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Characters (with pics)

The following is a list of all the major players in Megaman Legends 2. All of them play some role in the plot, and I will try not to spoil too much.


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The Good Guys
The Pirates
The System
Other Characters

The Good Guys

MegaMan Trigger
MegaMan Trigger was found by Barrel Casket in the Nino Ruins when he was just a small baby, abandoned by his parents. Barrel took him into his psuedo family, raising MegaMan as his own. Roll, Barrel's granddaughter, named the child after her favorite video game character. Now, MegaMan is fourteen and he and Roll are best friends, living aboard their airship, the Flutter. MegaMan now explores the many underground ruins spread across the islands, with Roll as his spotter, to find refractors, which can be used as energy sources or be sold for cash. He and Roll are on a quest to find the Mother Lode, a legendary treasure, and also to find Roll's missing parents.

At the beginning of MegaMan Legends 2, MegaMan and Roll are watching TV, when Roll's mother appears on the screen. They decide to go find out just what's going on. They then journey to Forbidden Island, hoping to find the Mother Lode, but the happenings there start a chain of events that will reveal to MegaMan his true origins.

Roll Casket
Roll has been raised by her grandfather Barrel Casket for most of her life. Her parents vanished, like so many others, on an unfunded expedition to Forbidden Island. Roll is now fourteen and is best friends with MegaMan, a child that Barrel adopted. They live together with Barrel and Data on their airship, the Flutter (which she pilots). She knows everything there is to know about machinery. In fact, her main purpose in the game is to build better weapons for MegaMan (and to give the occasional hint in the ruins). One day, she hopes to acquire the Mother Lode and reunite with her parents. She also believes that if she accomplishes one, she will find the other.

When a woman who looks just like her mother appears on TV, Roll and MegaMan embark on a quest to find the Mother Lode and her parents, once and for all.

When Barrel discovered MegaMan, a baby, abandoned in the Nino Ruins, he also found Data, a small mechanical monkey. Data has been by MegaMan's side ever since. He hangs out with the rest of the team aboard their airship, the Flutter. Anytime MegaMan finds him in the game, he will recharge MegaMan's energy, give him helpful hints, and allow you to save the game. Be sure to talk to the monkey often! Data knows all of MegaMan's past, but he seems to be waiting for the right time to reveal all.

Barrel Casket
Though he is now retired, Barrel Casket was once an accomplished digger and considered the guru of the field. His daughter Matilda and her husband Banner disappeared on an expedition to Forbidden Island, leaving him to raise his granddaughter Roll. He was also the one that discovered baby MegaMan and Data in the Nino Ruins, and he has taken them in as his own. He lives aboard the airship, the Flutter, with them. Barrel now provides wisdom to MegaMan and Roll at every chance.

Long ago, Barrel went on an expedition with his friend Werner Von Bluecher to Forbidden Island in search of the Mother Lode, a great treasure. They failed, but were the only two to ever return and tell about it. Now, thirty years later, the two of them are trying one last time to complete the expedition.

Werner Von Bluecher
An aged, rich man that still has dreams. One of them is to explore Forbidden Island and find the Mother Lode, the greatest of treasures. He and his colleague Barrel once attempted to do so, but failed. He's always wanted to return there, and is now doing so. He spent his entire fortune to build the Sulphur-Bottom, the world's greatest airship. Using it, he plans to plow through the Forbidden Island storms and attain the Mother Lode. Eventually, he recruits MegaMan and Roll to find the four keys that will unlock the way to the Mother Lode.

Long ago, Matilda, daughter of Barrel Casket, married a man named Banner, and they had a baby girl named Roll. Her husband being a digger, and she, a spotter, the two of them went on an expedition to Forbidden Island in search of the Mother Lode, hoping to succeed where Barrel had failed. They were never heard from again.

Until Matilda, posing as a reporter at a Sulphur-Bottom press conference, warned everyone about the dangers of disturbing Forbidden Island, causing havoc aboard the ship. MegaMan and Roll take it upon themselves to solve the mystery.

Joe, a mysterious man, was found on the outskirts of Calinca Island and taken in by a woman named Maria. Supposedly, he was suffering from amnesia and can't recall anything about his past. He is now engaged to Maria, leading a new life in Yosyonke.

When Roll showed the drop ship blueprints to the junk shop owner in Yosyonke, he tells them that Joe has the same blueprints in his workshop. MegaMan and Roll pursue Joe when he goes to the Calinca Mines, hoping that he may know something about Roll's missing father.

The Pirates

Teisel Bonne
Teisel Bonne is the leader of a family of pirates. He talks big and acts ruthless, but he really has a big heart. He has a great mind, and uses it to come up with all sorts of plans to steal treasure. His younger sister Tron and baby brother Bon are his partners, and they are served by forty-one Servbots. The Bonnes were once rich, living aboard a mammoth ship, the Gesellschaft, but MegaMan destroyed it, and now they're poorer than dirt.

