On to Tamur

     Once back in Lyton, talk with the townfolk and the elder to hear thier thanks, use the Althena's Statue, and Save. When you are ready, leave Lyton and head south (barely) and east to reach Tamur Pass. Tamur Pass is mostly a small maze like Mountain Pass, fairly similar to the ones around Nanza. To get through the Pass, follow these directions:

    When you enter the pass, you will find yourself in the Northwest corner. The exit is in the Southeast corner. From the entrance, walk southeast until the path splits. The south path is a dead end, so take the east path. As the path winds a bit you'll see a chest. Open it to receive a Star Light, and continue. Almost directly after opening the chest, you'll emerge walking south and the path splits again. For now, go east and at the next split, go north. Follow the path to find a worthwhile dead end that contains a chest holding an Angel's Tear. Go back to where you turned north, and walk south. Keep heading south when the path goes west and you'll come to a T-intersection where you can go east or west. Go east a few steps to find another chest. Open it to get a Healing Nut, and then head west.

     After a short walk westward, you'll come to a small clearing. Walk northwest to find a chest holding the Dark Helmet (which only Kyle can use). Walk back to the clearing, and exit through the southwest passage. Follow that southward until you can only go east or west. Now make sure you save your game. Now take the west path. Along the way, you will grab 2 chests, containing a Shira's Tail and a Wind Cane (which you should give to Mia). Head back again after getting the Wind Cane, and once you get back to where you started walking west, use items to restore your HP/MP and Save your game.

    Once you have saved your game and healed up, walk east and once you pass through a rather small walking area heading northeast, Xenobia and her goons show up. She sends 1 Dark Sorcerer and 3 Carapace Knights after you. Use the Red Dragon Anger Spell and anything else that inflicts large group damage. Beat them, and Jessica talks some serious smack to Xenobia, who gets pissed and sends 4 more Knights and 2 more Sorcerers after you. Use the same tactic against them as you did the first batch, and then Xenobia gets REALLY mad and as she starts to send her last batch of baddies after you, an amazing and much needed event occurs: A barrage of exploding arrows kill all the monsters!!!! This makes Xenobia throw a hissy fit and scram. The view then shifts to gaze upon your saviors, a man and woman on horse back who say nothing except smile and ride off.

     Once Kyle gets done being amazed, save your game and continue east to enter Tamur.

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