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Ramza Beoulve

The youngest son of the Heaven Knight, Balbanes Beoulve.  Ramza grew up in Igros with his brothers and sister.  When he was 16 or so, he had started in the Gariland Military Academy, to become a Knight.  He is the main character of Final Fantasy Tactics.

Delita Hyral

Delita is Ramza's best friend. Together they spent their childhood along with his little sister, Teta. Thanks to Ramza's father, he was accepted at the Gariland Military Academy. After a certain incident, we see a diffrent side of him....

Alma Beoulve

Alma is the youngest of the Beoulve children. She has been living in a convent for most of her life. She's always in a mood to cheer people up, especially her brother Ramza.

Zalbag Beoulve

Second born son of Balbanes, Zalbag is the leading general of the Hokuten ( Northern Sky Knights ). Unlike his older brother Dycedarg, Zalbag shows a caring side for Ramza.

Dycedarg Beoulve

Dycedarg is the oldest of the Beoulve children, he has become Prince Larg's assistant. But it seems he has his own intentions.....

Prince Larg

Ruler of Galionne, he commands the Hokuten Knights and wishes to become the King of Ivalice.  Little does he know that some of his servants are plotting against him...

Cidolfas Orlandu

The leading General of the Nanten ( Southern Sky Knights ). An old war veteran who knows the ways of the Holy Swordsman.
Serves under Prince Golthana of Zeltennia. He will join your team in Chapter 4 and he ALONE means the diffrence between victory and defeat.

Prince Golthana

Ruler of Zeltennia, he commands the Nanten and also wishes to be King of Ivalice. Although his fatal error is trusting a " someone "....

Agrias Oaks

A female Holy Knight, Agrias is the bodyguard of Princess Ovelia.  She will join you in Chapter two.  She is not as powerful as Orlandu, but she is still a worthy ally.

Princess Ovelia

The next in succession to the throne, Ovelia has spent most of her life in the same convent Alma was. She is later kidnapped, but will she be saved by Ramza and Co. ????


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