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This is one of the jobs you start with, they are good at the first few battles, then should be changed to better jobs.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Basic Skill
Accumulate:  The user's attack will go up by 1 point everytime it's used. This is good for building lots of jp.
Throw Stone:  You throw a stone at the enemy dealing very little damage, but has decent range.
Dash:  You simply tackle an enemy, if he/she is standing on a ledge, they might fall off and die.
Heal : You can recover from Dark, Silence and Poison using this.
Reaction abilities
Counter tackle:  After an enemy does a physical attack, you might retaliate with a dash.
Support abilities
Monster Skill:  A friendly monster gains an additional ability if you stand beside it.
Gained Jp up:  You get more jp than usual after doing something. ( Act )
Equip Axe : Allows you to equip an axe, regardless of class.
Defend : Decreases damage incurred.
Movement abilities
Move +1:  You can move an extra panel on the battlefield.


 This is the basic healer, he throws potions to heal wounded members. In the beginning they kinda suck, but later they will be able to equip guns which makes them quite useful since guns has great range.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Item
Potion:  A member will recover 30 hp after drinking one, use these only in chapter 1.
Hi-Potion:  A member will recover 70 hp after drinking one, they are available in chapter 2.
X-Potion:  A member will recover 150 hp after drinking one, available in chapter 3 and 4.
Phoenix Down:  You can revive fallen members and kill undead instantly with this.
Ether : An ether will recover 20 mp when you use one.
Hi-Ether : Regain 50 mp while drinking this.
Elixir : Regain all HP/MP with this rare potion.
Antidote : Use this to recover from poison status.
Eye Drop : Use this to recover from Darkness status.
Echo Grass : Use this to recover from Silence status.
Maiden Kiss : Use this to recover from Frog status.
Soft : Use this to recover from Stone status.
Holy Water : Use this to recover from Undead status.
Remedy : This will cure all status ailments except Undead.
Reaction abilities
Auto-Potion:  After getting hit by an attack or spell, you might use a potion, giving you more turns to attack the enemy.
Support abilities
Throw Potion : Allows you to throw potions at a distance even if you are not a chemist.
Equip Change : Change your equipment during battle.
Maintenance:  Protects  equipment from break techniques. It also protects from steal.
Movement abilities
Move-Find item:  After you move on a certain panel, you might get a hidden item.


Job requirements: Level 2 Squire

One of the best classes, it has the highest hp and is useful to disarm enemies. The Equip Armor is one of the best Support abilities in the game.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Battle Skill
Head Break : Breaks an enemy's helmet.
Armor Break : Breaks an enemy's armor.
Magic Break : Takes away enemy MP.
Speed Break : Slows down enemy speed.
Power Break : Takes down enemy's strenght.
Mind Break : Takes down enemy's magic power.
Shield Break:  Breaks an enemy's shield.
Weapon Break:  Breaks an enemy's weapon.
Reaction abilities:
Weapon Guard : Block an attack with your weapon.
Support abilities:
Equip Armor:  Enables a character to equip heavy armor, regardless of class.
Equip Sword:  Enables a character to use a sword, regardless of class.
Equip Shield : Allows you to equip a shield, regardless of class.
Movement abilities:  None


