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Soundtrack Review

Title : Final Fantasy Tactics Original Soundtrack
Catalog # : SSCX10008
Composer(s) : Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto
Record Label : Digicube
How many : 2 CDs

fftost.jpg (29258 bytes)

Disk 1

1. Bland Logo : The title music, you see several weapons and Zodiac Stones. It's an
arrangement of Antipyretic which is featured on Disk 2.

2. Backborn Story : The music which plays during the introduction of the Lion War.

3. P. R. Movie : Listen closely..... yes, it's the traditional FF Prelude, well parts of it.

4. Character Introductions : This is played while you get a glimpse of most classes
used in FFT in a awesome FMV.

5. Character Making : Choose Ramza's name, his birthdate and get started. This
simply fits the mood prefectly. Beautiful.

6. Prologue Movie : A truly epic piece, you see some knights riding chocobos. Very cool.

7. Pray : Played in Orbonne Monastery on the beggining, a very light-hearted theme.

8. Enemy Attack : Played before the first battle while outside the Monastery.

9. Trisection : One of the story battle themes, you simply get hooked right away as it
starts playing.

10. Commander in Training : A military piece played in Gariland's Military

11. Attack Team : Played in the Positions screen before a battle, place your members

12. Unavoidable Battle : Another story battle theme, but it's more fast-paced.
Played only in Bariaus Hill and Germinas Peak.

13. Mission Complete : The victory theme, although it's nothing like the traditional
FF victory themes.

14. Hero's Theme : This has to be Ramza's theme, and it shows his kindness as it plays.

15. A Chapel : I don't know why this title is there, it does not describe the piece at all...
it's one of the many random battle themes, can be heard in any random battle.

16. Algus' Theme : A peaceful track played during friendly encounters.

17. World Map : It's no emotional theme at all, it just fits the mood. Played when
you travel on the map. ( D'uh ! :P )

18. Shop : Renember how insignificant the FF1 Shop theme was ? Pretty much the same here.

19. Warrior's Hideout : Played in the Soldier Office, where you can hire new
party members and rename monsters.

20. Fur, Meat and Bones Store : Self-explanatory, the music played in Fur Shops.

21. Team Making : Played in the Formation screen where you can change classes and
get new abilities.

22. Brave Story : A soothing piece played while you read the Character profiles, very fitting.

23. Pub : Music played in bars, nuff said.

24. Data Screen : The save screen music, really relaxing.

25. Desert Land : Another random battle theme, can be heard in any random battle.

26. Alma's Theme : Theme which reflects Ramza's sister, Alma.

27. Cryptic Mood : Played during conspirancies.

28. Decisive Battle : This is not a standard Boss theme, unfortunately, it is played ONLY
during your battle in Dorter Trade City in Chapter 1. It fits the
mood of the battle perfectly though.

29. Cry of Pain : I beleive this could be a villain's theme, it is only heard in the cutscene
which occurs between Wiegraf and Golagros at the Windmill before you
fight Wiegraf himself in Chapter 1.

30. Remnants : Another story battle theme, but it is reserved for supporting villains like
the Shrine Knights, Wiegraf ( As a Shrine Knight in Riovanes ) and
Elmdor. Again, it fits the mood perfectly.

31. Anxiety : A theme used in scenes which villains are interacting with others. Such as
Vormav hiring a bunch of thieves to try to kill Ramza and when Ramza sees
Mustadio being help captive by Rudvich.

32. Tension 1 : A loud and powerful battle theme which implies you to hurry in order to
save a character. Played when you must save Mustadio from Rudvich's
knights in Zoland Fort City and when you face Wiegraf in the monastery.

33. Game Over : I don't think I need to explain this one . ^-^

34. Tutorial : This is the music you'll hear while browsing the complicated tutorial in FFT.
Notice the French Horn in the background, lovely !

35. Random Waltz : The title is slightly misleading, it's an unsually lighthearted random
battle theme, it can be played in any random battle.

36. Ovelia's Theme : A happy melody reflecting the princess Ovelia. Need I say more ?

37. Apoplexy : Strange title, anyways, it's for the last of the 4 random battle themes you can
hear in random battles. Goes very well with the battles.

