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Paladin Points

Get Dagger2
Light Torch6
Cross Pit15
Get Dark One's Sign6
Get Bonsai Bush15
Plant Bonsai Bush6
Answer first riddle2
Answer second riddle2
Answer third riddle2
Answer fourth riddle2
Answer fifth riddle2
Answer sixth riddle2
Enter Adventurers' Guild6
Sign Logbook2
Get Rope and Grapnel2
Read Climbing Book2
Use Exercise Machine2
Enter Dr. Cranium's House6
Identify Antwerp2
Trap Antwerp2
Solve maze6
Enter Dr. Cranium's Lab6
Give Healing Potion Formula2
Give Poison Cure Formula2
Tell Anna about ghosts6
Tell Nikolai about Anna6
Ask for Nikolai's Hat2
Get Rubber Chicken2
Get Elderberry Berries6
Find Baba Yaga's hut6
Give Hat to Bonehead6
Enter Baba Yaga's hut6
Make Bonemeal2
Get Grue Goo6
Give Elderberry Pie to Baba Yaga6
Give Good Humor Bar to Punny Bones15
Give Rehydration Solution Formula2
Open Monastery Door6
Rehydrate Dried Domovoi6
Enter Monastery Basement6
Rescue Igor15
Enter Gypsy Camp2
Have your fortune told2
Give Flowers to Rusulka6
Beat Janos's grave6
Kiss Rusulka15
Open Crypt Door6
Enter Castle through Crypt6
Give Doll to Tanya15
Restore Tanya's Life15
Capture Will o' Wisps6
Get Senses Ritual6
Find the Mad Monk's Tomb6
Get Bone Ritual2
Kill Wraith guarding Heart Ritual15
Return to the Dark One's Cave w/ Rituals15
Get Essence Ritual15
Perform Bone Ritual6
Escape from Bone Cave15
Perform Blood Ritual6
Escape from Blood Cave15
Perform Breath Ritual6
Escape from Breath Cave15
Perform Senses Ritual6
Escape from Senses Ritual15
Perform Heart Ritual6
Climb into Essence Cave6
Free Erana's Spirit50