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  • You can obtain unlimited golds from the King in Eolis if you die and return to him.
  • Getting hit is often inevitable, don't be too much of a perfectionist
  • Any time you encounter a bread-carrying enemy, fill up on health as much as possible, they're not very common, especially in dungeons.
  • Always have some Red Potions around
  • See a Guru whenever you have the requisite experience to increase rank
  • Don't be afraid to die, it is often beneficial
  • Use magic wisely
  • Always equip weapons and armor after you aquire them
  • If you plan on using a key, make the most of it because doors don't remained unlocked
  • Yes, I realize north, south, east, and west needn't be capitalized in the walkthrough, but I do it anyway because they are quite important in the game
  • An experience boosting trick from from RG: "In the tower of fortress, you have infamous stone dropper, which gives a whopping 80 exp and 80 gold. By scrolling back and forth on the upper ledge between the stone dropper and the exilir, you can rack up serious experience and gold, even buying the Magic Shield and Death Magic ahead of time. A bit boring, but worth it in the long run. Also if you lose life by accidentally running into him, you should be able to survive since you can just pick up that elixir on the next screen."
  • Another from RG on defeating King Grieve: "When fighting King Grieve, the programers supply you with an hour glass in the castle. Make use of it just before entering the king's room. He'll still be moving around, but he won't be shooting any fireballs. If you are careful about not running into him, you can win without using a single red potion."

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