38. Zalbag's Theme : Another heroic theme, truly epic music. As you may guess, it is
played when Zalbag makes an appearance.

39. Run past through the Plains : Long title, anyways, this is yet another story
battle theme, best renembered in Sweegy

40. Invasion : Theme used in scenes which evoke suprises, such as Celia & Lede ambushing
the party at Limberry Castle's gates.

41. Delita's Theme : A sad theme which reflects Delita's tragic past.

42. Back Fire : Another story battle theme, used in Gariland, Grog Hill, and a few other
places. Fits the mood as always.

Disk 2

1. Memories : This is played during the cutscene which Ramza and Delita renember their
childhood memories.

2. Dycedarg's Theme : Evil theme which plays in any scene involving Dycedarg.

3. Antipyretic : This is by far the best story battle theme there is, it is used once in each
chapter, best renembred while fighting Wiegraf in chapter 1.

4. Holy Angel's Theme : This could well be the Shrine Knights' theme, it is heard in
every cutscene involving them.

5. Bloody Excrement : Another story battle theme, fits the mood once more.

6. And I Ran Away : Used in a monologue of Ramza just before chapter 2 starts.

7. Espionage : Another story battle theme, used in the Deep Dungeon, for saving Cloud
and the battles against Balk and Sinogue. Sort of creepy.

8. Kourin : The Lucavi Theme, it's best renembered when Wiegraf signs a pact with the
Lucavi Warlock, Velius. The violins used here really gives off a spooky feel.

9. Ovelia's Worries : An arrangement of Ovelia's theme, it is used in one cutscene
which Delita tries to comfort Ovelia and in some other cutscenes.

10. Under the Stars : Another instrumental story battle theme, used in the battle
against Izlude and a few other places.

11. Battle on the Bridge : The most adrenaline pumping battle theme in the game,
used in urgent battles, such as saving Rafa from Elmdor.

12. Count's Anger : An evil theme, used in cutscenes, best renembered when Draclau
kills Rudvich for failing him.

13. In Pursuit : Another story battle theme ( Geez, that's alot of them :P ). Used in the
battle against Miluda in Lenalia Plateau and in Bethla Garrison.

14. Shock ! - Failure : Theme which convey's Ovelia's feelings when she learns
a long-kept secret.

15. Holy Angel's Theme Deluxe : An arrangement of the Shrine Knight theme,
used prior to the final battle.

16. Cry of Pain ! : A military track used in scenes which the party fall into a trap, used in
Gorgoland Execution Site and some other places.

17. Requiem : A sad theme, used after the events at Riovanes Castle, which Ramza realises
the truth.

18. Terror 1 : Used in cutscenes which evoke terror, such as Barinten threathening to kill

19. The Pervert : Weird title, awesome boss track, reserved only for the battle against
the Lucavi demons.Fits the mood with it's creepy
overtones. One of the finest Final Fantasy Boss themes EVER !

20. Antidote : Yet another story battle theme, but very lighthearted, used in Goland Coal
City battles.

21. Thunder God Cid : A very noble track reflecting's Orlandu's ways. One of the best
character themes ever.

22. Treasure : A lighthearted track used in humorous cutscenes, such as when Ramza gives
Worker 8 corny orders. ^_^

23. Night Attack : The last story battle theme, reserved for battles against undead, the
drums really sounds great in this track.

24. Terror 2 : Another terrifying theme, used in cutscenes such as the Riovanes massacre.

25. Ultema, the Nice Body : Last boss theme, first phase, fits the mood very well.

26. Ultema, the Perfect Body : Last boss theme, last phase, the way the track
builds up in the beggining, you can tell it will be awesome, one of the finest RPG
last boss themes, only rivaled by One Winged Angel from FF7.

27. Fanfare : Victory music for beating Altima.

28. Epilogue Movie : Music which is played during the ending movie, very beautiful.

29. Staff Credit : The music which plays during the VERY long staff roll, equally beautiful.

Well that's it, if you are interested in purchasing this exquisite orchestral masterpiece, your
best bet would be Game Music Online . This is a MUST if you are a Square or FF Fan.


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