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Choosing your Force Powers

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Offensive Powers

These force powers are crux of a Jedi Consulars offensive prowess. I would recommend taking at least one force power tree in this category and maxing it for all Jedi. Consulars should take several, whereas most other characters won't have enough powers to do so.

Stun Droid - Disable Droid - Destroy Droid
Base Cost: 10
Stun Droid Info: Targeted droid is immobilized and damaged for an amount equal to the caster's level. Reflex save reduces damage by half, and negates immobilization.
Disable Droid Info: Adds area affect of 5 meters around target droid.
Destroy Droid Info: Damage increased to 1-6 damage per level of the caster, and area affect increased to 6 meters.

Light sided and Neutral Consulars really should take this power, as it will help them greatly in some key areas (Boss battles even). Otherwise you most likely won't have enough force powers to go around, and should invest elsewhere. Droids are pretty easy to defeat in combat, and so only Consulars are likely to have any problem with them.

Force Push - Force Whirlwind - Force Wave
Base Cost: 10
Force Push Info: Target is pushed 5 meters, stunned, and damaged for an amount equal to the caster's level. Reflex save reduces damage by half and negates stun effect.
Force Whirlwind Info: Target is immobilized and damaged for an amount equal to one third the caster's level every two seconds for twelve seconds. Reflex Save negates.
Force Wave Info: All targets within 15 meters of caster are thrown 5 meters, stunned, and damaged for an amount equal to one and a half times the caster's level. Reflex save reduces damage by half and negates stun effect.

I give this line of force powers to all of my main characters, as it is a universal force power with considerable potential. While force push is not all that useful, Force whirlwind is as is it only one of two force powers to be able to immobilize Jedi Sentinels, something which force wave cannot do. Once it reaches force wave it will be the main offensive force power for Light sided Consulars, but is useful for all characters due to the chance to stun your target making melee combat much easier. With 30 damage per hit to all targets before saves, it is second only to force storm in multi-target damage potential, and if you consider the stun effect, it can be even more useful than force storm at times. If you have three Jedi in your party cast it at the same time, that's up to 90 damage to every character in range, making it very nice for crowd control. Max this out if at all possible.

Throw Lightsaber - Advanced Throw Lightsaber
Base Cost: 20
Throw Lightsaber Info: Causes unblockable damage to target for an amount equal to 1 - 6 for every two levels of the caster. Target must be at least 5 meters away. No save granted.
Adavnced Throw Lightsaber Info: Increases number of targets to three. Each target must be at least 5 meters away from the others.

This force power seems rather useless, but it can be of some use for lightsided Consulars, as it is the only universal force power to do concentrated damage to a single target. It allows for no save and force immunity cannot block it, further increasing its usefulness. This means that it is especially useful on Korriban, where creatures that are resistant to force powers are common. This can be a useful boss-killing move for light-sided Jedi. Too bad that your actual lightsaber has no effect on the damage. Note that it does energy damage, and is therefore subject to be blocked by energy shields. Do not upgrade it to advanced throw lightsaber, as it does not increase damage, but rather the number of targets, and as each target must fulfill the same requirements it often fails to do additional damage.

Wound - Choke - Kill
Base Cost: 15
Wound Info: Target is immobilized and damaged for an amount equal to two thirds the caster's level every two seconds for six seconds. Fortitude save negates. Does not effect droids.
Choke Info: Adds a -4 penalty to the target for 24 seconds.
Kill Info: Damage changed to a total of half the targets VP over 6 seconds. Fortitude save negates choke effect, but causes immediate damage equal to caster's level.

This is the most powerful single-target force power in the game. It is the only other force power able to immobilize Jedi Sentinels, if they fail their fortitude save. All non-light Consulars should take this force power, as it is a guaranteed death if it hits twice (unless the game script kicks in that is). Even upon failure it still does your level worth of damage, so it is worth every FP to cast. The only weakness of this power is that it only targets individuals. Use other powers for crowd control. As it can debilitate even those immune to mind affecting powers, I give this to my scoundrels who are built to do sneak attacks.

Shock - Force Lightning - Force Storm
Base Cost: 20
Shock Info: Target is damaged for an amount equal to 1 - 6 for every level of the caster up to 10. Will save reduces damage by half.
Force Lightning Info: Targets all directly in front of the caster within 16 meters.
Force Storm Info: Targets all those within 10 meters of selected target, and also damages force points.

This would be the most powerful force power to use against crowds, especially crowds of dark Jedi. When this power is maxed out, it does damage to both VP and FP, quickly sucking the enemy dry of their FP. Of course they are dead soon thereafter, so it doesn't matter as much, but still it is nice. Even without upgrades this does an average of 35 damage before saves though only to a single target, at level ten. This means that you hit your maximum damage potential much sooner than other force powers making it very useful from early in the game. Usually I cast a force wave to stun the enemy followed by force lightning until everyone drops, which tears through any crowds in the game with ease. Max this out for all your non-light Consulars.

Drain Life - Death Field
Base Cost: 20
Drain Life Info: Target is damaged for an amount equal to 1 - 4 for every level of the caster up to 10, and heals the caster an equivalent amount. Will save reduces damage by half.
Death Field Info: Target is changed to area effect within ten meters of the caster. Amount healed is equal to highest damage roll.

