How to use the Power Glove

Here is a brief lesson on how to use the
Power Glove to your best needs. The
only person who can use the Power
Glove is Xemn, so choose him. Take
only the Power Glove with you.
Lets start with the Basics. To push this
block to the left one space, push and
hold your 'A' button, and then walk
towards left.
See how easy that was? Now lets try
something harder.
Say you want to move this block to the
right. Impossible you say? Not quite. It
is quite easy. Face right, while still on the
block. Now jump, but this time, hold the
'A' button as you jump. Or jump, but as
you land, hold right and 'A' and it should
Again, an easy one. Now for a little bit
more challenging ones. With this same
block, move it diagonally up. The best
way to do this is the hold up and right,
and hold 'A' as you jump.
This one is probably a bit harder. Now,
for some jumping moves. Move that
same block, 2 spaces over to the right,
just under that gap of blocks. To do this,
jump, and hold 'Right' and 'A'. Do that
2 times.
It should now look like this. To finish it
off, jump up, and hold 'Up' and 'A'
And it will look like this. Congratulations!
Now you know how to use the most
important and hardest item in the game.
Practice a bit and play around for a
while. You will need to know how to use
these tricks later.