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Vault 13
Shady Sands
Vault 15
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Military Base

Keep in mind you may visit the cities in any order; skip around the walkthrough to find the city you wish to visit next.The experience values for each quest are the amount received for finishing the quest only. While completing the quest you may be awarded additional XP for kills.

You begin in a cave filled with rats, sparsely armed and inexperienced. Start by stripping the bones next to you for items. To kill the rats use whatever weapon you are most skilled with at this point: your pistol, a knife, or your fists. You can click on the computer next to the vault door but they will not let you back in. If you return after a few days you may enter your vault, but for now head towards the bottom left until you find the exit, walk onto the brown exit grid to enter the wasteland. Welcome to Fallout.

Vault 13

You begin in the cave outside Vault 13, you cannot enter it right now but if you return in a few days you can explore the vault.


1. Find the water chip: This is the whole point of the game; you have 150 days before the vault dies. 250 if you ask the water merchants to supply your vault. See Necropolis for info on getting the chip.
2. Stop the water thief: If you talk to the guard outside the supply room he will tell you that someone attacked him to steal water. If you wait until midnight on the third floor a suspicious looking vault dweller will show up. If you are not in his sight he will enter the storage room and steal water. Confront and search him, he may come quietly or he may fight you, forcing you to kill him. If you retrieve the water chip this quest will no longer be available. 1000 XP for arresting him, 500 XP for killing him.
3. Stop the rebel faction: Theresea is on the second floor, she is the leader of a group a vault dwellers that want to leave the vault. Go to her room and convince her that the overseer is just watching out for their safety. If you find the water chip this quest will no longer be available. 750 XP
4. Destroy the vats: You will receive this quest after retrieving the chip. See The Military Base for instructions on how to complete this.
10,000 XP 5. Kill the Master: You will receive this quest after retrieving the chip. See The Cathedral for instructions on how to complete this.

10,000 XP Notes

1. The medic on floor one can heal you.
2. You can ask the guard outside the storage room on floor two for permission to take supplies.
3. You can convince the security guard on floor two, to allow you access to the weapons chamber.
4. Talk to the Overseer several times and he you can convince him to give you ammo and healing supplies.
5. On the third floor in the bottom left, use your science skill on the learning computer for experience.

Shady Sands

On your way from Vault 13 to Vault 15 you will stumble across a small village, this is Shady Sands.


1. There is a woman standing near the entrance named Katrina. She will give you hints about the game; ask her everything she can tell you. 250 XP
2. Stop Radscorpions: Ask Seth or Aradesh about the radscorpions. Seth can take you to their caves. You have two ways to complete this quest. 1. Kill them: his nets you 500 XP plus the XP for the kills. Do not attempt this right away with no equipment and no help. At least wait until you've explored Vault 15. 2. If you examine the walls near the entrance you will notice they seem weak. Activate some dynamite (you can find some in Vault 15) drop it near the wall and run away, the blast will cause the ceiling to cave in, trapping the radscorpions. 1250 XP
3. In the eastern area of Shady Sands you will find a farmer, ask him what he is doing, and then tell him about crop rotation. If your intelligence isn't high enough use the "ask about" command and type in "crop rotation". 500 XP
4. In the lower left building you will find Razlo the town doctor. Ask him about radscorpions and give him a radscorpion tail (you can find one by searching dead radscorpions). He will make an antidote and give you a free sample. 250 XP
5. In the back room of Razlo's home is a sick man, use an antidote on him to heal him. 400 XP
6. Recruit Ian: In the northeast house in the main area you will find Ian (he's the guy that looks different from everyone else). You can chat with him for a bit and ask him to join you. You can either pay him 100 caps (and then steal them back once he joins you), or if your speech skill and charisma are high enough you can offer him a piece of the action and he will join you for free. 100 XP
7. If you return to Shady Sands several days after completing all the other quests and talk to Seth or Aradesh they will tell you Tandi has been kidnapped by raiders. Tell Aradesh you will save her and he will give you a spear. See the Raiders section for instructions on rescuing Tandi. 400 XP $500


1. You will need to get a rope here to fully explore Vault 15. You can steal one off Seth or barter with him for it, or in the southern part of the gardens there is a small shack with a rope inside.
2. Razlo can heal you for a fee.
3. Both Razlo's house and the house north of Razlo's contain bookshelves with books in them. To get Razlo's book you may have to steal it.
After you get the quest to rescue Tandi, talk to Razlo and he will give you a couple of stimpacks.
5. Ian can give you directions to the Hub and Junktown.
6. Be sure to talk to Tandi, Aradesh, and Seth.

Vault 15

Make sure you have a rope before coming here, if you don't have a rope you can fine one in Shady Sands.


1. Find the buried command center on level 3. 500 XP


1. To move from floor to floor use a rope on the elevators.
2. Items are lying on the ground or in lockers here, be sure to search all the lockers.
3. On the far left room on floor two check the bathroom floor for a hunting rifle. You can find a rope and a leather jacket in a locker in a room to the right.
4. Check the locker in the third floor supply room for an SMG.



1. Join the raiders: If you ask Garl to let you join he will tell you to kill the two slave women, do it and he will allow you to join. 500 XP
2. Free the slaves: If you fight the raiders the two slave women will attempt to escape. If they survive the fight you will receive experience for each one freed. 200 XP Each
3. Rescue Tandi: If you got the rescue Tandi quest from Shady Sands you will find her being held prisoner here. You can talk to her through her jail cell, but all she does is scorn your plans. There are six ways to free her.

Freeing Tandi

1. Kill everyone: This will be quite the difficult fight early on, but you will probably want to come back and kill the raiders eventually if you are a good karma character. Use burst attacks with your SMG and try to keep Tandi and the slave women alive. Be sure you equip Garl's metal armor after you're finished and thoroughly loot the camp.
2. Sneak out: If you are good at sneaking you can pick the lock on Tandi's cell and escape out the back.
3. Barter: Talk to Garl and tell him you will give him something of equal value for Tandi, and then simply trade for her. Once the barter screen is open you must purchase Tandi of Garl will attack you. 500 XP
4. Bluff: Tell Garl you represent a horrible threat, if your character as high enough speech and charisma he will believe you and free Tandi. 500 XP
5. Fight Garl 1 on 1: If you challenge Garl to a fight then you will fight in a ring 1 on 1 without weapons or armor, well, Garl gets armor. :P Don't attempt this unless you have decent unarmed skill. Garl is a pretty tough cookie, go for the eyes, he tends to give up and run away if his eyes are injured. 250 XP
Deathhand: I have heard that if you are a male character wearing a leather jacket (armor?) the raiders will believe you are a ghost and give you Tandi. I have not been able to reproduce this feat though. If someone can confirm this for me and the situation that created it please e-mail me.


