Shield Reaverbots that have been making frequent appearances. Like all Tall Sheild Reaverbots, they mostly just generate balls of energy that slowly home in on you. They're not much of a threat. When you shoot them, they may raise a barrier, but for some reason, it does nothing. They're mostly found in the Calinca Ruins.

This is a spider-like Reaverbot. If it sees you, it will come crashing towards you with a high velocity. Stay out of their way, and shoot them until they flip over. They won't be able to move while flipped over, but they'll eventually make it back to their feet(?). Just keep shooting. They'll flip several times before dying. Alternately, you can just use the Lifter to throw them at another Reaverbot, killing them instantly. They're found all over the place.

Ice Shield
I wasn't really sure whether to call these Reaverbots or not...but I did. They're basically sharp, rotating ice blades that block your path in the Calinca Ruins. Just a couple of shots will take out a quadrant of the shield. You can easily destroy all of it. However, the framework will still remain, so you'll have to slip between it. The ice will also regenerate quickly, so move before it does.

These wasp-like Reaverbots will swoop at you if they spot you. They're not too terribly difficult to kill...there's not much to say about them. They appear in the Manda Ruins.

These guys don't want to hurt you. In fact, they want to stay as far away from you as possible. Three of them appear in the snow-covered chamber in the Calinca Ruins. To catch them, you'll first want to destroy the Giant Chicken Launcher in the middle of the room, then use your Jet Skates to chase them down. You can spot their location by their red glow. Once you catch up to one of them, quickly lock on and shoot them. Keep shooting. Run up to them, and never stop shooting. Then, hastily, use your Lifter to pick them up. That counts as 'collecting' the key. You'll need to collect all three to get to the next area.

These things are only found in the pit during the boss battle with the Manda Guardian. They're mostly harmless, but they will probably transform into Dragonflies as you destroy the Dragonflies already in the room.

The Leech Reaverbots are pods that hide underground, where you can't see them. However, once you do step over them, they'll come up from the ground and trap you. They'll then begin to suck your life out of you. Start pressing buttons like mad to get it to release you sooner. If you're quick enough, when you first hear the sound of the Leech coming up, you can jump away. In the areas they appear in, it's best to run along the edge of the halls, as they're usually in the center. On a side note, it's impossible to destroy them. They also seem to have set positions. They're found in the Saul Kada Ruins and on Elysium.

This giant, manta ray-like Reaverbot appears in the large, sand-covered room in the Nino Ruins. It's extremely docile; it won't even attack you if you attack it. However, there's absolutely nothing to gain from doing so. The Manta swims around the room in a set path. You can actually hop onto its back. Doing so will give you the needed height to jump on top of the pillars found in the room, where valuable treasures (including the key to the next area) lie.

These things look exactly like a real treasure chest. However, when you open them, they will spit out bombs at you. You'll know it's not real when you see that MegaMan is not posing and no message is popping up. Unfortunately, they're only vulnerable while the lid is open, and you'll have to open it again after it closes. They're found in most of the ruins.

Mimic (with legs)
This is the other variety of Mimic. It looks just like a real treasure chest, but when you try to open it, it will stand up on two legs and walk straight forward. After it gets so far, it will go back to its original position and sit back down. It's only vulnerable while it's sitting down, so you'll have to attempt to 'open' it again to get it to stand.

These Reaverbots are very small and hover in the air. When they see you though, they'll start floating towards you. Once they get close enough, they will start to flash red, and then explode. You don't want to be close by when that happens. If you get the drop on them and take it out before it gets close to you, it will still result in a massive explosion, so tread carefully. They're found in many ruins, but primarily the Nino Ruins.

These little guys might jump at you, but usually they'll zip away at a high speed. They give quite a bit of zenny, so it's worth it to destroy them before they get too far away. Somehow, they seem to disappear if they reach the other end of the hall they're in. They's pretty weak as well. They're found in a few ruins, notably the Calinca Ruins.

These snake-like Reaverbots might appear harmless, but nothing could be more untrue. They'll squirm around, taking the occasional leap at you. And if they hit, you'll be hit with the Rot status effect, which means that your special weapon energy will be drained and you won't be able to fire your Buster until the rotting wears off. So make killing these things your first priority. They're found in a few ruins...