This force power can be very useful and is vital for all darksiders. This is not just for healing purposes, and all non-light Jedi should take one tier of this force power. Death field is not quite as useful, and so should not be prioritized. While Death field does have an area effect, usually if you are so swarmed you'll want to push them away using force wave, rather than using death field. Your first priority is to stop taking more damage, and Death field isn't quite as useful in that regard. All dark Jedi really need this to keep their health up so make sure you take it as soon as possible for them. All other Jedi will want to save taking this force power for last.


Support Powers

Your main character is in the greatest need of buffs, as they are always going to be in your party, so you should consider having one line of such force powers for you Jedi. For darksiders it is probably better to give these force powers to your companions and have them cast it on you where possible. These buffs are what give power to the light side.

Cure - Heal
Base Cost: 25
Cure Info: All friendly targets within 15 meters of caster healed for 5 + Wisdom and Charisma Modifiers + Level of caster. Does not cure droids.
Heal Info: Increased healed amount to 10 + bonuses. Also cures poisoned status.

This is essential and one or two Jedi in your party should have this force power available at all times. This power will literally save your characters life time and again. All non-dark Jedi will want to get this as soon as possible. Your main Jedi will not need to upgrade it, but he may want to just in case. Dark Jedi may want to choose other powers first until they have a large enough FP pool to be able to cast this, as the cost can be so high so as to only allow one or two castings before running out of FP at lower levels.

Force Aura - Force Shield - Force Armor
Base Cost: 15
Force Aura Info: Grants +2 bonus to AC and saving throws for 20 seconds to caster. Stacks with Valor.
Force Shield Info: Bonus increased to +4.
Force Armor Info: Bonus increased to +6.

This force power is semi-useful, and is an OK choice for tanks, but the short duration really hurts its potential. It cannot be cast by others on you, which makes its usefulness even lower. I still often choose this power for my light-sided combat oriented Jedi characters, simply because I don't use other force powers to attack. I usually take this force power tree last though, so that I can change my mind on whether I want to take it or not.

Force Valor - Knight Valor - Master Valor
Base Cost: 20
Force Valor Info: Grants +2 bonus to all attributes and saving throws for 20 seconds to all allies.
Knight Valor Info: Bonus increased to +3 points and grants poison immunity.
Master Valor Info: Bonus increased to +5 points.

This is a very useful and very valuable force power. Immunity to poison being one of the lesser benefits, this force power is the only way grant a bonus to charisma, as there is no equipment available to raise that attribute. Also it is one of the few means of raising intelligence as there is also only one piece of equipment available to raise it, and that item is only available along a sub-quest that gives dark side points. This bonus can help increase skills by those few crucial points needed, or more practically, it can be cast in battle, to make one do more damage.

The saving throws actually increase by more than the stated amount, since a bonus to attributes also grant a bonus to saving throws as well, meaning that you can gain upwards of +8 to your saving throws, if the attributes are odd. Even though it only lasts a short time, casting it affects the entire party so you can get others to cast if for you. The AI does so very often if you set it to Jedi support.

There are points in the game where you cannot fight with your allies, so I like having this on my main character as he or she is always in the party. Having multiple casters with this ability can help as you can switch who casts it when in the heat of combat. With this force power, along with the right equipment it is entirely possible to get either your strength or dexterity bonus up +20 (maximum bonus cap). This can make your characters very powerful. Darksiders can rely on their companions to cast it for them for the most part, since there are only very rare occasions when you cannot have them with you.

Burst of Speed - Knight Speed - Master Speed
Base Cost: 20
Burst of Speed Info: Doubles movement speed of the caster and adds 2 AC for 36.
Knight Speed Info: AC bonus increased to 4 points and adds an extra attack to the main hand.
Master Speed Info: Adds a second attack to the main hand.

Luckily for darksiders, this power is universal, as it is the most powerful force power for combat oriented Jedi. The two extra attacks it grants only apply to the main hand, but even then with an offhand weapon and with flurry it can push up your attacks per round up to 5! This is the main reason why the game gets so much easier later on, the damage you do can be powerful enough to take most foes out in a single round. This is a definite must for all combat oriented Jedi. Usually I take the first tier of this power even for my Consulars, as the increased movement speed is useful for running around. It can help escape enemies if they are closing in on you. Even dual blaster wielding Jedi should max out this power as long as they use rapid shot. Sometimes the blur effect can bet annoying, but you can turn that off in the graphics options if you change the framebuffer option to off. Beware that this removes quite a few effects from the game, so I only use it when I'm running around in town, to get rid of that annoying blur.

Force Resistance - Force Immunity
Base Cost: 20
Force Resistance Info: Gives caster protection from force powers. Attacking Jedi must make an attack roll of D20 + level, VS DC of 10 + Defender level. Attacker success bypasses Force protection, but defender still may make saving throw. Does not protect against throw lightsaber attack. Lasts for 60 seconds.
Force Immunity Info: Defender DC is increased to 15 + Defender Level.