Junktown is where you are forced to decide if you want to choose the path of good or evil. Make sure you don't have an exposed weapon here.


1. Stop Gizmo: Enter Killian's general store and talk with him, after your conversation a man in a red shirt will enter the store and attack Killian. Help Killian kill the assassin, is you manage to hit him at least once, Killian will thank you and ask you to help him take out Gizmo. You have two different options. Option 1: Plant the bug on gizmo: Killian will give you a bug, use the steal command on Gizmo's desk and move the bug into Gizmo's inventory. Talk to Killian. Option 2: Tape his confession: After Killian gives you the tape, talk to Gizmo, get him to ask you to kill Killian and say you will. Talk to Killian.
After you have evidence against Gizmo you can help Killian and Lars kill Gizmo and Izo. Choose your reward from Killian, pick whichever you need; then return to Gizmo's, pick the lock on his door and loot his bookshelf for some caps. 400 XP for helping with the assassin, 500 XP plus your choice of item for getting confession, 600 XP and $500 for killing Gizmo.
2. Kill Killian: Talk to Gizmo, don't make fun of him too much and he will ask you to kill Killian for him. Do it, and make sure to loot Killian's body for his dog tags. Show these to Gizmo and he'll pay you off. You should take everything out of Killian's store now that he's dead, and be sure to crack his personal safe for some other goodies. After you do this every guard in Junktown will attack you, so it might be a good idea to take Gizmo's advice and leave town. 600 XP $1000
3. Loot Killians personal safe: You may notice a wall safe in the back room of Killian's store, but Killian won't let you near it. Enter the store during the day, wait until dark, then sneak into the back room, don't go near the safe until morning when Killian is tending the store, then just pick the lock and start looting. 500 XP (Sometimes the game will give you 0 XP)
4. Bust the Skulz: The Skulz are a gang that tends to hang out in the crash house, or the bar. There are two ways to bust the Skulz.
Option 1. If you talk to the female Skul standing outside the door of the Skulz place you can ask her what her other interests are, and if your charisma and intelligence are good you can convince her to leave the Skulz and straighten out. If you return to Junktown a few days later she will have moved to a different room and will tell you she has a job now and will offer to cook you something. Talk to her and ask her to testify against her friends. If she says yes, go talk to Lars (the guard near the entrance of Junktown) and tell him you have convinced Sherry to testify against the Skulz, he'll take it from there.
Option 2: If you have stolen Neal's urn and the Skulz are planning to kill Neal (see quest 5), you can rat them out to Lars. Option 1: 500 XP Option 2: 300 XP
5. Join the Skulz: Go to Neal's bar some night, the Skulz should all be hanging out there. One of them will punch the waitress until Neal the bartender pulls out a gun and blows the guy away. The Skulz will run off swearing vengeance. Go to the crash house and talk to Vinny and tell him you want to join the Skulz. Vinny will tell you to steal Neal's urn (it contains his wife's ashes). Agree, then either pick the lock on the bar door, or go into the bar and rest till morning when it's closed. Either way steal the urn, if you fail Neal and the guards may attack you so save first. 400 XP
After you have the urn you can get out using the same method you used to get in. You have two choices Option 1. Return Neal's urn, he will be highly grateful and you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling for giving it back. Orrr Option 2. Show Vinny the urn, he'll say they're going to go kill Neal now. Either rat them out to Lars or go with them. You will be transported to Neal's bar and everyone will attack Neal, this isn't really a fight unless you haven't recruited Tycho and he's assisting Neal, simply kill Neal and get outta there, you Skul. 300 XP
6. Solve Phil's canine conundrum: Next to Gizmo's casino is a house with a dog on the porch and two people standing outside, apparently the pooch won't let them back into their house, and Phil asks you to help him. This dog is the one and only Dogmeat, and this is your chance to recruit him. This problem can be solved in three ways. Option 1: If you talk to Phil about the dog's deceased owner he will mention that the guy wore black leather. (BTW His description sounds awfully similar to the road warrior's) So if you approach the dog wearing a leather jacket it will think you are it's owner and will faithfully follow you until he dies, even if you remove the jacket. Option 2: Feed the dog an iguana on a stick, it doesn't matter if it's real or fake, you can find some in the hotel fridge. You will make a friend of Dogmeat and he will join you. Option 3: Kill Dogmeat: Simply walk up to Dogmeat and start bursting him, he'll go down in a few shots and you will get the experience but no dog. This is a BAD idea; you want Dogmeat on your side. 100 XP
7. Save Sinthia: Sinthia is the prostitute in the crash house; she won't really have anything to do with you. If you spend a night at the crash house when you exit your room the innkeeper Marcelles says some crazy raider is holding Sinthia hostage. If you say you can't help Marcelles will pull out a gun and kill the raider, but you want to help don't you? You're supposed to be the hero here; anyway there are a couple of ways to do this. Option 1: Kill the raider: If you move fast you can kill the raider before he kills Sinthia, a burst weapon would be a bad idea here since Sinthia is in between you and the raider. If you talk to him then fight him he will kill Sinthia before going after you and Marcelles will be pissed. If you manage to kill the raider and save Sinthia, Marcelles will be grateful, but Sinthia will call you heartless and refuse to talk to you. 400 XP
Option 2: Talk him down: This option requires good intelligence, charisma, and/or speech skill. Save and reload in case you pick the wrong conversation path and the raider loses it. If you're good he'll ask for 100 caps and to be allowed to leave safely, give it to him. If you're a REALLY good speaker then you can get him to leave for free. Marcelles will be grateful and offer you a good nights sleep. On her. I don't know if this means she will pay for it or if it means something else, but she does accompany you to your room ;). Sinthia will also be thankful and give you a little info on Gizmo. You can return later and buy a little time with her if you feel so inclined. 1000 XP
8. Recruit Tycho: In the bar at night you can see a bald guy in leather armor sitting by himself. Talk to him and ask him about survival to get him to teach you a little outdoorsman. If you have agreed to help Killian tell Tycho that and ask him to join you. (Fans of wasteland make sure to check every conversation path with Tycho, his grandfather was one of the PC's in Wasteland and he will reference Fat Freddy if you ask him about Gizmo) 300 XP
Save Saul and Trish's Relationship. After Trish tells you Saul is her boyfriend talk to Saul about it and tell him Trish is worried about him. 250 XP (You may be able to repeat the conversation unlimited times for unlimited XP)


1. Doc Morbid can heal you.
2. If you go into Doc Morbid's basement talk to Gretch and look in his cooler, you will learn the good doctor is selling human bodies to Iguana Bob. This information will be useful if you're blackmailing Bob. Make sure to check out the trapped, locked, locker in the Doc's basement. You may need to kill the hospital inhabitants but the guards don't mind.
3. Gamble: If you talk to the dealers at Gizmo's you can gamble away some caps. I wouldn't suggest this unless you have very high gambling skill, in that case try to break the bank.
4. Bet on boxing: You can bet on Saul's matches. (Can you box against Saul?)
5. Visit Neal's bar: You can get some drinks here, recruit Tycho, and the guy singing in the corner can give you directions.
5. Have Tycho raise outdoorsman: Get this even if you don't want to recruit Tycho.
6. General Store: Killian's general store has a modest selection, check it out.
7. Be sure to talk to: Killian, Lars, Gizmo, Tycho.


