Talon Mine

     When you put in Disk 2, the scene picks up with Jess trying to fly the balloon straight at the gigantic tower town of Ruid, but the balloon slams into a force shield and after a few attempts to break it, the party convinces Jessica to land at the nearby mining town of Talon.

     After you enter Talon, take the time to talk to the townspeople. You'll find that the weaker members of the Vile Tribe are being forced to mine iron ore to build the Grindery as slaves. How sad...anyway, once you talk to everyone, head into the mines. Talon is easily the biggest town in the game, and the pathways can be very confusing. If you are wondering if you have found everything, check the Dungeon Items Listing Page. However, if you do what I say, you shouldn't have too much trouble. (Granted it's hard to explain a maze without a map, so bare with me :P) To get through the Talon Mines, take a look at the following directions.

     The Talon Mines have two main parts: pre-help and post-help. Once you make it through the pre-help part, you are basically home free of confusing tunnels. If you ever get lost, simply use Jessica's Escape spell to leave and then re-enter the mines. To get through the tunnels (finding all the nice little items), do this:

     From the entrance walk north up the first set of steps and then walk up to the next set up of steps, but do not go up them. Instead, walk underneath the bridge just to the right and enter the door. Once you come out in the new room, walk north to find a pillar with a black square covering over it. If you search the top right side of this structure, you can snag a Star Light. From here, walk west past the steps going up and all the way over to a door in the lower left hand side of the screen. Enter this door and follow the path east and grab the chest along the way to obtain a Healing Nut. Once you grab this, head BACK the way you came and enter back into the room that had the Star Light. Walk east a bit and take both sets of steps up. Nevermind the bridge, and head northwest. Enter this door and you'll emerge in a room with a chest right in front of you. Nab it for a Silver Light, and then walk east then head north instead of south and take the door at the the end of the hall. In this room, you'll find yourself at the south end of a hallway. Head north and take the path going to the right and ignore the door along the way. You'll come to a door by a chasm. Enter it, and you'll be in the northeast corner of a small room. Take the exit south of you to find yourself in another large room of ladders and walkways. Take the steps going up just to the right of the door and then walk right a bit more to another set of steps. Go up them and head due north to enter a small room with a treasure chest holding a Protection Ring. Now, head back down the two sets of steps and enter the door that you originally came from. Again, take the northeast exit and you'll be by the chasm again. Walk back around the path and take the door you ignored before to enter a room with another chest to your left holding a Healing Nut. Grab it, and then head north. At this point, you should find yourself in a room with a few Miners. This means that the first half of the mines is over. (^_^) The rest is clear sailing.

     Talk with all 3 miners here and then exit the room via the door on the west wall. When you travel up the path a bit, you hear a loud noise and the party badgers you with a moral dilemma. Of course, give in and go help the poor miner. You'll have a rather wimpy fight and then the miner thanks you as your party automatically exits the room. Just then, Phacia shows up and gives her thoughts on the matter and then the scene cuts back to the party. After the dialogue, follow the path northward and you should find yourself in front of a sign and a 3 way fork. Follow the left hand path last, and take the other two (which dead-end) to grab a Hell Armlet, Star Light and a Silver Light. Once you get these, take the left hand path. Follow this path until you take steps down in the next room, and opt to take the northern route first. You can follow both northern paths at the fork (which again are dead-ends) to gain a Holy Robe and a Devil Pendant. Go back to the steps, and take the left hand door on the south wall. This path leads to another dead-end, but holds a Refresher Ring. Head back and take the right hand door on the south wall. When you enter this new room, take the steps down first and follow the path to get an Angel Tear and then head back to the door and take the walkway south and then west. You can go north or south at this point. Go south and follow the path which leads to a room holding a chest with a Fire Tiara. Head back to the split and take the north path. From here, simply follow the path to the next room, grabbing the chest holding a Healing Nut along the way. When you enter the next room, you find that it is a cemetary for the miners. Once you talk to the miner you saved, heal at the Althena's Statue and then save. Walk north 2 rooms and get ready for some action.

     When you enter the 2nd room after the graveyard room, the lights go out. Everyone freaks and then when the light comes back, you find that Xenobia has captured Mia and Jessica. A fake battle with Alex and Kyle ensues, so don't use any magic during this fight. After Xenobia catches on, the battle ends and Kyle and Jessica start bickering. This distracts Xenobia just long enough to let Jessica and Mia escape. Xenobia then becomes a bigger bitch than normal and sends the Shadow Spectre after you.

-------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: SHADOW SPECTRE-------------------------------

Shadow Spectre
Hit Points
205 x AL
3 x AL
2 x AL
1 x AL
3 x AL
Mag End
2 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Shadow Spectre has 3 attacks. The 1st attack, is 1-3 low level bites against 1-3 characters. The 2nd attack,is Piercing Eyes at ALL characters causing moderately serious damage. The 3rd attack, called Black Bile, really sucks since it Mutes that target. The hard part about this fight, is that you can't tell what attack he's going to use cause he keeps that same shit eating grin on his face.

     Here is the Strategy to use: Alex should use the normal Vigor and Sword Dance every round after. Jessica should cast Saint Litany in the first round. After, keep everyone healthy and if they are, have her defend. Kyle should use Power Up and use Power Slash every round after. Mia, should just continually cast Flame Bomb over and over again.


     Once you defeat the Shadow Spectre, Xenobia curses at you and herself a bit, and then leaves. Continue on the path to exit the mines.

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