The Red Dragon's Cave

     After the scenic balloon ride, you land in the volcano, which strangely enough, isn't the slightest bit hot. I sure hope you bought the Ice Sword in Reza, cause you'll need it. To make your way through the Red Dragon's Cave, read on...

     From Shira's Balloon, head north and take the stairs. When you come out, either going left or right will bring you to the door holding the next set of steps. Take them down you'll find yourself in a rather large area, which also happens to be the main floor of the cave. The next set of stairs you want to take are due west of where you just entered. However, I highly urge you to go east and circle north and grab the chest and then walk WAY west and grab the other one too. They both contain Star Lights. If you do, just walk in a circular route and you'll end up where you need to be. Take the next set of stairs and don't bother healing yet.

     When you step out in the next passage, your hear a booming voice (granted it comes in the form of text) and asks you if you are brave enough. Alex answers that you are and your party is restored to full power. Start heading west through the passage. There is a Barrier Ring in a chest at the very bottom of the cavern wall about halfway through the passage, and there is a treasure chest along the top of the passage directly north-northwest of the Barrier Ring chest that contains another Star Light. Nab these and head shortly west until you reach a wall of flames. You'll take a little damage, but you have no choice but to walk through them. After you pass through them, head north and take the stairs going up.

     You'll emerge back on the main floor of the cavern. Grab the chest located just northeast of the entrance for another Star Light, and then head back to the entrance and head southeast to find a path that leads to a chest holding a Rainbow Tiara, giving Jessica a much needed boost in Defense. Walk back to the entrance and then head west, sticking to the north wall. This will lead you to another chest holding a cool 1000 S. Follow the platform around in a counter-clockwise motion and stick to the edge and this will take you to another chest holding yet another Star Light. From here, you should walk due south (do take note of the Flame Wall path just to the west though). After heading south, you'll run into another chest holding yet another Star Light. Walk due east of the chest and bounce along the flame spring boards to land yourself another chest holding a Flame Sword (which you don't want to equip until after you finish this cave) this time.Go back across the flame spring boards, and walk up and around (to the west) the platform border to land an Angel Ring from the tresure chest there. Now head north again to that Flame Wall path.

     The first flaming wall didn't hurt you that much. This one will. Sprint north as fast as possible and be prepared to fight once or twice along the way. Just make sure to heal in battle as needed and grab the chest near the end of the flame path (it's on the left hand side) for another Star Light. Once you pass the Flames, heal up, give everyone an assortment of healing items and save. Then proceed north a few steps and meet up with Royce again. Instead of fighting you fairly (like that would happen anyway), she commands the 2 statues next to her to attack you. Prepare for a somewhat hard fight against the Bronze Dogs...

-------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: BRONZE DOGS-------------------------------

Bronze Dogs
Hit Points
85 x AL
3 x AL
1 x AL
1 x AL
2 x AL
Mag End
1 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     Their are 2 Bronze Dogs, and both have the same 2 attacks. The 1st attack, is Heat rush, which hits every character for mild to moderate damage and can be expected when either one appears to be on fire. The 2nd attack, can be identified when either on is not on fire. He spits 3 Fire Balls at one character for plenty of damage or he might just march up to a character and bite him/her twice for moderate damage. This is random, so adjust your performance accordingly.

     The Bronze Dogs are not all that hard as long as you attack them one at a time. Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use Vigor and then Sword Dance every round after like usual. Kyle should use Power Up and then Power Slash or Power Sweep (of course, only use the latter if both can be hit at once) every round after. Jessica should keep everyone healthy. Mia should cast Ice Wall or Blizzard since both score some much needed critical damage. Nash, should just continually cast Thunder Thrust over and over again, assisting Jessica as needed.


     Once you dispose of the mangy mongrels, Royce cackles and then compliments Alex on his strength before warping away yet again as she gives you another warning of your death and dishonor. Jessica notices a hint of fear in Royce's voice and points out she is more scared than arrogant. Open the final chest in this cave (just off the northeast side of the door behind where the Bronze Dogs were) for 5000 S, and then enter the door into the Red Dragon's Lair.

     When you arrive, you sadly find nothing. As you are about to leave, the Red Dragon's Spirit appears behind you and tells you that Ghaleon has stole his body already and that he was awoken by a song with great magical power. He gives Alex the Red Dragon Shield before fading away and Nall cries his fur off. Equip the Shield and gain some great defense and a new spell, Red Dragon Anger. Walk back out of his lair and have Jessica cast Escape Litany (or use a Dragonfly Wing) to return to the second level of the cave and enter the door directly behind you to bring you out near the balloon. Climb into it, and head back to Iluk.

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