The hub is, literally, the hub of the game, you will probably visit this city more than any other due to its location and caravan opportunities.


1. Help Irwin with raiders: In the central area of the hub travel to the southwest part of town and go into a building that has been almost completely destroyed, a man named Irwin is standing there. Talk to him and offer to help him with whatever his problem is. If he tells you that you aren't quite the caliber of hero he's looking for then talk to him later after you've gained a level or two. If he asks you to help him with the raiders in his home and you feel strong enough to beat half a dozen raiders then tell him you will assist him. He will lead you to his home, go inside and kill anything that moves (burst attacks are useful here). Make sure you loot all the bodies and take the metal armor on the floor of the NE room. Leave the area and talk to Irwin, he will be so grateful he will give you a .223 pistol, the best pistol in the game and an extremely rare weapon.
2. Blackmail Iguana Bob: (Note: This quest can only be completed if you have learned the true origin of iguana on a stick's from Doc Morbid's in Junktown) In the central area of the hub travel south and you will see a big food stand and Iguana Bob standing next to it selling iguanas-on-a-stick. Talk to Bob and tell him you know the secret behind his product. He'll feign ignorance at first but you can freak him out if your speech skill and charisma are high enough. Generally the more dramatic the phrases you choose, the better the results are in this situation. Tell him you won't turn him in as long as he pays you a periodic fee. You can haggle for different prices and return later to re-negotiate the contract. 500 XP
5. Find the Thieves Circle:In the eastern part of town enter the derelict buildings until you find one with stairs leading underground. You will find yourself in a corridor with numerous locked doors. Make sure you and your NPC's are not grievously injured as the floor of the corridor is littered with traps that you will likely set off. You will need decent lockpick skills to unlock all the doors here. Once you are inside you will get 900 XP
4. Join the Thieves Circle: Once you infiltrate the Thieves Circle, talk to Loxley, the man in the leather jacket standing by himself. Tell him you are interested in joining the Thieves Circle and he will instruct you to go Daren Hightowers house on the Westside of the Hub and steal the necklace he keeps there. Go talk to Jasmine (the woman standing by the door) and she will give you a set of lockpicks, some flares, and a bottle of nuka-cola, not very impressive. Jasmine may mention that you should not kill anyone on Hightowers estate, it doesn't really matter whether you kill people or not, but for the sake humoring them, we won't kill anybody just yet. Wait until nighttime then travel to Hightowers estate on the Westside. A guard will instruct you to leave immediately, tell him ok, but don't do what he says. Travel along the southern wall, avoiding the any guards until you are around the corner and just below the door. A guard will be standing next to the door, simply wait a short while and he will wander off. Once he's out of sight run inside, avoid Hightowers bedroom and make your way down and then right until you find a strongbox. First use your traps skill on the box to remove the bomb, then pick the lock and take the necklace. Simply retrace your steps to escape, and give the necklace to Loxley. Congratulations you are now a member of the thieves circle, talk to Jasmine to receive a set of electronic lockpicks, very useful. 500 XP $3,000
5. Work for Decker (1): In the central area of the hub is a casino called the "Maltese Falcon". Near the stairs is a man in a leather jacket named Kane. If you have killed either Gizmo or Killian (or have the berserker karmic trait, unconfirmed) then Kane will invite you downstairs to talk to his boss Decker. Decker will offer you a job as an assassin. Accept the job, regardless of your karmic leanings; if you are a bad guy you can complete the job, while a good guy can turn Decker into the cops with this information. Decker will give you some caps and instruct you to kill Daren Hightower. Poor guy, first you robbed him now you have to kill him. Simply go to the Westside and kill everything that moves, try to take on the guards one at a time. Then return to Decker for your reward and another job offer. 600 XP $500 to open and $2500 to close.
6. Work for Decker (2): You must have completed Decker's first assignment to get this one. Talk to Kane and Decker again and Decker will ask you to wipe out the Children of the Cathedral in the hub. Go to the southern part of the hub and enter the building to your left. Talk to the child near the door and make fun of him until he leaves. If the kid is in the building when the fighting starts he will likely be caught in the crossfire and killed, if you want the childkiller karmic perk be my guest. You can talk to the people in the cathedral for some information about their religion, but if you want to complete this quest you will need to kill everyone in here (except the kid). Start a fight or mock the people until they attack you, once everybody is dead, go to Decker for your reward. 1000 XP $1,000 to open and $4,000 to close
7. Turn Decker in to the police: Decker must have employed you before you can take this quest. In the central area of the Hub is a police station, enter it and talk to the sheriff. Tell him you have a crime to report and tell him what Decker asked you to do. He will ask you to assist him and the deputy in taking down Decker. Don't go in here unprepared, this is a rather tough fight. Be careful using burst weapons, space is tight and you need to be careful not to hit your police allies. Killing Kane should be high priority, he is unarmed, but he is still by far the biggest threat in the room. Once you take everyone out the sheriff will thank you. Go back to the Maltese Falcon and loot the bodies. After you've killed Decker tell the weapons shop owner Beth what you did and she will reward you. 1400 XP $300 to open and $1,300 to close. Beth will give you six stims for killing Decker.
8. The Missing Caravans: The far go traders are located in the central area of the hub. Talk to the boss Butch Harris and tell him you are here about the job. Your job is discover the reason for the missing caravans. Talk to his assistant Rutger for the details. After that talk to the owner of the weapons shop, Beth. (Once you've taken this quest Beth will give you a discount) Ask Beth about the missing caravans and about the monster called the deathclaw. After that go travel to the eastside/oldtown, talk to the mutant Harold. Ask him to tell you about the deathclaw, he'll give you a little advice. After that talk to Slappy, the raving lunatic outside Harold's place. Ask him to take you to the deathclaw's cave, and he'll take you. 800 XP Now go to the right and then down to find the deathclaw. This is a very tough battle; the deathclaw has a ton of hit points and is resistant to most attacks (fire might work). Take Harold's advice and go for the eyes or the head. If you have a couple of NPC's to back you up you could try burst firing him. Use whatever combat technique your character is adept with, and don't be stingy with the ammo, grenades, and stimpacks. Once he's dead 1000 XP move down a bit to find a dying super mutant. Talk to him and he will give you a holodisc, scan it into your pipboy and read it to discover the reason behind the caravan disappearance. Return and tell Butch what you've learned. He won't believe you, so go talk to Rutger and show him the disc to receive your reward. 1000 XP $800
9. Send Water to The Vault: The water merchants reside in the southern area of the Hub. Talk to the boss and ask her to supply your vault with water. She will agree, for a price. This will extend your time limit to find the water chip by 100 days, but it will reduce the final game time limit by 100 days. Do NOT do this quest unless the vault water supply has reached critical condition and you cannot find the chip. 1000 XP -$2,000
10. Rescue the BOS Prisoner: (This quest is received from Talus in the Brotherhood of Steel) In eastside/old town just below the exit grid is a house with several punks inside. They are holding an initiate of the BOS hostage. This is the missing man Talus asked you to rescue. Be careful, these men are more armed than the average raider and if you simply walk in you will likely be cut to shreds. Try shooting through the windows, this will force them to come out the door where you can deal with them one at a time. After everyone is dead pick the lock on the back door and talk to the man inside. He will thank you for rescuing him. Return to the BOS and talk to Talus, he will thank you for your help and give you several choices for your reward. If your karma is high enough you will also be allowed to choose power armor as your reward, if you don't have a set of power armor yet make sure you get some now; otherwise choose whichever weapon your character is best with.


