Althena's Fortress

     When the Anime Scene ends, you'll find yourself on the outside of Althena's Massive Fortress. Before venturing inside, EQUIP YOUR NEW SWORD. And if Alex is wearing a Healing Ring, give it someone else, since Althena's Sword has the same effect a Healing Ring does. Once you have done this, enter the Fortress. The first room has 4 Lamps. If you "talk" to each one, you'll find out a bit more about where the Fortress came from...but those lamps raise questions that don't get answered until the end of Lunar 2. *grins evily* Once you are ready to forge the depths of the massive Fortress, head north.

     When traversing the mighty Fortress, you'll find that almost every platform you step on gets blocked by a pink magic barrier that does not go away until you beat a certain enemy on the platform. To dispense with the bull, the enemy you want to fight to break the barrier are always the Floating Devil Mages on the screen. So if you can avoid any fights, you'll save yourself ALOT of headaches. To successfully get through this area quickly, read on.

     Following the the Lamp room, walk north onto the platform. Beat the enemy to unlock the magic barrier, and walk due east, ignoring the north and south paths at the crossroad. Grab the chest at the end of the walkway for a Silver Light, and then takes the Stairs up.
     On this floor, follow the zig zag path southwest until you come to the chest holding the Holy Mace. IMMEDIATELY equip this on Jessica and give her Healing Ring (if she's wearing one) to the person who isn't. The Holy Mace has an effect similiar to that of Althena's Sword, thus giving you the chance to have everyone now be able to regain some HP after each round of combat. Once you do this, dash due south on the next platform to find a chest holding a Dragon Cane for Mia. Note, that if you have the Wind Cane equipped, you'll lose ALOT of agility by equipping the Dragon Cane, so just leave it unequipped for now. Beat the correct enemy and head to the exit in the northwest corner of the platform. Walk north along the path, but pass up the way west and go to the north platform to find the Starlight Bow for Nash, which is a good thing since it randomly kills an enemywith instant death, thus the reason for giving Nash Ghaleon's Tear. Make your way back the to westward path and walk up the stairs.
     On the Third Floor, you are met by Luna! Everyone smiles...but then Luna transforms into Royce and casts a rather nasty spell on you before running off. What did she does you may ask? She casted a spell that makes 2 of your party members start each round with the Sleep Status Effect. *thuds* As if the enemies here aren't hard enough. Chase after the prissy little fortune teller and walk up to the 4th floor.
     From the entrance, walk south to find a chest holding the Insane Armor for Kyle, equip it, and then continue west. You can now go north or south. If you really want the Angel's Tear on the southern platform, you can grab it, but I would go North for now and get the Aegis Robe. Exit the north platform in the southwest corner and continue to the west to get to Floor 5.
     Floor 5 is a pain. The only chest is near the stairs to Floor 6, so make your way past all 3 platforms and get the chest near the end for the Holy Clothes. And then walk up the stairs.
     When you emerge on the 6th Floor, HEAL EVERYONE AND SAVE YOUR GAME. When you have done this, walk out onto the main platform to confront Royce. Royce tries to give you a bogus fortune telling session in which anyone would want thier money back afterwards. Do the smart thing...smack the bitch up.

-------------------------------------BOSS FIGHT: ROYCE-------------------------------------

Hit Points
185 x AL
4 x AL
3 x AL
1 x AL
4 x AL
Mag End
2 x AL
# of Attacks
Exp Points

     The Royce has 5 attacks. The 1st attack, is called Cross Bridge which is a nasty attack against anyone in a hortizontal line in front of her, and can be expected when she her arms and kness are bent. The 2nd attack, can be identified when her staff is sparking with green electricity. She uses Arch Flare at everyone causing serious damage. The 3rd attack, called Shoot Lancer , really sucks. When she just sits there floating up and down, she is about to toss her staff into a party member, usually resulting in death. The 4th Attack is called Flare Strike. This nasty attack nails one party member with a rain of fire for serious damage and is given away when she floats with her legs crossed and arms extended behind. Her 5th and final attack is Flame Bird. This is arguably her most annoying attack since it totallty disables a character for a few rounds with no way to heal the effect. You can however still heal HP of the affected character, so don't simply just let them die. You can expect this attack when the faces in Royce's Flames turn white in the eyes and mouth.

     Your fight with Royce will piss you off to no end, especially since 2 characters randomly start off with the Sleep Status Effect, and even more if she unleashes more than 2 Flame Birds in a row. If you want to live, follow this strategy: Alex should use Vigor and Sword Dance every round after. If Jessica gets in trouble, make sure you keep Alex's MP high enough to cast a Dragon Healing spell ot two. Kyle should use the normal Power Up and then Power Slash. Nash and Mia should just flat out use Thunderbolt and Ice Bolt respectively. Note, since Nash's magic really, for the lack of a better, term sucks, have him give periodic support to Jessica in the Healing Department. Jessica, has a larger than life role in this fight...her health depends on whether you win or lose this fight. In round one, have her cast Saint Litany. Then, if you get the chance and everyone is still healthy (i.e-thier HPs are in white) cast Cleanse Litany on the party members who are sleeping...but if you can't don't worry. That's why you have Nash and Alex as backup healers. Otherwise, make darn sure EVERY round you heal EVERY character EVERY round.
     This fight may last a while, but hopefully you should be around Level 48-51 and should best her with a little patience and ALOT of strategic thinking.

     Once you defeat Royce, enter the north door to find a room holding a MUCH needed Statue of Althena. Use the statue, and then keep heading north onto a bridge leading up to the final test... the Goddess Tower.

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