Job requirements:  Level 2 Chemist

The healing mage, the priest will protect his friends while dealing great damage to the evil with Holy.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  White Magic
Cure: Basic healing magic, can heal up to 80 hp per ally. Uses 6 mp.
Cure2 : Restore even more hp than Cure. Uses 10 mp.
Cure3 : Get even more hp than Cure2. Uses 16 mp.
Cure4 : Strongest of Cure spells, heals up to 300 + hp to allies in range. Uses 20 mp.
Raise : Revies dead ally plus restores partial hp. Uses 10 mp.
Raise 2:  Revives dead ally plus gives all hp. Uses 20 mp.
Reraise : If you cast this on an ally and he/she dies, he/she will be automatically revived. Uses 16 mp.
Protect : Puts a barrier that halves physical damage, lasts a few rounds. Uses 6 mp.
Protect 2:  Puts a barrier that halves physical damage, last duration of battle. Uses 24 mp.
Regen : Allows a character to recover some hp at regular intervals. Uses 8 mp.
Shell : Puts a barrier that halves magic damage, lasts a few rounds, Uses 6 mp.
Shell 2:  Puts a barrier that halves magic damage, last duration of battle. Uses 20 mp.
Wall : Gives Protect and Shell to allies, lasts a few rounds. Uses 24 mp.
Esuna : Heals from all status ailments except Undead. Uses 18 mp.
Holy:  Attack spell that does major damage to undead enemies and Zodiac Braves. Uses 56 mp.
Reaction abilities:
Regenerator : Get the Regen status after getting hit.
Support abilities:
Magic Defense up:  You won't use it often, but it is CRITICAL if you wish to fight Elidibs.
Movement abilities:  None


Job Requirements:  Level 2 Squire

A fairly good class since they can attack from a distance. Just get the best bows and crossbows for them.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Charge
Charge +1:  Allows you to charge for 1 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +2 : Allows you to charge for 2 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +3 : Allows you to charge for 3 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +4 : Allows you to charge for 4 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +5 : Allows you to charge for 5 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +7 : Allows you to charge for 7 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +10 : Allows you to charge for 10 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Charge +20 : Allows you to charge for 20 charge time. Damage may or may not be higher than usual.
Reaction abilities:
Speed Save : You gain speed after getting hit.
Arrow Guard : Allows you to evade more arrow attacks.
Support Abilities:
Equip Crossbow : Allows you to equip a crossbow, regardless of class.
Concentrate : Gives you a 100 % hit rate.
Movement abilities:
Jump +1 : Allows you to jump one point higher than usual.


Job Requirements:  Level 2 Knight

Monks are very strong, but have low hp and defense. But their strength makes up for lack of defense.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Punch Art
Spin Fist : If you are surrounded by enemies, this will hit all of them.
Earth Slash : Causes Earth damage to all enemies facing you from right, left, above or below.
Secret Fist : If succesful, your enemy will get the Death Sentence status.
Wave Fist:  Attack an enemy from a distance with a magic attack.  Very helpful against Wiegraf.
Stigma Magic:  If you are poisoned, stoned, etc.. this will heal you.
Chakra:  Regain some lost Hp and Mp using this. Very helpful.
Revive:  Revive a dead ally next to you.
Reaction abilities:
Hp Restore : When at critical status you'll regain most of your hp, risky to use.
Counter : Counterattack after being attacked.
Hamedo : If an enemy tries to attack you, you'll attack him instead.
Support abilities:
Martial Arts:  Be able to fight  bare-handed as well as monk, regardless of class.
Movement abilities:
Move-Hp up:  Regain those lost hp simply by moving.


Job Requirements: Level 2 Chemist

Your typical offensive magic user, their spells are useful mostly in random fights. You'll see less use in them when you get the Summoner, which is stronger.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Black Magic
Fire:  Attack your enemies with a blast of fire. Best used against undead enemies. Uses 6 mp.
Fire2 : Stronger than Fire. Uses 12 mp.
Fire3 : Stronger than Fire2. Uses 24 mp.
Fire4 : Strongest of Fire spells, cannot hurt the caster. Uses 48 mp.
Bolt:  Give your enemies a jolt with this spell. Best used against the octopus enemies. Uses 6 mp.
Bolt2 : Stronger than Bolt. Uses 10 mp.
Bolt3 : Stronger than Bolt2. Uses 24 mp.
Bolt4 : Strongest of Bolt spells, cannot hurt the caster. Uses 48 mp.
Ice:  Chill out your enemies with an ice crystal. Best used against Flotiballs, Morbols and Hyudra enemies.  Uses 6 mp.
Ice2 : Stronger than Ice. Uses 12 mp.
Ice3 : Stronger than Ice2. Uses 24 mp.
Ice4 : Strongest of Ice spells, cannot hurt caster. Uses 48 mp.
Poison : Give an enemy the poison status. Uses 6 mp.
Frog : Give an enemy the frog status. Uses 12 mp.
Death : Instantly kill your opponent. Uses 24 mp.
Flare:  Use this red-hot spell to end those annoying bosses. It's also good against the Zodiac Braves.  Uses 60 mp.
Reaction abilities:
Counter Magic : If a magic user hits you with a certain spell, you'll give him a taste of his own medicine.
Will work with White, Black, Time and Yin-Yang Magics.
Support abilities:
Magic attack up:  Make you magics lethal with this.
Movement abilities:  None