1. Join a caravan: This is a great way to make money. The three different merchant groups will employ as a caravan guard if you are so inclined. You will probably be traveling to the same place as the caravans so you might as well join them for some extra cash. The three different groups are.
(1) The Crimson Caravan: These are located in the central area of the hub just to the left of when you enter. These people have the highest paying jobs but there's are also the most dangerous, you will very likely be attacked by raiders in these jobs. Also they only leave a few times a month and may not be traveling to the city you want to visit. If you have to wait a long amount of time to join with one of their caravans, it might be better to sign on with someone else.
(2) The Far Go Traders: These are located just to the right of the Crimson Caravan. Their jobs aren't quite as risky as the Crimson Caravan but they leave more often and don't travel through such dangerous territory.
(3) The Water Merchants: Located in the southern area of the hub. Talk to the little person for a job. These guys have the worst pay of all, but their jobs are generally low risk, and caravans leave on a regular basis, ensuring you won't have long to wait for a job. Take your pick among the three for whatever best suits your situation.
2. Sleep with Keri: Once the leader of the crimson caravan has agreed to employ you, he tells you to talk to his daughter Keri in the next room (The girl with the mohawk). Talk to her and tell her you are interested in her, if your charisma is high enough (if not, pop a mentat) she will lead you away for a little while. Once you're finished she will slip you a mentat, buffout, and psycho.
3. Get a loan: In the central area of the hub is the Friendly Lending Company. You can ask Lorenzo for a loan, if you keep asking for loans and returning them, you will be allowed to take out larger and larger loans. If you want you can just borrow the maximum amount of money and then kill Lorenzo and his two guards (The police won't mind). Then pick the lock on his safe and take everything.
4. Steal: The Hub is a gold mine for thieves, but the librarian, Lorenzo, and the police deserve special note because of how much can be stolen from them.
5. Get robes from the Children of the Cathedral: Some COC members are located in the southern area of the hub; the north most room of the church has a bookshelf containing (among other useful goodies) a set of robes. These are absolutely essential if you wish to sneak into the Cathedral and Military Base. Make sure you pick these up.
6. The librarian has a holodisc she will sell you that can give you a little background information on the vaults.
7. In the central area of the Hub a druggy named Lemmy is stumbling around and will try to get your attention. He can give you some hints for a price (Some characters can just intimidate him). He can also tell you about Vance the drug dealer and give you a hook up to talk with him.
8. Shopping: The hub is filled with shops; the central area includes: The general store, library, and Beth's weapons shop. The eastside/oldtown contains: Jake's and Vance the drug dealer. Jake can give you a hookup with Vance. Jakes is located NE of the exit grid, and Vance is located NE of Jake's.
9. Be sure to talk to: Beth, Butch, Decker, Sheriff Greene, Harold, Loxley, and the caravan masters.


Be careful with your ammo in Necropolis, frequent burst attacks against the residents here will quickly drain your supply. Try to avoid the ghouls on a general basis, they don't have any particularly nice weapons and will generally leave you alone. Necropolis is in ruins and is difficult to move around, to travel to different areas use the sewers, once you have entered an area you can leave Necropolis and instantly travel to any previously visited area.


1. Get the Water Chip: This is it, this is the reason you came here. The ghouls have a working water chip in the vault underneath the watershed. You have two choices here, you can either take the water chip and doom the ghoulish inhabitants of Necropolis to death, or you can fix their malfunctioning water pump and then take the chip. For instructions on fixing the water pump, see Quest #2, if you are planning on saving the ghouls; fix the water pump before removing the chip. To retrieve the chip travel to the Watershed via the sewers. Enter the northern building filled with Super Mutants, the black clad mutant Harry will ask you your business here. Get past him using whatever method your character is most adept in (such as killing, sneaking, or talking). Travel through the hallway past the water pump and enter the door on your right, keep going down the ladders until you reach the vault. Kill any glowing ones that attack you, (be careful they will irradiate you) and take the elevator to the third floor. Travel to the bottom right part of the vault and use the glowing computer to get the water chip 1250 XP.
2. Fix the water pump: In the sewers you will find a group of peaceful ghouls hiding out from Set and the mutants. The ghoul leader will ask you to help him in fixing the pump, agree to help him. Travel to the watershed and enter the manhole next to the supermutant. Kill the rats and loot the body to find junk parts. Return with these to the ghoul leader and he will give you some repair manuals. Return to the watershed; get past Harry until you find the water pump a big brown piece of machinery. Use the junk parts on it to fix it. 1000 XP
3. Kill mutants at watershed: Travel to the hall and talk to the ghoul leader Set. He will ask you to give the mutants at the watershed dirtnaps (kill them). Set refuses to call his ghouls off you, so you must continue to avoid or kill them as before. Travel to the watershed and kill all the mutants there; be careful, Harry has a laser rifle and another mutant has a flamethrower. The flamethrower mutant should be killed as soon as possible as your NPC's will not last long against him. Return to Set and he will tell you to follow his shambling assistant Garret for your reward: $50, flares, and Nuka-Cola. After you get this reward you might feel the urge to kill Set, go ahead if you want to. 1400 XP
4. Free the Ghoul Prisoner: In the watershed, below the waterpump, is a ghoul. Pick the lock on his door to free him, he will be grateful for his rescue and give you a little information. 500 XP
4. Get Harry to take you to the Lou: Talk to the black clad super mutant Harry and tell him to bring you to his superiors. He will bring you inside the military base and you will begin talking with the lieutenant.


