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Ebon Hawk Gunner Station

This mini-game mostly happens randomly when traveling between planets. You will be attacked by sith fighters. The goal is to simply shoot them all down before your shields run out. Since they are slow moving and can be destroyed in a few hits, they are nothing to worry about. In fact the only way I've ever lost to them is by intentionally sitting around doing nothing. Yes they are that easy. To win easily just follow these instructions:

First off, start shooting as soon as possible (as in start shooting during the loading screen). Since the fighters are all bunched together right in front of you when you start out, this often takes out quite a few of them right off the bat. Usually you'll be able to take out all but two or three this way.

Second, don't shoot at the fighters, shoot where they are going. The easiest time to do this is to target them is when they are coming in to attack, or alternatively target them when they are flying away. Check out the radar in the bottom left corner to see where they are and target accordingly.

If you follow the above guidelines this mini-game should pose little problem.

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