Time Mage

Job requirements: Level 2 Wizard

These guys play with time to either speed up your team or slow down the enemy. Not too good.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Time Magic
Haste:  Speed up your teammates with this. Uses 8 mp.
Haste2 : Stronger version of Haste, lasts duration of battle. Uses 30 mp.
Slow:  Slow down your enemies with this. Uses 8 mp.
Slow2 : Stronger version of Slow, lasts duration of battle. Uses 30 mp.
Don't Move:  Disable your enemies from moving  with this. Helpful in the Deep Dungeon. Uses 10 mp.
Stop:  Paralyse an enemy completely, that'll be one less to worry about for a few rounds. Uses 14 mp.
Float : Allows you to evade Earth elemental attacks. Uses 8 mp.
Reflect : Puts a barrier that makes most spells bounce back a few panels away. Uses 12 mp.
Quick : This allows you to act immediately when cast. Uses 24 mp.
Demi : Target loses 1/2 of his total hp. Uses 24 mp.
Demi2 : Target loses 3/4 of his total hp. Uses 50 mp.
Meteor : Ultimate Time Magic which summons a huge meteor to crash on the battlefield, very
risky to use. Uses 70 mp.
Reaction abilities:
Critical Quick : Once you are at critical status, you'll use Quick so you can live longer during a fight.
Mp Switch : After an attack, you'll lose Mp instead of Hp. Debatable against Elidibs.
Support abilities:
Short Charge:  Speed up the charge time of those mighty spells. It also ensures Cloud to perform his limit breaks.
Movement Abilities:
Teleport:  You can go through gates and other obstacles, but don't try to go too far, or it will likely fail.
Float : You get permanent Float when you use this movement skill.


Job requirements: Level 2 Time Mage

The most powerful magic user, summoners do the most damage, but their summons are high on mp cost and long charge time.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Summon Magic
Moogle : Round and round goes the Moogle, restoring up to 80 + hp to allies. Uses 8 mp.
Shiva:  Let Shiva blast your enemies with a blizzard. Uses 24 mp.
Ramuh:  Ramuh will electrify the opposition with a lightning shower. Uses 24 mp.
Ifrit : Ifrit's flames will consume the enemy. Uses 24 mp.
Titan : The Titan causes an earthquake to shake away the enemies. Uses 30 mp.
Golem : The Golem will protect you from all physical attacks for a few rounds. Uses 40 mp.
Carbunkle : The Carbunkle's Ruby will cast Reflect on your allies. Uses 30 mp.
Bahamut : Bahamut, King of Dragons, will fry the opposition. Uses 60 mp.
Odin : Odin will charge the enemy, causing massive damage. Uses 50 mp.
Leviathan : The Master of the Seas, Leviathan, will clean up the evil with his Tidal Wave. Uses 48 mp.
Salamander : Stronger than Ifirit, no undead stands a chance against Salamander. Uses 48 mp.
Silf : The Silf will silence the enemies, so they can't cast magics at all. Uses 26 mp.
Fairy:  The lovely Fairy will restore up to 200 hp to all allies in range.  Uses 28 mp.
Lich:  From hell Lich comes, and saps half the strength of the enemies. Incredibly useful against Zodiac Braves. Uses 40 mp.
Cyclops:  The Cyclops' frozen blades of Air will quickly destroy anyone who is foolish enough to fight you.  Uses 62 mp.
Zodiac:  The most powerful summon, it can only be learned from Elidibs . Uses 99 mp.
Reaction abilities:
Mp Restore : When critical, you'll regain most of your mp, not reccomended since it leaves
you vulnerable to evils such as Velius and Elidibs.
Support abilities:
Half of Mp:  Use your magics half the mp cost.
Movement abilities:  None