1. Not every ghoul will attack you, but few have anything worthwhile to say, in general, the larger the group of ghouls, the more likely they will attack you.
2. In the sewers you can find a plasma pistol and a cattle prod. Both are located on bodies, which are surrounded by mole rats.
3. Children of the Cathedral: Across from the watershed is a building containing two COC members. They will offer to heal you for a small "donation".
4. Some of the walls in the Hall look different, if you use these walls you can tear them down to find secret passageways, use caution though as they may be trapped.
5. You may find bounty hunters inside the city, these may be the same bounty hunters that chase you down if you become a child killer.
6. Talk to: Set, Harry, peaceful ghoul leader
If you take to long to finish the game the super mutants will destroy Necropolis, if you return after the city has been destroyed you can find one survivor.


Welcome to L.A. Amazingly, the Boneyard has gang problems! If you come here early chances are you will not be able to complete all the quests. Most of the quests here that involve fighting are very tough, so if you are having trouble just come back later.


1. Fix Hydroponic Farms: Talk to Miles in Adytum. He is the man wearing the white smock. He will tell you their hydroponic farms need parts, offer to help find the parts and he will tell you talk to Sammael. Sammael is a scav in a tent east of Miles, talk to him for a few tips on scavenging. Travel North of Adytum into the Blades territory, then go NE into the deathclaw nest. If you thought fighting one deathclaw was tough, wait until you fight several. Do not engage the deathclaws here, they are incredibly difficult and will respawn after a few hours (You get to kill them for another quest so don't worry). Travel along the Eastern edge of the destroyed building, keep going along the edge around the corner and you will find a body. Search the body to find "Junk" these are the parts you need. Be careful though, deathclaws are very likely hanging out around the body; use your sneak skill to take the parts without being seen. If you get into combat, you will probably have to kill it, because it is very unlikely you can outrun a deathclaw to get to the exit grid. Show the junk parts to Miles and he will tell you to give them to Smitty. Travel north to Smitty's place, and give him the parts (why couldn't Miles just do it?). Smitty will fix the parts, return them to Miles and he will fix the Hydroponic farms. In gratitude he will give you a couple of stimpacks and caps...thrillsville. The real reward is the fact that now that the farms are fixed Smitty will upgrade a plasma rifle for free! And Smitty will upgrade power armor if you can get your hands on a suit. A turbo plasma rifle and hardened power armor will be sufficient to finish the game with.
2. Get Help for the Blades: Travel North of Adytum to reach the Blades nightclub. Go in and talk to Razor, the woman in the leather jacket. She will tell you the Regulators (Adytum's police force) are corrupt. They were the ones who killed Zimmerman's son. Razor will give you a holodisc proving this and ask you to show Zimmerman, don't do this though, if you do Zimmerman will become angry and the regulators will kill him and then attack you. The Blades want to take out the regulators but they lack the firepower to do so. Razor will ask you to speak with the Gunrunners on their behalf. Agree to do so and go to the NE. Do not stay to fight the deathclaws, simply take the NE exit grid. Travel east around the radioactive moat until you find a footbridge with a guard on it. Tell him you are here to shop and he will let you in. Be careful about loading in here, if you load a previously saved game while inside the gunrunners, then the guard at the bridge will move back into place and refuse to move, trapping you. Go inside the building and talk to the gunrunner in combat armor. Tell him you want help for the Blades. He will agree, but will ask you to kill off all the deathclaws in the nest. The Gunrunners want to move their shop, but can't get away with the deathclaws there. Agree to kill them and travel to the deathclaw nest. Only do this quest if you are confident you can kill several deathclaws. Only killing one or two won't cut it. Make sure you are fully rested before you go to the nest, if you kill any deathclaws and then rest, more will hatch and have to be killed; if you need to heal yourself, use stimpacks. There are several deathclaws walking around here, try to fight them when they are separated from the others, multiple deathclaws attacking you is not a pretty picture. Once you are confident you have killed them all (Enter combat mode and right-click until the targeting cursor comes up, and live deathclaws should be highlighted in red) take the stairs heading down. Make sure you are fully healed before fighting the deathclaw mommy; you may want to give yourself a shot of psycho also. Anyways, once you are in the basement, fight the deathclaw mother and be sure to crush any and all eggs. Once everything is dead return and talk to the gunrunners, they will agree to outfit the Blades. 1000 XP Talk to Razor, she will be thankful for your help and ask you to assist them in killing the Regulators. If you agree you will find yourself in Adytum backed up by several heavily armed and armored Blades (a few Blades are also scattered around the town). The fight for Adytum will begin, luckily the townsfolk will assist you, and many are surprisingly good fighters. This battle shouldn't be too difficult; your biggest worry will probably be protecting the important townsfolk such as Smitty and Miles. As a general rule if a townsperson has a name, you want to save them. The Blades and townsfolk should be able to handle the regulators so focus your efforts on saving townsperson who is about to die. John Zimmerman will be killed in the fight; there is no way to save him and free Adytum. 2000 XP
3. Kill the Blades: Talk to Zimmerman, the mayor of Adytum and he will ask you to kill off the gang called the Blades that lives north of Adytum. (He is under the delusion they killed his son and frequently attack Adytum). Agree, and travel North to the Blades territory. Be warned, this is not as easy as it looks, the Blades are not your average helpless townsfolk. Two people you should be especially wary of are Macrae, the man standing outside the nightclub, and the nameless black man in a red shirt carrying a super sledgehammer. Both these men are incredibly strong and will kill off you or your NPC's with little effort. They are both close range fighters though, so if you snipe them from long range you can simply gun them down as they charge you. Everything else should be a piece of cake, just keep an eye on your NPC's in case they get ganged up on. Once you have killed Razor the job will be completed, return to talk to Zimmerman and tell him she's dead. He will give you 2000 caps; if you tell him Razor suffered before she died he will add on another 500 caps.
4. Recruit Katja: If you travel East from the Blades you will come upon the followers of the Apocalypse, a peaceful group of scholars. As soon as you enter the building you will see a girl with a green mohawk wearing a leather jacket. Talk to her for some information and then ask her if she wants to join you, she will agree. 200 XP.