These brightly-colored Reaverbots are dangerous. They metamorph from the Caterpillar Reaverbots after you shoot them, though they're usually already in their moth form when you encounter them. They sometimes perch on the walls, coming off only when they're approached. More often than not, though, they're just casually flying around, waiting for you to come close. You'll want to destroy them as soon as possible, because once they get close enough, they'll spray spores on you that will inflict the Stun status effect, effectively making you incredibly slow until it wears off. Luckily, they go down pretty easily. They're primarily found in the Saul Kada Ruins, though not exclusively.

These things are small, purple, squid-like Reaverbots generated by Octo Spinners. When they (slowly) float into you, it'll result in a small explosiom. So take out as many as you can before you go after the Octo Spinner. Thankfully, each Octo Spinner can only generate so many Octos before it has to wait for some to be destroyed. A single shot is enough to take out an Octo. They're found in several ruins, including the Calinca Ruins.

Octo Spinner
These things generate Octos (see above). Thankfully, though, they can only generate so many before they have to wait for some to be destroyed to replace. Generally, it's best to take out as many Octos as you can, then lock onto the Spinner and get at a good angle, firing. Any Octos coming towards you should be caught in the crossfire while you take out the Spinner. They appear in various areas, including the Calinca Ruins.

Purple Tall Shield Reaverbot
This is the purple variety of the Tall Shield Reaverbot. As all the other varieties, it walks slowly and shoots slow balls of energy at you. When it starts getting hit, it'll start putting an ineffective barrier. Really nothing to worry about. The Tall Shield Reaverbots dot many of the ruins.

The Rabbits are first seen on Forbidden Island. They pop out of the snow and hop towards you. When they get close enough, they shoot at you from their head(ears?). A few shots is all it takes to take them out. Later, they'll appear (with more health) in the Calinca Ruins.

Reaverbot Carrier
The only Reaverbot Carrier in the game is found in the same chamber as the Chicken Launchers in the Saul Kada Ruins. Sometimes, it can be hard to spot (it seems to have the ability to teleport?), but it's there. It'll either drop a flaming Red Zakobon (touching them catches you on fire), or it'll drop a buttload of zenny. This is a pretty decent way to make cash (though the other two methods listed in the Secrets section are far better). It will also eventually stop dropping zenny.

Red Elephant
The red variety of the Elephant Reaverbot is found in the large, icy chambers of the Calinca Ruins. They're just like the other elephants; they just charge blindly at you. However, in one room, there's a puzzle that involves you causing one to run right into a pit on the floor. To accomplish this, stand just a VERY short distance away from the pits (don't fall it, you'll be frozen) and wait for an Elephant to charge at you. Now, jump backwards, completely over the hole. The Red Elephant should follow you and fall into the hole.

Red Frog
The red-colored version of the Frog Reaverbot behaves just like its counterpart. It will hop around, sometimes in straight lines and sometimes in whichever direction you're at. However, the important difference between it and its cousin is that touching the Red Frog will set you on fire. So make sure to kill these things as quickly as possible.

Red Mirumijee
The Mirumijee's red cousin is much less dangerous. Sure, it still squirms and jumps at you, but getting hit by one doesn't inflict any harmful status effects. So just shoot away.

Red Shell Dino
The Red Shell Dino looks and behaves like the Shell Dino Reaverbots you fought on Forbidden Island so long ago. They mostly walk around idly, covered by a thick shell. However, the instant you hit it with a shot, it and every other Shell Dino in the room emerge from their shells as angry, maniacal dinosaurs that all run towards you crazily. You'll have to employ your circle and shoot tactic that has served you so well to beat these things. They're found in the Saul Kada Ruins.

Red Tall Shield Reaverbot
...Another Tall Shield Reaverbot with seemingly no differences. As usual, they walk slowly, shoot slow-moving energy spheres at you, and use barriers when you shoot them that do absolutely nothing. Easy, easy, easy.

Red Zakobon
The Red Zakobons probably won't be able to hurt you by the time you encounter them (if you've kept your armor up-to-date), but if you touch them, they WILL set you on fire. So make destroying them a priority. They're usually dropped by Reaverbot Carriers in the Saul Kada Ruins and on Elysium.

These things are large, spherical Reaverbots with four ring-like protectiles as appendages. They usually block doorways on Elysium. They attack by throwing their 'rings' at you. They'll glow red and float slowly towards you. To destroy them, target a ring and shoot. When all four rings are destroyed, the Reaverbot will go boom as well.

