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There are six categories of weapons that do five types of damage. What category of weapon you will be best with is based on your skill level. The categories are: unarmed (which can be modified with gloves), melee, throwing, small guns, big guns, and energy weapons. The types of damage these weapons can inflict are: normal, laser, flame, plasma, and explode.

Normal damage covers bullets, shells, cutting instruments, blunt force, and HTH attacks.
Laser covers, laser weapons such as the laser pistol, rifle, and gatling laser.
Fire is damage from a flamer or molotov cocktail.
Plasma is damage from a plasma pistol, rifle, or grenade.
Explode is damage from any explosive weapon like a rocket launcher or fragmentation grenade.

You are still able to use weapons you are not skilled in, but because you are not as competent in firing and maintaining those types of weapons, your accuracy will suffer. Your skill level will not modify damage done by a weapon. The muscle operated weapons, unarmed, melee, and thrown will change their distance or damage based on your strength stat, while firearms may get a damage or piercing modifier based on the ammo used. Skill level will only modify accuracy. All weapon weights are assuming an unloaded weapon, and the AP cost for reloading any weapon is 2.


All unarmed damage is assuming a Strength of 10.

UnarmedDamage RangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
Rock1-4-3 Unarmed/4 Aimed Unarmed-11
Brass Knuckles2-10-3 Unarmed/4 Aimed Unarmed-11
Spiked Knuckles4-15-3 Unarmed/4 Aimed Unarmed-11
Power Fist12-29-3 Unarmed/4 Aimed Unarmed25:Small Energy Cells71

The rock can also be used as a throwing weapon.


All melee damage is assuming a Strength of 10. All AP costs are for melee actions only, not throwing with the same weapon. Melee weapons are arranged according to damage but check AP as well. For example: The sledgehammer does more damage than the combat knife, but the combat knife requires 1 less AP making it the better weapon.

MeleeDamage RangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
Knife1-11-3 Swing/4 Aimed Swing/3 Thrust/4 Aimed Thrust-12
Club1-11-3 Swing/4 Aimed Swing-33
Throwing Knife3-6-4 Swing/5 Aimed Swing-13
Crowbar3-15-4 Swing/5 Aimed Swing-55
Spear3-1524 Thrust/5 Aimed Thrust-44
Combat Knife3-15-3 Swing/4 Aimed Swing/3 Thrust/ Aimed Thrust-22
Sledgehammer4-1424 Swing/5 Aimed Swing/5 Thrust/6 Aimed Thrust-126
Cattle Prod12-25-4 Swing/5 Aimed Swing20:Small Energy Cells34
Ripper15-37-4 Swing/5 Aimed Swing30:Small Energy Cells24
Super Sledge18-4123 Swing/4 Aimed Swing/4 Thrust/5 Aimed Thrust-125

The spear and throwing knife can also be used as throwing weapons.


All thrown weapons are assuming a Strength of 10. All AP costs are for throwing actions only, not melee with the same weapon. When you throw a weapon if you have a duplicate in your inventory, that item will be added to your active item slot at no penalty.

ThrowingDamage RangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
Rock1-4154 Throw/5 Aimed ThrowItself11
Throwing Knife3-6165 Throw/6 Aimed ThrowItself13
Spear3-15?6 Throw/7 Aimed ThrowItself44
Molotov Cocktail8-20125 ThrowItself13
Fragmentation Grenade20-35154 ThrowItself13
Pulse Grenade100-150154 ThrowItself14
Plasma Grenade40-90154 ThrowItself14

The rock can also be used as an unarmed weapon; the throwing knife and spear can be used as melee weapons. The pulse grenade only affects robots

Small Guns

The type of ammo used may modify gun damage. The damage for burst weapons may look unimpressive but keep in mind they will fire multiple rounds. Most of the burst weapons have pathetic single fire modes; you may want to keep a short-range burst weapon in one hand and a long-range single shot weapon in the other. Guns are organized by type (pistols, SMG's, shotguns rifles).

Small GunsDamage RangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
9mm Mauser5-10225 Single/6 Aimed Single5:9mm ball53
10mm Pistol5-12255 Single/6 Aimed Single12:10mm33
Desert Eagle10-16255 Single/6 Aimed Single8:44 Magnum44
14mm Pistol12-22245 Single/6 Aimed Single6:14mm44
.223 Pistol20-30305 Single/6 Aimed Single5:.22355
10mm SMG5-12255 Single/6 Aimed Single/6 Burst30:10mm54
Shotgun12-22145 Single/6 Aimed Single2:12ga. shells54
Combat Shotgun15-25225 Single/6 Aimed Single/6 Burst12:12ga. shells105
Red Ryder BB Gun1-3225 Single/6 Aimed Single100:BB's53
Hunting Rifle8-20405 Single/6 Aimed Single10:.22395
Assault Rifle8-16455 Single/6 Aimed Single/6 Burst24:5mm75
Sniper Rifle14-35506 Single/7 Aimed Single6:.22395
LE Red Ryder BB Gun25324 Single/5 Aimed Single100:BB's53

The BB gun is an Easter Egg from "Christmas Story" it may get an increased chance to shoot out an eye, and the hunting and sniper rifle may get increased chances to hit (unconfirmed)

Big Guns

Big guns do obscene amounts of damage to lightly armored creatures, but I would not suggest specializing in them unless you have very high strength. The guns are heavy and require a high strength stat to wield, and you need to be strong enough to carry around the very heavy and very expensive ammo required of them.

Big GunsDamage RangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
Minigun7-11356 Burst120:5mm287
Flamer45-9056 Burst5:Flamethrower Fuel186
Rocket Launcher35-100406 Single1 Rocket156

If the minigun looks really weak at first glance, keep in mind it fires 40 times per burst. I strongly advise against using the rocket launcher at close range, the result will not be pretty.

Energy Weapons

These are generally the most powerful weapons in the game. Energy weapon damage is not modified by the type of ammo used like other weapons. Remember laser and plasma weapons do different types of damage.

Energy Weapons DamageRangeAP AmmoWeight Min.Str
Laser Pistol10-22355 Single/6 Aimed Single12:Small Energy Cells43
Laser Rifle25-50455 Single/6 Aimed Single12:Micro Fusion Cells126
Gatling Laser20-40406 Burst30:Micro Fusion Cells246
Plasma Pistol15-35205 Single/6 Aimed Single16:Small Energy Cells44
Plasma Rifle30-65255 Single/6 Aimed Single10:Micro Fusion Cells126
Turbo Plasma Rifle35-70354 Single/5 Aimed Single10:Micro Fusion Cells176
Alien Blaster30-90104 Single/5 Aimed Single30:Small Energy Cells22

Again, keep in mind the gatling laser is a burst weapon and the amount of damage it does is misleading. In general plasma weapons do more damage at the cost of less range, the choice is up to you, but the turbo plasma rifle will probably be your best weapon. I have not determined if the alien blaster does laser or plasma damage, if you have info on this please e-mail me.