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Shops on Kashyyyk

All stores sell items at 100% of their base cost, and buy items from you at 25% of their base cost unless otherwise noted.

Eli Gand's Outpost
Middle of the Czerka Landing Port
Advanced Medpac  infinite 
Medpac infinite
Security Spike infinite
Reinforced Fiber Armor 2
Military Suit infinite
Heavy Combat Suit infinite
Combat Suit infinite
Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor 1
Battle Armor 1
Light Battle Armor 1
Bothan Sensory Visor 1
Breath Mask infinite
Neural Band 1
Strength Gauntlets 1
Arkanian Energy Shield 1
Sith Energy Shield 2
Energy Shield 5
Electrical Capacitance Shield 1
Sound Dampening Stealth Unit 1
Adrenaline Amplifier 1
Cardio-Regulator 1
Stealth Field Generator 1
Cyber Reaction System 1
Hyper-Battle Stimulant 1
Hyper-Adrenal Strength 1
Hyper-Adrenal Alacrity 1
Hyper-Adrenal Stamina 1
Gizka Poison* infinite
* Quest Item.
Not available after you aid Freyyr or
convince Matton to let the store die.
Otherwise Matton takes over.

Czerka Weapons Store
East of the Czerka Landing Port
Bothan Stun Stick 1
Heavy Blaster 2
Sonic Pistol 2
Disruptor Pistol 2
Ion Blaster 2
Blaster Pistol 2
Bothan Discord Gun 1
Blaster Cannon 2
Bowcaster 2
Blaster Rifle 2
Plasma Grenade 5
Adhesive Grenade 5
CryoBan Grenade 5
Ion Grenade 5
Poison Grenade 5
Sonic Grenade 5
Frag Grenade  infinite 
Concussion Grenade 5
Average Flash Mine 5
Average Frag Mine 5
Average Plasma Mine 5
Average Gas Mine 5
Vibration Cell 1
Not available after you aid Freyyr.

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