After their failure on Kattelox Island (see the first Megaman Legends title), the Bonnes started a legitimate department store, but it quickly bankrupted. When they hear about the Forbidden Island expedition, they team up with former archenemy Glyde and pose as reporters aboard the Sulphur-Bottom in hopes of taking the Mother Lode for themselves.

Tron Bonne
Tron is the brainchild of the Bonne family. She's always building a new contraption of some sort to help with their pirating ventures. Once upon a time, Teisel was overprotective of her, but she proved she was just as capable as he was in 'The Misadventures of Tron Bonne'.

Tron and the rest of the pirates hope to swipe the Mother Lode before anyone else can. This, of course, means that MegaMan will constantly be in their way. She acts tough, but Tron actually has a deep affection for MegaMan, and is extremely jealous of Roll.

Bon Bonne
Bon is the youngest sibling in the Bonnes. He appears to be intelligent, however. He's a baby inside a robotic shell. Although all he can say is "babu", the rest of the Bonnes and the Servbots seem to be able to understand him perfectly. As usual, he's along for the ride when the Bonnes go after the Mother Lode.

Tron created forty-one of these little guys to serve them. They do everything you can think of, including battling, playing music, drawing, cooking, etc...Each Servbot has a different personality and some are better at some things than others. They have a deep respect for the Bonnes, especially Tron (whom they fear as well).

Glyde is an air pirate and much more ruthless and cunning than the Bonnes. At one time, he was the right-hand man of Lex Loathe, an evil megalomaniac. He commands the Birdbots in numbers far greater than the Servbots. Glyde was jailed by the Bonnes in his past, but now he has teamed up with them to take the Mother Lode.

The Birdbots are servants to Glyde, although that doesn't stop them from talking about him behind his back. They are much more ruthless than the Servbots and much more deadly. There are also three Birdbots that command the rest of them.

Klaymoor is a gruff Digger and pirate who wears a giant suit of armor. He and his partner Bola were enlisted by Glyde to help find the Mother Lode. Klaymoor has always dreamed of getting it, so he instantly agreed. Old age is catching up to him, and he decided that it may be his last chance.

Bola is Klaymoor's partner. His Digging suit somehow gives him the power to hover in the air and vanish and appear instantly. He and Klaymoor were enlisted by Glyde to help find the Mother Lode. Bola doesn't care much about it though, and is only along for the ride because he knows how important it is to Klaymoor. He has a laid-back attitude, despite his old age.

The System

The Master
The Master was the mysterious ruler of the System and the last true human. He spent three-thousand years on Elysium. He has already died, which sent turmoil through the system. MegaMan's past seems to be connected with this individual.

One of two Mother Units in the System, in charge of Elysium. MegaMan frees her and her servant Geetz when he explores Forbidden Island, and the two of them convince everyone to find the four keys that will supposedly unlock the Mother Lode.

A servitor unit whose only function is to assist and protect Sera. He has the ability to transform into a large, golden, flying Reaverbot. Megaman frees Sera and Geetz from being imprisoned on Forbidden Island, and he talks everyone into searching for the four keys that will unlock the Mother Lode.

Yuna is one of two Mother Units, and she is in charge of Terra, the planet MegaMan and his friends reside on. She seems to be conflicted on whether or not she is on the side of the humans or the System. MegaMan finds her shell resting inside a drop ship on Forbidden Island, but can't seem to wake her.

Like Geetz, Gatz is a Servitor Unit, whose function is to serve and guard Yuna. He has his own opinion on the System, but still follows Yuna's commands. He has the ability to transform into a giant, silver, flying Reaverbot. He also seems to be capable of fusing his mind and body with machinery.

Other Characters

The Guildmaster
The Guildmaster is pretty much in charge of Ruminoa City on Nino Island. He used to be an old friend of Barrel and Bluecher's. His island has been under attack by Glyde's forces lately, and he enlists MegaMan to help out, but not before shooting the Flutter down, thinking it was a pirate ship.

He plays a minor role in the game, serving as the guildmaster's assistant and master technician of the island. Johnny has also been fighting off Glyde's forces himself for some time now.

Appo and Dah
Appo and Dah are two children that seem to have a mental deficiency. They live on Calbania Island, with their older and more coherent sister Shu. When MegaMan comes to Calbania, Shu has been captured, and Appo and Dah help him get into Glyde's base to rescue her.

Shu is Appo and Dah's older sister. She does everything she can to keep them in check, but that's much easier said than done. She has also taken it upon herself to educate them. When MegaMan first arrives on Calbania Island, he finds that Shu has been captured. With help from Appo and Dah, he infilitrates Glyde's base to rescue her.

The Quiz Trio
The mayor of Pokte Village (middle) and her two assistants run a school on the outskirts of the village. MegaMan can donate zenny here to help rebuild the village. He can also take quizzes here, in which great prizes are up for grabs.

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