Job Requirements: Level 2 Archer

They're not very strong, but this is an easy way to get some good equipment from your enemies.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Steal
Gil Taking : Steal some money from your enemies.
Steal Heart:  Charm an enemy of the opposite sex and they'll fight briefly with you.
Steal Helmet : Get an enemy's helmet.
Steal Armor : Get an enemy's armor.
Steal Shield : Get an enemy's shield.
Steal Weapon:  Get an enemy's weapon.
Steal Accesory : Get an enemy's accesory.
Steal Exp. : Steal experience pts. from your enemies.
Reaction abilities:
Caution : After getting attacked, you'll automatically use Defend Squire skill.
Gilgame Heart : Get money equal to your lost hp after being attacked.
Catch : Get weapons thrown by Ninjas, you might get goodies such as Chaos Blades.
Support abilities:
Secret Hunt : This allows you to enter the wonderful world of poaching. ^_^ Kill a monster, take it's fur, bones or hide to a fur shop and get rare goods. ( Monster must be killed with a normal attack for the poaching to be succesful. )
Movement abilities:
Move+2 : Allows you to move two extra panels on the battlefield.
Jump+2 : Allows you to jump twice as high as usual.


Job Requirements: Level 2 Priest

Aaacckkk!!!! A terrible magic user, specialising in Status ailments. The only reason to use these is to get a Mediator and Calculator, which are sssssoooooooo much better.
Abilities :
Action abilities : Yin-Yang Magic
Blind : Causes Darkness status to enemies, lowering their hit rate. Uses 4 mp.
Spell Absorb : Drains Mp from target. Uses 2 mp.
Drain : Drains Hp from target, do not use this against undead, you'll end up hurt or dead. Uses 16 mp.
Pray Faith : Causes Faith in your teammates. Uses 6 mp.
Doubt Faith : Causes Innocent on the enemy. Uses 6 mp.
Zombie : Causes Undead to enemies. Uses 20 mp.
Silence Song : Causes Silence to your enemies. Uses 16 mp.
Blind Rage : Causes Beserk to your enemies. Uses 16 mp.
Foxbird : Lowers your enemy's brave. Uses 20 mp.
Confusion Song : Confuses the enemy. Uses 20 mp.
Dispel Magic : Removes positive status, such as protect and shell. Uses 34 mp.
Paralyse : Causes Don't Act to your enemies. Uses 10 mp.
Sleep : Causes Sleep to your enemies. Uses 24 mp.
Petrify : Causes Petrify to your enemies. Uses 16 mp.
Reaction abilities :
Absorb Used MP : Get the Mp used by the spell that hit you.
Support abilities :
Defense Up : Increases your physical defense.
Movement abilities :
Any Weather : Ignores weather effects on magic.
Move-MP Up : Get your lost mp as you simply move.


Job Requirements: Level 2 Oracle

These guys are ok, they can use guns and you can get those cool monsters on your side.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Talk Skill
Invitation:  Talk to enemies and make them understand your cause. If successful, you'll get a new friend.Persuade : If succesful, your enemy's CT will drop to 0, allowing you to whack him good.
Praise:  Raises target's Brave, use this on your guys to make them physically stronger.
Threaten : Make threats to your enemy, his brave will go down.
Preach:  Raises target's Faith, use this to make your mages a little bit stronger.
Solution : Use this to make your enemies lose faith.
Death Sentence : You'll sentence the enemy to death if succesful.
Negotiate : Get some money from your enemies.
Insult : This'll cause your enemies to go beserk.
Mimic Daravon:  Put your enemies to sleep with boring stories.
Reaction abilities:
Finger Guard : Protects you from Talk Skills.
Support abilities:
Equip Gun:  Allows you to equip guns, regardless of class.
Train:  Once an enemy is at critical, he automatically joins. Doesn't work on bosses, demons and apandas.
Monster Talk:  Allows you to talk to a monster, regardless of class.
Movement abilities:  None


