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How to use the Glove
Trick '16'

Trick '16'

For this trick, you need both controllers.
At the Title Screen, press and hold, 'Up',
'Right', 'A', and 'B' buttons on controller
2, while pressing and holding 'Down',
'Left', and 'Select' on controller 1. When
this is done, press 'Start' on controller 1.
You should hear a tone, telling you that
you correctly inputed the code.
You can now access the music test by
pressing 'A' while the pointer is on the
picture. Choose Roas. Go to the the shop
just outside of the house and try to buy
a crystal (which you cannot do).
Look in your inventory and you will see
that you now have an Armor. Go back
to the house, select Roas again, and
equip the Armor.
Go outside and use up all of Roas' magic,
while still having the Armor equipped.
After it is all gone, wait a couple of
seconds and the same tone you heard
before should sound. Go back inside.
Now, position the cursor on the eye of
the picture. Press and hold 'Left' and 'B'
on controller 2, while pressing and
holding 'Right' on controller 1. Making
sure the finger is on the eye, and that the
pointer will not move now, press 'A' on
controller 1, and a tone will be heard
You should now have 16 of every item.
Plus, a bonus. You will have 128 lives.
When you die, you will be revived, as
though you had an Elixer equipped. When
you open a chest for the first time, you
will get 109 keys, and when you grab
a big money bag from a chest, you will
get 109 Gold. The 16 items do not
count for Crowns and the Dragon Slayer.
Also, when you pick up an inventory item,
you will not get another one.