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Derived Statistics

Throughout this shrine, as well as throughout the game you will come across commonly used terms that indicate different vital statistics about your Characters. Without an understanding of the what these mean it can be difficult to determine the worth of raising or improving these stats. These stats are derived from a combination of different things such as class, attributes, and feats. Know that this game is mostly derived from the d20 system, but there are various exceptions to that. These terms will be defined along with their uses in game.

VP: This is short for Vitality Points. This stat is the same as HP in other games, and indicates the current health of the character. Once this drops to zero your Character is knocked unconscious. If all members of your party are knocked out the game ends. As VP does not naturally heal it is important to heal when you have the chance. This is vital for survival, and raising it is important. Fortunately VP rises with level making any extra effort to raise this unnecessary as long as you have good AC, to protect you from damage. The Constitution attribute and Toughness feats increase VP as well.

FP: This is short for Force Points. This stat is the same as mana in other games, and indicates how much they are able to spend to cast force powers. Force points only regenerate out of battle, unless you have equipment that specifically grants force point regeneration which also works in the heat of battle. This is a good thing seeing that there is no other means of restoring spent FP. Once this reaches zero you are unable to cast any more Force Powers until they regenerate. While it is important for all Jedi, this is vital for Consulars as their power comes from their force powers. If you are low on FP and know you have an upcoming battle you may wish to rest or wait until it regenerates. Gaining Jedi levels increases your maximum FP as does Wisdom and Charisma.

Attack Bonus: This stat does not indicate Damage dealt, but rather the how adept you are at hitting the enemy. When you attack you take your attack bonus and add a random number between 1 and 20. If this number exceeds the enemies AC stat, damage is applied to them. This is a vital stat for combat oriented characters. If your attack bonus is low the amount of average damage you deal per round lowers greatly, making defeating foes very difficult. Unlike other games based on the D20 system, an increase in Attack bonus does not grant extra attacks in this game. Attack can be raised by increasing Strength or Dexterity depending upon weapon selection. Certain weapons and lightsaber crystals, as well as feats will also raise this stat.

AC: This is short for Armor Class and represents your defensive capabilities. This does not directly reduce damage received, rather it lowers the chance of being hit in the first place. The mechanics of this is detailed under "Attack Bonus" above. This is an important stat for all characters, for with a low AC you will be hit constantly and soon die. Armor, Dexterity, and feats increase this.

Damage Reduction: When hit, this reduces the amount of damage you take by a fixed amount. Toughness and Wookie Toughness increase this generally, while Energy resistance increase this for specific types of damage

DC: This is short for Difficulty Class and represents the difficulty in completing a task or in resisting effects. There are several types or DC, such as Skill DC and Save DC. Look in respective sections for more information.

Saves: Whenever you are targeted by a non-beneficial force power or some other effect, such as grenades, you add a random number from 1 to 20 to your save and compare it to the DC of the effect. If your save is successful, you reduce or negate the consequences of that effect. All saves are increased with force powers and the Conditioning feat. There are three different broad categories of saves which are outlined below:
Fortitude: In general poison or health related effects have a fortitude save. Increased by Constitution.
Reflex: In general area effects and those that can be dodged or avoided fall under this category. Increased by Dexterity
Will: In general mind effects and derivatives thereof fall in this category. Increased by Wisdom.
Saving throws are important, as they are the only way of defending oneself against certain effects, and can help negate damage entirely. Think of it as a type of armor versus force powers. All classes should try to increase these to help protect against negative status ailments.

These are some of the basic stats available to a character. If I have missed anything please let me know and I will add it to this list.

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