The Shark Reaverbots are actually gigantic versions of the Fish Reaverbots. They usually appear in packs of four. For some reason, they seem docile, but sometimes randomly attack you. You can jump onto their backs for a ride, but you won't get anything for doing so. Unless the water is drained, in which case they'll flop around helplessly, it's best to just pass through. They're found in the Nino Ruins.

I don't know what to compare these things to. They're large, green Reaverbots with sharp, deadly claws. When they see you, they'll dash at you and try to snap you in half with the claws. So jump around, run in circles, do WHATEVER you have to do to avoid them. The circle and shoot method works, unless there's another one nearby, in which case you should probably jump a lot. The Sharukurusus (who named these things?) are pretty rare, but you will find them in some ruins, including the Calinca Ruins.

Shell Dino
You'll only encounter the Shell Dinos on Forbidden Island. They walk around, protected by (you guessed it) shells, but as soon as you shoot them, they'll turn into angry dinos that scurry towards you. Keep moving at all times to avoid them, shooting the whole time. Circle and shoot works. It's also important to know that if there are any other Shell Dinos in the area, that when one emerges, all the other ones will too.

These things appear in the vast plains of Calbania Island and in the deserts on Saul Kada Island. They basically slide around (rather speedily, might I add), and when they see you, they'll start flailing their limp arms around like nobody's business, trying to knock you down. Keep moving, circling, and shooting, to beat them. Not too much to handle.

These dragon/serpent-like Reaverbots inhabit the lava in the Saul Kada Ruins. Sometimes they'll just jump out of the lava menacingly, but more often than not, they'll poke their heads out to rapidly shoot electrical spheres at you. While they're doing this, run from side to side, shooting the whole time. They can be dangerous, especially if more than one has ganged up on you. You might even want to consider running through the lava to avoid them if you brought the Asbestos Shoes.

These four-legged Reaverbots have a ton of HP and are not to be taken lightly. They usually stay on the ground and can't do anything but shoot bubbles at you (which can be destroyed with the Buster). However, if the gravity has been reduced, they can walk around on the ceiling. Up there, they can drop bombs down on you. So lock onto them and shoot one until it falls to the ground, then don't let up on it. Circle and shoot, and watch out for the other (they always appear in pairs) dropping bombs. They appear in Elysium.

Spike Runner
These Reaverbots basically run around randomly, trying to escape from you. A few shots from you will knock them onto their sides. From there, you can use the Lifter to pick them up and throw, if you like. They're really not much of a threat at all. However, you will have to throw them during a certain boss fight in the Saul Kada Ruins (which, by the way, is where they inhabit).

These things usually stand on top of spinning spike traps and shoot electricity at you. Not too much to worry about. Just shoot away. They do shoot pretty fast though, so stay on your toes.

Tall Shield Reaverbot
The first time you encounter this thing will be in the Calinca Mines. Like its green, purple, and red cousins (I think the only difference are their life gauges), it marches slowly, shoots slow-moving electrical spheres, and puts up a useless shield whenever it's shot.

White Zakobons
The White Zakobons are just like the normal Zakobons, except that they like to pop out from under the snow. They appear in the snow fields outside Yosyonke and on Forbidden Island. They're exceedingly weak and nothing to worry about.

The Wolf Reaverbots you encounter in the Saul Kada Ruins behave just like the boss you fought back on Forbidden Island. The difference is that they're confined to narrow hallways, so you have much less room to dodge them. You'll face them on your way back after beating the giant dinosaur Reaverbot. You'll probably hear the howl before it ever darts into view. You might not be able to dodge it, but lock on and shoot anyway.

Yellow Slider
The Yellow Slider behaves just like the Sliders on Calbania and Saul Kada. They slide around the wide-open Residential Area of Elysium, and spin their arms wildly when they get close to you in an attempt to knock you down. Just circle and shoot. Not hard.

This garden-variety Zakobon is first seen in the Calinca Mines. In fact, they usually appear in ruins. Zakobons are the most common enemies in the game, and also one of the weakest. Their only attack is to try to run into you, and can be dispatched easily with only a few shots.

