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Alphabetical Armor List

Adrenaline Amplifier
Adrenaline Stimulator
Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier
Advanced Agent Interface
Advanced Alacrity Implant
Advanced Aural Amplifier
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant
Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Mask
Advanced Combat Implant
Advanced Computer Tool
Advanced Droid Interface
Advanced Sensory Implant
Advanced Stabilizer Gloves
Advanced Stealth Unit
Advanced Targeting Computer
Arkanian Bond Armor
Arkanian Energy Shield
Aural Amplifier
Baragwin Droid Shield
Baragwin Shadow Armor
Baragwin Stealth Unit
Basic Targeting Computer
Battle Armor
Bavakar Cardio Package
Bavakar Memory Chip
Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package
Beemon Package
Bio-Antidote Package
Biotech Package
Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit
Bothan Demolitions Probe
Bothan Machinist Gloves
Bothan Perception Visor
Bothan Sensory Visor
Breath Mask
Brejik's Arm Band
Brejik's Belt
Brejik's Gloves
Bronzium Light Battle Armor
Calo Nord's Battle Armor
Calrissian's Utility Belt
Cardio Package
Cardio Power System
Cassus Fett's Battle Armor
Cinnagar Plate Armor
Cinnagar War Suit
Cinnagar Weave Armor
Circlet of Saresh
CNS Strength Enhancer
Combat Sensor
Combat Suit
Composite Heavy Plating
Computer Probe
Cyber Reaction System
Dark Jedi Knight Robe
Dark Jedi Master Robe
Dark Jedi Robe
Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor
Darth Revan's Robes
Davik's Visor
Davik's War Suit
Demoltions Sensor
Dominator Gauntlets
Droid Heavy Plating Type 1
Droid Heavy Plating Type 2
Droid Heavy Plating Type 3
Droid Light Plating Type 1
Droid Light Plating Type 2
Droid Light Plating Type 3
Droid Medium Plating Type 1
Droid Medium Plating Type 2
Droid Medium Plating Type 3
Droid Motion Sensors Type 1
Droid Motion Sensors Type 2
Droid Motion Sensors Type 3
Droid Search Scope Type 1
Droid Search Scope Type 2
Droid Search Scope Type 3
Droid Sonic Sensors Type 1
Droid Sonic Sensors Type 2
Droid Sonic Sensors Type 3
Durasteel Heavy Armor
Echani Battle Armor
Echani Dueling Shield
Echani Fiber Armor
Echani Light Armor
Echani Shield
Electrical Capacitance Shield
Energy Shield
Energy Shield Level 1
Energy Shield Level 2
Energy Shield Level 3
Environment Shield Level 1
Environment Shield Level 2
Environment Shield Level 3
Environmental Bastion Armor
Eriadu Prototype Armor
Eriadu Stealth Unit
Eriadu Strength Amplifier
Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit
GenoHaradan Mesh Armor
GenoHaradan Power Gloves
GenoHaradan Stealth Unit
GenoHaradan Visor
Gordulan Reaction System
Heavy Battle Armor
Heavy Combat Suit
Heavy Exoskeleton
Heavy Targetting Optics
Infiltrator Gloves
Interface Band
Interface Visor
Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor
Jedi Knight Robe
Jedi Master Robe
Jedi Robe
Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit
Karakan Gauntlets
Krath Heavy Armor
Krath Holy Battle Suit
Light Battle Armor
Light Exoskeleton
Light-Scan Visor
Mandalorian Armor
Mandalorian Assault Armor
Mandalorian Battle Armor
Mandalorian Heavy Armor
Mandalorian Melee Shield
Mandalorian Power Shield
Marka Ragnos' Gauntlets
Massassi Ceremonial Armor
Medical Interface Visor
Memory Package
Military Suit
Motion Detection Goggles
Navardan Regenerator
Nerve Amplifier Belt
Nerve Enhancement Package
Neural Band
Pistol Targetting Optics
Power Belt
Powered Battle Armor
Powered Light Battle Armor
Qel-Droma Robes
Reinforced Fiber Armor
Republic Mod Armor
Response Package
Retinal Combat Implant
Sand People Clothing
Security Decryption Interface
Security Domination Interface
Security Interface Tool
Sensor Probe
Sith Armor
Sith Energy Shield
Sith Mask
Sith Power Gauntlets
Sith Regenerator
Sonic Nullifiers
Sound Dampening Stealth Unit
Stabilizer Gauntlets
Stabilizer Mask
Star Forge Robes
Stealth Field Enhancer
Stealth Field Generator
Stealth Field Reinforcement
Strength Gauntlets
Superior Targeting Computer
Teta's Royal Band
Thermal Shield Generator
Tulak Hord's Mask
Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit
Universal Computer Interface
Vacuum Mask
Verpine Bond Gauntlets
Verpine Cardio-Regulator
Verpine Demolitions Probe
Verpine Fiber Mesh
Verpine Headband
Verpine Ocular Enhancer
Verpine Prototype Shield
Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh
Yusanis' Dueling Shield
Zabrak Battle Armor
Zabrak Combat Suit
Zabrak Field Armor

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