Job Requirements: Level 3 Monk

The land is their weapon, they can cause many status ailments and are quite strong physically.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Elemental
Hell Ivy:  Damages plus stops the enemy.
Pitfall : Damages plus causes Don't Move.
Water Ball : Damages plus causes Frog.
Carve Model : Damages plus causes Petrify.
Local Quake : Damages plus causes Confusion.
Kamaitachi : Damages plus causes Don't Act.
Demon Fire : Damages plus causes Sleep.
Quicksand : Damages plus causes Death Sentence.
Sand Storm : Damages plus causes Darkness.
Blizzard : Damages plus causes Silence.
Gusty Wind : Damages plus causes Slow.
Lava Ball : Damages plus instantly kills.
Reaction abilities:
Counter Flood : Counter a physical attack with Elemental.
Support abilities:
Attack Up : Increases your attack power.
Movement abilities:
Any Ground : Allows you to move on rough terrain at same speed as normal.
Move on Lava : Allows you to walk on lava.

Lancer ( Dragoon )

Job Requirements: Level 3 Thief

They are very good, their Jump attack does a lot of damage, just make sure target's CT is below 50, or they might move out of the way before you land.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Jump
Level Jump 2:  Jump 2 panels away from your target.
Level Jump 3:  Jump 3 panels away from your target.
Level Jump 4:  Jump 4 panels away from your target.
Level Jump 5:  Jump 5 panels away from your target.
Level Jump 8:  Jump 8 panels away from your target.
Vertical Jump 2:  Jump 2 panels high.
Vertical Jump 3:  Jump 3 panels high.
Vertical Jump 4:  Jump 4 panels high.
Vertical Jump 5:  Jump 5 panels high.
Vertical Jump 6:  Jump 6 panels high.
Vertical Jump 7:  Jump 7 panels high.
Vertical Jump 8:  Jump 8 panels high.
Reaction abilities:
Dragon Spirit:  Get an automatic Reraise after getting hit, quite useful.
Support abilities:
Equip Spear:  Equip a spear, regardless of class.
Movement abilities:
Ignore Height:  Jump as high or drop down from very high, regardless of your jumping ability.


Job Requirements:  Level 3 Knight, Level 4 Monk, Level 2 Lancer

Very good fighters, their Draw out abilities are useful in most cases.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Draw Out
Asura : This sword causes damage to nearby enemies.
Koutetsu : Same as Asura, but stronger.
BizenBoat : Takes some enemy MP away when used.
Murasame:  Heal your teammates by lifting this sword high up.
Heaven's Cloud : A magical sword which damages plus adds Slow to the enemies.
Kiyomori:  Give your friends the Protect/Shell status with this sword. Very useful.
Murasama:  Let the ghosts in this sword harm your enemies, while giving them occasionally Confusion or Death Sentence status.
Kikuichimoji : A magic attack that hits in 4 directions.
Masamune : This gives you Regen and Haste. Very useful.
Chirijiraden : The strongest Draw Out skill, it causes lots of damage to the enemy.
Reaction abilities:
Blade Grasp:  If your character has a very high Brave, he/she will stop most physical attacks.
Meatbone Slash : When at critical, you'll deal a fatal blow to your attacker.
Support abilities:
Equip Knife : Allows you to equip katanas, regardless of class.
Two Hands : You'll attack with your weapon with your two hands, causing more damage.
Movement abilities:
Walk on Water : Allows you to walk on water as if it were land.


