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Easter Eggs

This is a list of all the easter eggs in Fallout that I can find. For the uninitiated an easter egg is a hidden joke or reference to pop culture, perhaps an item that looks identical to one from a movie, or a famous line from the Godfather, the Fallout series is notorious for easter eggs. If you think you found an egg that isn't on the list send it to me and I will add it on.

1. Godzilla: In one of the SRE's you will find an enormous footprint with a crushed villager inside, this is a reference to the Godzilla movies.
2. Dr Who: In one of the SRE's you will find a UK style telephone booth, this is a reference to the old Dr Who show.
3. The Leather Jacket: Your first armor will probably be a leather jacket with one arm cut off, this was the jacket Mel Gibson wore in the Mad Max series of movies.
4. The .223 Pistol: If you complete the quest for Irwin in the Hub he will give you a .223 pistol that looks identical to the one used in Blade Runner.
5. Tycho: The desert ranger Tycho is the grandson of one of the PC's from the old CRPG Wasteland. If you ask Tycho about Gizmo he will also reference Fat Freddy from Wasteland.
6. Dogmeat: Judging by Phil's description of Dogmeat's old owner, Dogmeat was Mel Gibson's dog from the Road Warrior movie.
7. Gun's and Bullets: A spoof on the magazine: "Guns and Ammo"
8. The Crashed Whale SRE: This is a reference to The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams. A scene involving a whale and a pot of daisies being spontaneously brought into existence and dropped from the upper atmosphere of a planet.
9. The Alien Crash Site: A reference to the semi-mythical Area 51 and the Roswell alien crash.
10. The Pipboy: That little guy who illustrates your status screens is a spoof of the 50's cartoon characters that would advise children to duck and cover in case of an atomic attack.
11. The Maltese Falcon: Decker's casino is named after an old Humphrey Bogart film.
12. Loxley: Loxley mentions his easter egg himself. He is a big fan of the old Robin Hood stories and fancies himself as a modern version.
13. Deathclaw: The Deathclaw is a mini-tarrasque, at first I thought this was a reference to the shadowclaws from Wasteland, but the FO Bible is the final word on these matters and calls them mini-tarrasque's.
14. Mentats: The drug mentats are a reference to the Dune novels, mentats were human super computers.
15. Your pipboy will note certain holidays. Like on Dec. 25, your pipboy will wish you a Merry Christmas.
16. The entire Fallout world is a spoof on the atomic age, and pulp sci-fi storys. The world of Fallout is what people in the 50's predicted the future would be like, such as: A long nuclear winter, mutants everywhere, cars with huge tailfins, lots of spandex, and laser blasters.
17. The Intro: In the game introduction you see a soldier in power armor shoot a man in the street, this is based off a real life clip, but I have forgotten the origin of it.
18: Tycho: If you ask Tycho about Junktown he will paraphrase Obi-Wan-Kenobi, describing Junktown as a wretched hive of scum and villainy.
19. Deputy Kenny: In the hub, if you kill Deputy Kenny, your message screen will quote the South Park line "Oh my god, they killed Kenny, those bastards"
20. Designer Quotes: If you hold down the shift button and click on the credits button on the main screen you will be treated to a list of quotes by the Fallout design team.
21. Soylent Green: I believe your character quotes this when you speak with Iguana Bob. If you have knowledge of origins of his product, when you threaten to blackmail him one of your dialogue options is a variation of the line: It's made from people!
22. Nuka-Cola: You will probably find the occasional Nuka-Cola as you traverse the wasteland. This is a spoof of the popular soft drink, Coca Cola.
23. This Girl is Mine: In a Micheal Jackson song called "This Girl is Mine", he speaks the line, "I'm a lover not a fighter". When you are attempting to rescue Tandi, Garl may challenge you to a boxing match, your character may have the option of responding with "But I am a lover not a fighter". I wouldn't suggest using this though, as it tends to make Garl attack you.
24. Red Rider BB Gun: This is a reference inside a reference. You may find a weapon called a Red Rider BB Gun, this is a reference to Fallout's spiritual prequel, Wasteland. In Wasteland a character named Red Rider would appear if you killed the children in the first town. The Red Rider BB Gun is from the movie "A Christmas Story". The boy in the movie desperately wanted a Red Rider BB Gun with a compass in the stock, but he was told no because he would shoot his eye out. (This weapon may then get an increased chance to cripple an opponents eyes, unconfirmed)

I'm sure there are quite a few I have forgotten but I will keep adding to this page as I remember them.