The Bonnes's Machines

The Bonne Bombers have two barrels and are piloted by Servbots. They're stationary, but they can still make life difficult on you. They rapidly shoot energy at you, so its best to take them out as soon as you can. Sometimes, they'll be perched on high ledges, but you can still beat them. They also appear alongside the Bonne Cannon. They're found in Kimotama City during the pirate raid.

The Draches are the Bonnes's all-purpose mini-airship. They use them to get around, and they always get the Bonnes to safety. They can swoop down and rapidly fire shots at you. The only time you'll have to fight them is in the desert on Saul Kada Island during the pirate raid. As Roll may point out, though, it's best to ignore them and move on to the city.

These four-legged, stationary launchers can only throw bombs on you. They pop out from under the sand in the desert on Saul Kada Island during the pirate raid. They're easily dispatched, but as Roll points out, they aren't worth your time.

The Mini-Cannon is just that--a much smaller version of the giant cannon in Kimotama City. The Mini-Cannons aim at MegaMan, then shoot out small bombs (not at a fast rate, though, thankfully). They're usually in little alcoves and are easily destroyed. It's also worth taking them out, as you don't want to get hit with a bomb when you're trying to do something else.

These small, purple robots hover just above the ground on the streets of Kimotama City. They just shoot at you, though they will attempt to block your path forward by staying in front of you. Just shoot them.

The Bonnes's servants usually don't fight without a machine, but sometimes, they'll drop bombs from the windows above in Kimotama City. Just watch for that. You can still target them and shoot the windows as well.

Servbot Borer
You might recognize this small drill from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. They only appear during the boss battle with Teisel and his Blitzkrieg. They pop out from under the sand, then attempt to ram MegaMan. However, if MegaMan is up on a platform, they will launch themselves up at him and explode as soon as they make contact with anything, so watch for that. They're easily destroyed, but there's an infinite number of them, so it's best to focus on the Blitzkrieg.

Bonne Tank
These tanks patrol Kimotama City. Despite supposedly being heavily armored, they aren't hard to destroy, though they do have a substantial amount of HP. They just shoot bombs at you. Circling and shooting works here.

Glyde's Machines

Bird Tanks
There are three of these things rolling around in the last area of Glyde's base on Calbania Island. Each one is piloted by one of the three Birdbot Commanders. They're pretty durable, with lots of HP. They'll basically roll around and rush at you if you happen into their path. Since the area they appear in has pretty narrow paths, it will probably work to your advantage to hide in one of the destroyed houses and wait for one to pass by, then attack.

These things appear pretty often during the segment of the game where you fight Glyde's forces. Usually, they'll have bazookas, which they can fire at you or at a door (if you're on Nino Island). They can also walk along rafters and throw bombs at you. At Glyde's base on Calbania Island, they may drop the bombs from a high watchtower. In any case, they're easily dispatched, but very annoying.

Glyde Cannon
These cannons are usually found on the ground, and are stationary. They can rotate however, so watch your back. Circling and shooting works. Not hard to take out.

Black Cannon
The only difference between these and the Glyde Cannons (see above), is that the Black Cannons tend to be found high on the walls of Glyde's base, rather than on the ground. They can still rotate and still shoot bombs. Now, though, you'll have to be in their line of fire to shoot at them.

These things are the equivilant of the Bonnes's Draches. They fly around annoyingly, occasionally shooting at you. They're also very hard to hit unless you have a special weapon. If you're lucky, they'll be parked on the ground, but more often than not, you'll have to shoot them out of the skies. Just keep shooting. The Buster Cannon works well.

Birdbot Lifter
These things were built to carry Birdbots to battle. On Nino Island, they'll fly into the battlefield, drop a couple of Birdbots, then fly off to get more. They can also pick up and throw MegaMan, though, so watch out for that. A good strategy is to target them with the Buster Cannon before they ever get to the battlefield, which will also effectively dispatch the Birdbots it's carrying.

Wall Scope
The Wall Scopes are wall-mounted turrets, found at Glyde's base on Calbania Island. They shoot energy spheres at you. They can be kind of annoying, so take them out, if you like. They can be targeted just like anything else.

Glyde Tank
These tanks function similiarly to the the ones the Bonnes use. They have a lot of HP and roll around slowly. The top of them can rotate. Unlike the Bonne tanks however, Glyde's tanks shoot rapid energy, as opposed to bombs. Just watch out for them, and use the tried-and-true circle and shoot method.

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