1. Get Smitty to upgrade plasma rifle to turbo plasma rifle once you have completed quest #1. Simply talk to him with a plasma rifle in your inventory (Not in a bag) and he will upgrade it for free. You can only do this once.
2. Get Miles to upgrade power armor once you have completed quest #1. Talk to Miles wearing power armor and he will say he can upgrade it if he had chemistry journals. Travel to the Hub and buy chemistry journals off Miss Stapleton the librarian for 500 caps, well worth it. Give the journals to Smitty and he will upgrade your armor. Hardened power armor is the best in the game.
3. Increase your luck: Talk to the fortuneteller in the SE tent of Adytum. Ask him to tell your fortune and keep doing so until he draws the fool card. This will increase your luck by one. You can do this twice and then he will refuse to tell your fortune.
4. Talk to Nicole RE: COC: Nicole is the leader of the followers of the Apocalypse, a group located West of the Blades, they hate the children of the Cathedral and if you offer to help them Nicole will provide you with some assistance. She will tell you to talk to Laura and tell her "Red Rider", she will also send a force of FOA to help you when you reach the Cathedral.
5. Talk to Talius RE: Mutants: In the basement of the FOA's library you will find a ghoul named Talius. Talk to him and you will learn he was also from Vault 13. If you talk to him about the mutants at Necropolis he will give you a little information on them, and if you have killed them and inform him of that fact he will give you a flamethrower.
6. Get MacRae to increase unarmed, if you talk to the boxer MacRae after you have helped the regulators free Adytum he will increase your unarmed skill, woo.
7. Shopping: Gunrunners, Tine
8. Be sure to talk to: Razor, Nicole, Zimmerman, Miles, Smitty, Sammael, and Talius.

Brotherhood of Steel

I won't spoil the BOS for first time players, the first time you enter the bunker is an exciting time. Quest #1 must be completed before anything else


1. Join the Brotherhood: See Glow 2000 XP
2. Find the lost Brother: Talk to Talus, the man in power armor in the 1st floor training room. Once he gives you your standard issue, tell him you need some better equipment, you really need it. He will tell you that one of their brothers went missing recently, and if you can find him he will get you some better equipment. The last place the missing initiate was seen was the Hub so go there. (See Hub quest #9 for instructions on freeing the initiate). 1500 XP
3. Scout Military Base: Talk to Maxson on floor 4. He suspects a mutant base in the NW and wants you to scout the area. Agree to, but tell him you need some weaponry, he will agree and you can ask his assistant Mathia for your choice of weapon. Once you find the location of the base return to talk with him. 1500 XP
4. Fix Power Armor: On the third floor workshop an old suit of power armor is sitting on a table, ask the mechanic about it and he will say it needs a systolic motivator. There are two places to get one. 1. Michael the guy who runs the equipment room will give you one. Talk to him and convince him that you were instructed to get one but the paperwork probably hasn't cleared yet. 2. Rhombus has one, he won't just give it to you though, sneak into his room (preferably when he's in bed) take a motivator from the locker and high tail it outta there before he catches you. Give the part to the mechanic and he will install it for you. He'll give you some repair manuals and tell you to repair the suit if you want to wear it. Repair the suit, if you cannot do it then read the manuals or use a tool to increase your skill. Once you've repaired it you will be able to wear the power armor. 500 XP + Armor
5. Get BOS Assistance: Once you completed quest #3 talk with the elders and tell them a small squad should attack the base, they will send three paladins to assist you. 1500 XP


1. Get standard issue: Talk to Talus and get him to authorize your standard issue equipment, then talk to the man outside the training room behind the desk and he will give you a set of brotherhood armor and three sets of your choice of ammo.
2. Watch training lecture: On the first floor is a training room with a bunch of initiates watching a demonstration. Join them and watch the mock fight. Your unarmed and melee skills will rise by a few points as you watch.
3. Go to the doctor for healing, the doctor will freely heal you if you are wounded or irradiated, thank her for her kindness by stealing everything out the locker behind her.
4. Enhancement operations: The doctor can increase your Strength, Perception, Endurance, Intelligence, and Agility by one each. Each operation is very expensive and time consuming. Don't worry about the money, at this point in the game you don't really need to make any more purchases, but be careful about spending so many weeks recovering. Remember if you take to long to complete the game the mutant army will destroy various towns. Increase your stats at your own discretion.
5. Get Vree's autopsy report: You can get several holodisks inside the brotherhood bunker but the most important one is the one you get from Vree's. Talk to Vree and ask her about the mutants, she will give you her report from a mutant autopsy report. Load this into your pipboy to learn that the super mutants are sterile. This is necessary to complete the Cathedral the "Albert way".
6. Be sure to talk to: Cabbot, Rhombus, Talus, Vree, Maxson.


Before coming to the Glow you must have a rope and two doses of Rad-X. Don't worry about your NPC's a little radiation won't bother them. Sell any of your extra items before you come here, the glow has a lot of look and you don't want to leave ANYTHING behind, the Glow takes a long time to travel to and you don't want to return. So try to just take one trip to the Glow. As soon as you enter the glow take two doses of Rad-X, as you are leaving take one dose of Radaway


1. Find BOS disk: This is probably the reason you came here, to find proof you were here and join the Brotherhood. Use the rope on the overhanging beam and climb down. Work your way around the hole towards the dead body encased in strange armor. Search the body and take the holodisk. This is what you came for, but as long as you're here you might as well look around...
2. Turn on the power: If you try to use the computer to turn on the main power it will tell you that the generator is broken. Take the yellow keycard of the body in strange armor, use it to open the elevator door and go to the second floor. On the NE corner of floor two is a charred body, search it to find the red keycard. Go to the fourth floor and search the charred body in the SW corner to find a blue keycard. Travel to the sixth floor and repair the generators. You can now use your blue key card to travel to level 5, which contains a treasure trove of goodies.


1. Search EVERYWHERE, I know I say this about every location but you will probably never return to the glow so make sure to search every locker and body. Be sure you don't miss the lockers on level 5, in the West most room on level 3, and the lockers on level forth in the North and the South.
2. When you reactivate the main power all the security robots will wake up as well and begin attacking you, so before you turn on the power kill any robots you see, they won't be able to fight back. Try to kill as many robots as you can before the power goes back on (You don't need to on level 2, since you only need to come here before the power is on. Pulse grenades work great on robots.
3. Remember your Rad-X will wear off after a few hours so don't waste time. Don't feel rushed to explore the Glow, you have more than enough time leisurely stroll through and not even come close to using up the Rad-X, what you should avoid are actions that take long amounts of time such as: resting, reading books, performing 1st aid/doctor, or playing chess with Zax, don't do any of these, if you have to heal use stimpacks.