Job Requirements:  Level 4 Thief, Level 3 Archer, Level 2 Geomancer

Ninjas are truly the best fighters since they can hit twice and are very strong. Give them Equip Armor to make up for their lack of defense.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Throw
Ball:  Throw a Lighting, Fire or Ice ball that casts Bolt1, Fire1 or Ice1 respectively.
Shuriken:  Throw various types of shurikens.
Knife : Throw daggers.
Sword:  Throw swords. ( D'uh ! )
Hammer : Throw Flails.
Katana : Throw samurai swords.
Ninja Sword : Throw Ninja swords.
Axe : Throw axes.
Spear : Throw spears.
Stick : Throw sticks.
Dictionnary : Throw dictionnaries.
Knight Sword : Throw Knight swords.
Reaction abilities:
Sunken State : Become invisible after getting hit.
Abandon : Evade % goes up.
Support abilities:
Two Swords:  Attack twice like a ninja, regardless of class.
Movement abilities:
Move in Water : Allows you to move freely in water .


Job Requirements: Level 4 Priest, Level 4 Wizard, Level 3 Time Mage, Level 3 Oracle

The Calculator itself isn't useful, but it's abilities are, try a Summoner with Math Skills. Just make sure he/she has lots of White, Black and Time magics learned to make them your ultimate mage.
Abilities :
Action abilities : Math Skills
CT : Base the equations on CT.
Level : Base the equations on Level.
Exp : Base the equations on exp.
Height : Base the equations on Height.
Prime Number : Selects by prime number.
3 : Selects by multiple of 3.
4 : Selects by multiple of 4.
5 : Selects by multiple of 5.
Note : Before you can use Math Skills, you must at least learn a condition and number.
The first 4 abilities are conditions, the rest are numbers.
Reaction abilities :
Distribute : You members get some healing too when you are healed.
Damage Split : Your enemy will receive half the damage he did to you after he attacks you.
Support abilities :
Gained Exp. Up : Get more exp. than usual.
Movement abilities :
Move-Get Exp : Get extra exp by simply moving.
Move-Get Jp : Get extra jp by simply moving.

Bard ( Males only )

Job Requirements: Level 4 Summoner, Level 4 Mediator

I've only used them once, they simply use their songs to create positive effects on all your allies.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Sing
Angel Song : This song will restore some MP to all allies.
Life Song : This song restores HP instead.
Cheer Song : This song boosts your speed.
Battle Song : This will boost your attack in battle.
Magic Song : This will boost your magic power in battle.
Nameless Song:  Give your buddies Reraise, Regen, Protect and Wall.
Last Song:  Your friend's CT goes to 100 as soon as you sing this, giving them a good opportunity to smack some bad guys ^_^ .
Reaction abilities:
MA Save : Your magic power will go up after being attacked.
Face Up : Your Faith will go up after a magic attack hits you.
Support abilities:  None
Movement abilities:
Move+3 : Allows you to move 3 extra panels on the battlefield.
Fly : Allows you to fly over obstacles.

Dancer ( Females only )

Job Requirements:  Level 4 Lancer, Level 4 Geomancer

Now this one I like, not cuz she's cute  ^^ , but she's really helpful with the dances. They affect all the enemies, all negatively.
Abilities :
Action abilities:  Dance
Witch Hunt : Lowers enemy mp.
Wiznaibus : Lowers enemy hp.
Polka Polka : Lowers enemy physical power.
Disillusion : Lowers enemy magic power.
Slow Dance:  Use this dance to slow down all the enemies, the beauty part is that it even works on bosses.
Nameless Dance:  Cause random status problems to all enemies with this dance.
Last Dance:  The enemy's CT will reset to 0 when using this dance.
Reaction abilities:
A Save : Your physical power will go up after getting hit.
Brave Up : Your Brave will go up after being attacked physically.
Support abilities:  None
Movement abilities:
Jump+3 : Allows you to jump 3 times as high as normal.
Fly : Allows you to fly over obstacles.

Mime ( No picture available )

Job Requirements : Level 8 Squire, Level 8 Chemist, Level 4 Summoner,
Level 4 Mediator, Level 4 Geomancer and Level 4 Lancer.

They'll mimic their allies' every move, except the special skills such as Orlandu's Sword Skills or Mustadio's Snipe. They can fail their miming at times.

Abilities :
There are no abilities to learn, the job is mastered as you acquire it, pretty fun, eh ? ^_^


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