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•Minor Update
01.13.2006     Update by Merlin

Recently a visitor informed me of an emulator that can be used to defeat the final boss. Most emulators won't let you. I recommend downloading FCEUXD SP (v. 1.06 or higher) if you wish to play this game on your computer for this very reason, from either here or from Zophar's Domain.

•New Maintainer
06.08.2004     Update by Merlin

Saturn never did anything with this, so until a new maintainer is found I'm taking this shrine over on an interim basis.

•New Maintainer
05.22.2003     Update by Mr. Saturn

Just to note, all of the work done on this shrine was done completely by Orakio. It is a good man and a hard worker, and I hate to take any credit that he deserves. However, as he no longer has the time to work on the site full time, I have decided to take any questions directed towards the shrine. I have played the game, and have a working knowledge of it, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to direct them towards me. However, I would still like to acknowledge that all of the work done on the shrine itself was done by Orakio.

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