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Before being able to move up a rank, you must have the required amount of Experience, and then you must see a Guru. Otherwise, when you die you will have the same amount of experience & gold as you had before.

A note about ranks: according to Mew seeker, "Increasing your rank actually decrease the time that you can fly. At the beginning of the game, you can fly for 30 seconds and then, you lose 10 seconds of flight at the hero and superhero rank."

# Title Experience Needed Gold to Start With
1 Novice 0 0
2 Aspirant 1000 500
3 Battler 2200 800
4 Fighter 3500 1200
5 Adept 4800 1600
6 Chevalier 6200 2100
7 Veteran 8000 2800
8 Warrior 10000 3500
9 Swordman 12500 4300
10 Hero 15000 5200
11 Soldier 18000 6200
12 Myrmidon 22000 7500
13 Champion 26000 9000
14 Superhero 30000 10500
15 Paladin 35000 13000
16 Lord 45000 15000

If it is of any interest, a "chevalier" is a chivalrous man, a French nobleman of the lowest rank, or a member of a certain orders of knighthood or merit. A "myrmidon" was someone who followed Achilles on the expedition against Troy, or a faithful servant who follows orders without question. A "paladin" is a heroic champion, a a strong supporter of a certain cause, or one of the 12 peers in Charlemagne's court. Thanks to for all that stuff.

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