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No book can raise your skill level over 100%

1. Guns and Bullets: Read to increase your small arms skill
2. Scout Handbook: Read to increase your outdoorsman skill.
3. 1st Aid Book: Read to increase your 1st aid skill.
4. Deans Electronics: Read to increase your repair skill.
5. Big book of Science: Read to increase your science skill.

Most drugs are weightless so feel free to carry as many as you want. If you happen to become addicted to a drug you must take it on a regular basis or suffer penalties.

1. Stimpacks: Use to restore a small amount of hit points. No chance of addiction of downtime, always have a large cache of these on hand.
2. Super Stimpacks: Use to restore a large quantity of hit points. No chance of addiction but you will gradually lose a small amount of hit points for a few minutes, totaling far less than what you regained. These can be used to assassinate people, use a large number of these on someone, (about ten, depending on their hit points) they will be full healed, but combined hit point loss from all the super stims will kill them if you rest about ten minutes.
3. Antidote: Use to cure poison. No chance of addiction or downtime.
4. Rad-X: Use to gain +50% radiation resistance for several hours. Use two of these at The Glow to be fully protected. No downtime or chance of addiction
5. Radaway: Use to lose 25 rads. As time passes the drug will continue to flush additional rads from your system. No downtime.
6. Buffout: Temporarily increases strength by two, agility by two, and endurance by three.
7. Mentats: Temporarily increases intelligence by two, perception by two, and charisma by one.
8. Psycho: Temporarily increases damage resistance by 50 and decreases intelligence by three.

Drug First EffectTime Second EffectTime Third AffectAddictive? Affects of Addiction
Buffout+2 ST, +2 AG, +3 EN6 Hours -4 ST, -4 AG, -4 EN12 Hours+2 ST, +2 AG, +1 ENYesThe shakes: -2 ST, -2 EN, -3 AG
Mentats+2 IN, +2 PE, +1 CH24 Hours-4 IN, -4 PE, -3 CH 3 Days+2 IN, +2 PE, +2 CHYesGroggy: -3 IN, -2 AG
Pscho +3 AG, -3 IN, +50% Damage Resistance6 Hours-3 AG, +1 IN, -25% Damage Resistance 6 Hours+2 IN, -25% Damage ResistanceYesLight Headed: -2 IN
Rad-X+50% Radiation Resistance24 Hours-25% Radiation Resistance24 Hours-25% Radiation ResistanceNo -
Radaway-50 Rads6 Hours-75 Rads --Yes-20% Radiation Resistance

Addiction can be cured, but you must go without the drug for several weeks.

Skill-related tools
These increase your ability to use a certain skill. The explosives rely on your skill level to be used.

1. Lockpicks: While picking a normal lock, your lockpick skill will be improved.
2. Electronic Lockpicks: While picking an electronic lock, your lockpick skill will be improved.
3. Tool: While using these your repair skill will be improved.
4. 1st Aid Kit: Use this to perform 1st aid at a higher skill level, eventually the First Aid Box will be used up.
5. Doctor Bag: Use this to perform Doctor at a higher skill level; eventually the Doctor's bag will be used up.
6. Stealth Boy: Use this to become slightly invisible, your sneak skill will improve while this is turned on, it will run out if used too much.
7. Dynamite: Set the timer, drop it or plant it, then run away. If your traps skill is low, it may explode prematurely.
8. Plastic Explosives: Set the timer, drop it or plant it, then run away. More powerful than dynamite. If your traps skill is low, it may explode prematurely.

Food and Drink
These can all be consumed, but none have any amazing benefits.

1. Nuka-Cola: Has no beneficial properties, but it is addictive. Sell this as soon as you get it.
2. Beer: Use to lower your perception by one, use this on enemies before they go hostile to decrease their accuracy.
3. Booze: Use to lower your perception by one, use this on enemies before they go hostile to decrease their accuracy.
4. Iguana on a stick (real): A big green roasted iguana, if you feed one to Dogmeat he'll join you.
5. Iguana on a stick (fake): Looks like a shish-ka-bob. You will eventually learn these are made from people. Dogmeat will join you if you feed him one.
6. Fruit: If you eat you one you will regain a couple of hit points.