Military Base

The Military Base is located in the NW corner of the world map, you must complete the Military Base and the Cathedral to win the game, but they may be completed in any order. For the Military Base and Cathedral I will organize the walkthrough slightly differently. I will explain how to complete the "main" quest three different ways: The Max Stone way, which involves killing everything in your path. The Natalia way, which involves sneakily infiltrating the installation. And the Albert way, which involves fast-talking your way out of situations. Use whichever method you choose, but I highly suggest mixing and matching the different solutions. For example, you may wish to infiltrate the military base using the Natalia method, but disable the force fields the Albert way, and destroy the vats the Max Stone way. Look over all three walkthroughs and find the answer that fits your situation the best. Also at this point in the game, do not be bothered with looting everything you can find or saving your NPC's, this is the last stretch just take what you need.


1. Destroy the Vats: This is the so-called main quest for the military base. It involves making your way to the fourth floor and destroy the FEV vats. 10,000 XP

The Max Stone way
Preparations: Hardened Power Armor, a high level in various combat skills, a powerful weapon (although you will find all the weapons you need once you are inside), lots of stimpacks, dynamite or plastic explosives, psycho, buffout, some pulse grenades for the robots might be a good idea, and make sure you convince the elder to send you three paladins to assist you. You can bring your NPC's with you, but they will most likely be killed, if not by the mutants than by the force fields so don't put a huge amount of effort into preserving them.
Simply go into the base guns blazing, begin firing at every mutant you see, the three BOS paladins will help you gun down the mutants so you shouldn't have too much trouble here. The paladins won't follow you in so you're on your own. Loot the body of the mutant who was standing by the door; use the holodisk he was carrying to find the door code. Make sure you are fully healed because the base will be on alert and you will be attacked upon entering. Make your way towards the elevator in the NW corner. You can walk through the red force fields but will take small amounts of damage, if a yellow force field blocks your path set explosives at the base of the emitter, they will destroy the force field. Take the elevator to level three. On level three make your way East, killing everything in your path, the elevator to the right is broken, so head down past the prison cells, killing anyone who stops you, and take the elevator to level four. Once there head to the left. Use explosives to blow your way through to the northern control room. If you need more explosives search the room just south of the control room. Once you reach the control room set an explosive right next to the central computer. Once it blows up the timer for the bases destruction will begin 300 seconds, more than enough time, simply retrace your steps and hit the exit grid.

The Natalia way
Preparations: Robes, lockpicks, good levels in the thiefly arts, stimpacks, and a radio. You must go in alone, don't bring any of your NPC's with you or the mutants will attack on sight.
Tell your NPC's to wait outside and pick them up as you exit. Put on your robes and use your radio, you will begin to talk to the mutants guarding the base. Tell them you are under attack and to send reinforcements, most of them will run off. Walk up to the one mutant remaining, if he asks you who you are bluff him out. Steal the mutant's holodisk, use it to learn the door password. Once inside the base go to the right, use the topmost computer until you beat it at blackjack. Once you're inside the computer use your radio on it. Now put your radio in your active item slot, whenever you use it, it will toggle the yellow force fields on and off. Head towards the NW elevator, and take it to level 3. Make your way east then south, past the prison cells to the elevator. Watch out for mutants, try to hide or sneak past and mutant guards or patrols. Take the elevator to level 4. Head to the left, pick the lock on the northern door to reach the control room. Steal a vat key from one of the COC techs and use it to gain access to the computer. Hack the computer and set it to silent, three minute, self-destruct. Then simply retrace your steps and get outta there, make sure to pick up your NPC's as you exit.

The Albert way
Preparations: Tool, high science, and repair skills, make sure one of your NPC's is carrying decent armor, a weapon, and a few stims for you to borrow (more on that later), and the combat skills to kill a few mutants.
To get inside the base you need to talk to Harry in Necropolis, ask him to take you to his master. If you've killed Harry merely approach the guard outside the military base without an active weapon and tell him to take you to his superior. You will be taken to the lieutenant who you may talk with. Chat for a while with the lieutenant until he asks you to tell him the location of your vault. If you tell him the game will end (It's worth doing this once just to see the bad ending). If you refuse to tell him he will begin to torture you, just keep refusing to tell him and eventually he will throw you in prison (make sure you have decent hit points before beginning torture or you may be killed). Once you are in prison loot the body for a pistol and a few stims. Steal whatever backup weapon and armor your NPC's might be carrying and pick the lock on your cell. Kill your guard and make your way to the left. Kill the small group of mutants and search the locker to retrieve your inventory. Now head back in the direction of your cell and take the elevator adjacent to it. Go to level four and head left. Use your tool on the force field emitter to disable it. Once you are in the vat control room use the computer, hack into it and set it to 3-minute silent-self destruct. Head back to the locker where you retrieved your items. Use the elevator next to it and go to level 1. The exit is straight down, use your tool on any yellow force fields, or walk through the red ones. Bluff your way past the guards and run for it.

2. Kill the Lieutenant: Once you reach the fourth floor head to the right, try to avoid the robots if you can until you reach the lieutenant. He and his guards will attack you. You probably will want to kill his guards first. Make sure to use stimpacks whenever your health gets low, the lieutenant has a lot of hit points. Once he is dead you can take his disk to help you decrypt the vat computer. One of his lockers contains the key to activate the nuke in the Cathedral (You need this to complete the Cathedral the Natalia way) 7,500 XP
3. Hack the computer: On the first floor to the right, the top computer can play blackjack, if you break the bank you will be granted access to the computer, allowing you to disable force fields and charge your radio. 800 XP.
4. Repair Mr. Handy: On the 4th floor just South of the control room is a broken Mr. Handy. Use your repair skill on it and then use your science skill to get it going. Tell it to finish its job (cleaning up) and it will happily walk into the control room's force field, disabling it. 1000 XP.


1. Level two is crawling with mutants but is filled with loot, go there if you think you need more weapons otherwise avoid it.
2. At the central vat computer you can download the audio diary of Richard Grey. Remember the mutant in the Hub, Harold. If you ask him his story he will tell you how about Richard Grey. This diary tells you what happened to Grey, it is not necessary to finish the game but it is a very interesting plot point.
3. On the first floor of the military base, near the elevator is another computer you can hack into. This computer (among other things) will allow you to reprogram the base's robots to attack the mutants.
4. When the lieutenant is torturing you, you have two other options: 1. Just start running; if you are fast you can escape. 2. Fight, press A to begin combat and kill the lieutenant.