Another useful force power, allowing you to effectively resist a force power twice. Once through this power, and a second time through your save. One tier is usually enough, but you may take both tiers if you wish, to increase protection. I get this for all of my Jedi, but usually save it for later in the game when I start facing dark Jedi as opponents. Early on it doesn't help at all against Kath hounds and such.

Energy Resistance - Improved Energy Resistance
Base Cost: 10
Energy Resistance Info: Protects caster against the first 15 points of all elemental damage for 120 seconds.
Improved Energy Resistance Info: Protects all allies, and adds poison immunity.

I believe that this also protects against energy damage even though it does not mention it in the description by watching the feedback menu. This is a good power that I like to give to one of my companions. Since it lasts a very long time there is little need to cast it often, you can get away with not getting it yourself. Just have them cast it before an upcoming battle, and it will last through several. Even when you cannot have your companions along with you if you cast it before that happens its long duration makes it less necessary to have with you. Still if you really wish, and you have extra powers left over, or you are playing solo it is a good power to have.


Status Powers

These debilitating powers exist to make your life easier, and make the enemies life much harder. While none of these do damage directly, some can be helpful in debilitating them long enough to take them out easily.

Stun - Stasis - Stasis Field
Base Cost: 20
Stun Info: Stuns opponent for 9 seconds. Fortitude save negates stun, but target is still slowed.
Stasis Info: Duration increased to 12 seconds.
Stasis Field Info: Adds area effect of 10 meters to target.

This is a good choice for Consulars and scoundrels, allowing for great crowd control and for disabling the enemy. This power is better than the dark side variant Fear, as even upon saving the enemy is slowed, while the dark side variant is negated by a save. Another benefit of this power is that even those immune to mind affecting powers (of which there are quite a few) are still affected by this power. Other light sided Jedi who have powers left over and are having a hard time taking the enemy down may want to take this. Usually for non-Consulars I just give it to one of the NPC's, as they have more powers available, and can cast it as well as you can.

Force Suppression - Force Breach
Base Cost: 25
Force Suppresion Info: Strips positive effects granted by first and second tier force powers.
Force Breach Info: Strips all positive effects granted by any force powers.

While this seems like a useful force power, there is only one circumstance where it really becomes useful, at the very very end. For the majority of the game it is useless. Usually when you have Jedi enemies, they come in groups, making it easier to just kill them all, before you can remove all of their buffs. In reality the dark Jedi seldom use buffs, as many are light sided powers. The only one I see them cast often is force immunity which would be nice to remove. Consulars may want to take two tiers of this (take it last) to help against difficult battles, but for melee builds I would just stick to hacking them with my lightsaber.

Slow - Affliction - Plague
Base Cost: 15
Slow Info: Target suffers a -2 penalty to AC, reflex saves, and attack for 30 seconds. Will save negates. Does not affect droids.
Affliction Info: Target is also poisoned and suffers an a -1 to all physical attributes (str, dex, con) which increases over 21 seconds to -7. Fortitude save of 20 negates.
Plague Info: Poison is more virulent, increasing penalty to -1 to all physical attributes increasing over 12 seconds to -12. No fortitude save allowed.

Dark consulars will want to max this out, as it can be of great help against difficult battles. Plague is useful when facing one or two powerful enemies, rather than a large bunch of them, and works well in taking down a boss with the Choke line of powers. This is a force power I either max out or ignore entirely. This is a non-vital power for making your battles easier, and as such should be placed lower on the priority list.

Fear - Horror - Insanity
Base Cost: 10
Fear Info: Target cowers in fear for 6 seconds. Will save negates.
Horror Info: Adds area affect of 5 meters around target and duration increased to 12 seconds.
Insanity Info: Area affect increased to 10 meters.

Usually I do not get this power as sentinels are immune, and it does no damage. If I want to disable the enemy I would rather use Force wave and do damage while I am at it. Rather, I would give one of my companions Stasis Field, and have them cast that instead, as it has an added benefit of slowing the enemy even if they save. Also there are many enemies immune to mind affecting powers, meaning this power has limited usage later on. The only benefit that it possibly has over Stasis is against enemies that have a high fortitude save, and a low will save. Against such enemies Insanity has a better chance of working. Dark sided scoundrels who are combat oriented may want to take this to give them another option of debilitating the enemy to be able to perform sneak attack damage on them.


Miscellaneous Powers

Affect Mind - Dominate Mind
Base Cost: 0
Affect Mind Info: Adds dialogue options.
Dominate Mind Info: Some dialogue options that do not work with affect mind will work.

This force power is entirely unnecessary as most of the dialog options opened up by this are still available with persuade. It is a fun power though, and your Jedi companions may berate you if you use it unwisely. Most of the time though they are merely complaining and it will not get you dark side points. I like having more options in my dialogs, so I get one tier of it anyways. The few dialogue options that cannot be affected with the first tier are outlined in the dialog section of the walk-through. A second tier of this power is unnecessary, and will only get you more money or save you money, which there is already plenty of in the game. If you do get dominate mind try using it on the Selkath Guard when you threaten the Sith woman in Ahto East for some fun.

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