These items all have some use

1. Bottle Cap: These are used as currency, hoard them.
2. Water Flask: When traveling the desert keep one or two of these on hand to prevent dehydration damage.
3. Flare: Use to light, can be thrown to illuminate a certain area making it easier to hit. Not very useful.
4. Rope: Used to descend the broken elevators in Vault 15, and to climb into the Glow. Make sure you have one before visiting these locations.
5. Bag: Put items in this to organize your inventory to make things easier to move around, or to keep it from being cluttered. Do NOT put quest items in bags, as the computer will not recognize them as being in your inventory. If you want to control what weapons NPC's use, use bags, NPC's will not remove items from bags.
6. Bag (2): You will find a different kind of bag in the Cathedral, it is exactly the same as a normal bag, but slightly larger.
7. Backpack: Same as bag but larger and heavier.
8. Geiger Counter: Use this on yourself to find out how many rads you have in your system.
9. Motion Sensor: Use this and you can see every person in the area by opening your pipboy automap.
10. Psychic Nullifier: Use this before you walk through the hallway approaching the Master, or you will take severe damage and may be blinded.
11. Red Keycard: Used to open the red coded elevator in the Glow.
12. Yellow Keycard: Used to open the yellow coded elevator in the Glow.
13. Blue Keycard: Used to open the blue coded elevator in the Glow.
14. COC Badge 1: Use it to open the locked door in the Cathedral.
15. COC Badge 2: You must get this from Morpheus; it unlocks the door in the back of the Cathedral leading to the descending staircase.

Quest Items
These items are all necessary to complete certain quests.

1. Water Chip: Needed to complete the water chip quest
2. Radscorpion Tail: Give one to Razlo to receive an antidote.
3. Tape Recorder: Needed to get Gizmo's confession.
4. Bug: Needed to get Gizmo's confession.
5. Dog Tags: Needed as proof of Killian's death.
6. Urn: Needed to join the Skulz.
7. Necklace: Needed to join the Thieves Circle.
8. Junk: Needed to fix the water pump in Necropolis, and the hydroponic farms in Adytum.
9. Systolic Motivator: Needed to fix the broken power armor.
10. Chemistry Journals: Needed to harden power armor.
11. Radio: Needed to trick the guards outside the military base, and toggle the force fields
12. Vat Key: Can be used to access the central computer in the military base.
13. Base Key: Needed to activate the nuclear bomb in the cathedral.

Use these to copy the information into your pipboy, read them at your leisure, most only provide atmosphere and background information.

1. Alpha Experiment tape
2. Delta Experiment tape
3. FEV Experiment tape
4. FEV Research
5. Power Armor specs
6. West Tech Records
7. Ancient Brotherhood Tape: Needed to join the Brotherhood of Steel
8. Brotherhood Code
9. Captain Maxson's diary
10. Sophia's Tape
11. Vree's Experiment tape: You need to have read this to convince the Master to suicide
12. Mutant Transmissions: Give this to Rutger to solve the missing caravans quest.
13. Richard Grey's audio diary: This was Harold's companion, read this to learn the origin of The Master.
14. Vault Locations V34.129
15. Tape: One of the mutants outside the military base has a holodisk with the entry code scratched on it.
16. Encryption Disk: The lieutenant has a disk that will help you hack the central computer in the Military Base.

These items have no use whatsoever; you may sell them off for extra cash.

1. Key Ring
2. Flower
3. Lighter
4. Pot of Daisies
5. Fuzzy Painting
6. Small Dusty Box of some sort - TV Dinner
7. Box of Noodles
8. "You have no idea" (It's an issue of Cat's Paw magazine)
9. T-51B Tech Manual