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Special Encounters

As you wander the wasteland you will hit random encounters occasionally, these are usually fights with the indigenous creatures of the wasteland or a chance encounter with other humans. Occasionally though, you will get a special encounter. These are usually easter eggs and will often give large rewards. The chance of getting a special random encounter is increased if the player character has higher luck.

1. Bob the used car salesman: Bob is standing in front of a shack with junked cars all over the place, Bob is crazy and thinks the cars will run. If you pick the lock to his shack you can find a BB gun and an LE BB gun. The first weapon is worthless, empty its ammo and sell it off. The LE BB gun is quite useful though, it always does 25 damage and has a low AP cost.

2. Mad Brahmin: You find yourself surrounded by brahmin. There is nothing here, its just bizarre.

3. Godzilla: You find a giant footprint with a crushed villager in it; search the corpse to find a stealth boy.

4. Nuka Cola Truck: You find a crashed nuka cola truck, search one of the crates to find 10,000 bottle caps. Your money worries are over.

5. Dr. Who: A lone phone booth, as you approach it, it disappears and leaves a motion sensor behind, take it.

6. Crashed Whale: This is a rather messy encounter, its a reference to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" when a whale and a pot of daisies were dropped from the upper atmosphere onto a planet. The whale has splattered everywhere but you can pick up a pot of daisies here. The daises have no use whatsoever. The daisies are one of the incarnations of Arajag from the book.

7. Patrick the Celt: A lone traveler with his collection of junk, he can give you directions to some cities. If you ask him to sing songs your charisma will permanently go up by one.

8. Alien Crash: Hope that you get this one, as it provides you with arguably the best weapon in the game for free. This is a crashed UFO that says "Property of area 51" on the side. Search one of the alien bodies to find the alien blaster. You can also pick up the velvet Elvis painting. It has no discernable use.