You must complete the Military Base and the Cathedral to win the game, but they may be completed in any order. For the Military Base and Cathedral I will organize the walkthrough slightly differently. I will explain how to complete the "main" quest three different ways: The Max Stone way, which involves killing everything in your path. The Natalia way, which involves sneakily infiltrating the installation. And the Albert way, which involves fast-talking your way out of situations. Use whichever method you choose, but I highly suggest mixing and matching the different solutions. For example, you may wish to infiltrate the Cathedral using the Natalia method, but destroy the Master the Albert way. Look over all three walkthroughs and find the answer that fits your situation the best. Also at this point in the game, do not be bothered with looting everything you can find or saving your NPC's, this is the last stretch just take what you need.


1. Kill the Master: This is the main quest for the Cathedral, it involves making your way to the third floor of the Master's vault and killing him. 10,000 XP.

The Max Stone way
Preparations: Hardened Power armor (or possibly tesla armor), good combat skill levels, a good weapon, lots of stimpacks, buffout, psycho, some sort of explosive, and the assistance of The Followers of the Apocalypse. Go ahead and bring your NPC's with you, but be ready for them to die.
Once you get into the main Cathedral church just begin firing at everybody, they're mostly unarmed and your NPC's should be able to clean them up without much trouble. Once everyone is dead loot the bodies until you find a COC badge. Use the badge on the backdoor to unlock it. Don't go upstairs though; set a charge of dynamite next to the northernmost door and run. The blast will destroy the door; kill the nightkin behind it and head downstairs. The SE wall has a secret door, open it up or wait for a COC member to come by and open it. The cavern contains the Master's pets, centaurs and floaters, blast them. Kill the two mutants guarding the vault door and take the elevator to the third floor. Head down and to the right, blasting your way through any mutants or scientists in your path. Open up the right door to reach the Master's corridor. WARNING: Make sure you have a psychic nullifier in your inventory before passing through the Master's corridor or you will be hit with psychic attacks. If you don't have a nullifier see quest #5. Go through the corridor to reach the Master, Kill him. Try not to get too close to the pillar as he uses burst attacks. Mutant guards will occasionally appear to attack you, kill them off but make sure you keep attacking the master. Don't be stingy with the stimpacks; a critical hit that blows through your armor will do serious damage. Go ahead and try aimed shots if you want, the critical hits will do a lot of damage, but you are unlikely to cripple the Master in any way. Once he is dead a 300 second countdown will begin. This is more than enough time, simply retrace your steps and get outta there.

The Natalia way
Preparations: Robes, good skill in the thiefly arts, lockpicks (both kinds), the lieutenants nuke key, and the ability to kill a couple of mutants. Make sure to leave behind any of your NPC's and do not have a weapon showing or you will be attacked even with the robes.
Enter the main cathedral area, steal a red COC key off of someone and use it to open the back door. Head upstairs (Don't talk to any of the nightkin) until you reach the top floor. Morpheus is the man in the purple robes on the top floor. Steal a black COC badge off of him and head back downstairs. Use the black badge to open the other back door. Ignore the nightkin and head downstairs. The SE wall has a secret door, open it or wait for the COC member to open it. The Master's pets won't attack you if you're wearing the robes so ignore them. Sneak past the two mutants or tell them you are on important business. Take the elevator to the third floor. Go to the left, past the mutant barracks and pick the locks on the door and elevator using your different lockpicks. Take the elevator to a small room with two Super Mutant guards and a nuke. Use whatever methods necessary to kill the two mutant guards. Use your key you got from the lieutenants locker in the Military Base to arm the nuke. You have 300 seconds to get out, simply retrace your steps and run for the exit grid.

The Albert way
Preparations: Robes, good speech skill, good intelligence, and knowledge of Vree's autopsy tape (having it on you is nice but not necessary), Make sure to leave behind any of your NPC's and do not have a weapon showing or you will be attacked even with the robes.
Put on your robes and head for the main church. The NW door is father Lasher's room, go talk to him and tell him you need to speak with Morpheus, he will give you a red COC badge. Use the badge to unlock the back door and head upstairs. On the top floor you will find father Morpheus, talk to him and tell him you have valuable information for the Master. He will take you to him. Ask the Master to explain his plan then tell him his plan is flawed. Why, because the super mutants are sterile (You MUST have read Vree's autopsy disk or you will not have this dialogue option). When he disbelieves you either show him Vree's disk, or tell him to ask one of his female mutants. The Master will suicide and you will have 300 seconds to escape. Run down through the Master's corridor, you will take damage but don't worry about healing it now. Head towards the main elevator (The floor plan is similar to vault 13's) and go to level 1. Run out and bluff your way past the Super Mutant guards. Open up the secret door at the bottom of the cavern and head upstairs. Run outside and hit the exit grid, you're done.

2. Kill Morpheus: Morpheus is the purple robed man in the top floor of the Cathedral, if you kill him the nightkin will be displeased and attack you. 1000 XP
3. Discover the location of the Military Base: On the first floor of the Cathedral Vault, just past the blast door is a computer, use your science skill on it to hack in and you will learn the location of the Military Base. 1250 XP
4. Bluff the guards: At the entrance to the vault is a pair of super mutant guards, if you can bluff them into believing you are a member of the COC they will let you pass. 750 XP
5. Get Psychic Nullifier: On the second floor of the Cathedral vault in the NW room is a bunch of insane psykers. Talk to the bald one named Gideon and ask him to anoint you. He will give you a "strange crown"; this is a psychic nullifier that will allow you to resist the mental attacks in the Master's hallway.
6. Free the Prisoners: On the second floor of the Cathedral vault in the Southern room are several prisoners. Use the glowing terminal to free them all, unfortunately they will die seconds after escaping. There is no way to save them. 2000 XP


1. Any character can barter for a red COC badge in the main church.
2. Not only will you not be attacked, but also other people in the Cathedral will treat you differently if you wear the purple robes, notably Lasher and the Shopkeeper.
3. If you talked to Nicole RE: the COC she will tell you to talk with Laura and tell her Red Rider. Laura is in the left room just before the main church. Tell her Nicole sent you and then Red Rider and she will lead you away and give you information on the COC.
The third floor has a footlocker containing the only set of tesla armor in the game in addition to a power fist. If you get your hands on a set of robes early (Say, in the Hub), you can safely retrieve these fairly early in the game.

Congratulations, you've finished the game! I won't spoil the ending for you, but it will change very slightly if you have either the bloody mess or berserker traits.