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To use a regular item, select it in the item window then hold Down and press B, temporary items are automatically used when they are touched or in the case of Elixir after you run out of life. Regular items(except keys) can also be found throughout the world, sometimes only after all the enemies on a screen are defeated.

Picture Name Where Acquired What it Does
Red Potion Red Potion Eolis - $160
Apolune - $300
Forepaw - $400
Mascon - $600
Shop East of Mascon - $300
Last Mist Town - $800
Conflate - $1000
Daybreak - $1200
Last Town - $2000
Completely refills health
Wing Boots Wing Boots Forepaw - $2800
Conflate - $5500
Commonly found
Allows you to fly for a fixed amount of time
Hour Glass Hour Glass Shop East of Mascon - $5600 Temporarily freezes all enemies
Mattock Mattock Mascon - $800
Last Mist Town - $1200
Destroys certain bricks
Key J(ack) Key J(ack) Eolis - $100
Apolune - $140
Forepaw - $200
Mascon - $500
Unlocks: Door leaving Eolis
Tower of Trunk
Tower of Fortess
Key Q(ueen) Key Q(ueen) Forepaw - $500
Mascon - $600
Last Mist Town - $1200
Daybreak - $1000
Unlocks: Path to Mascon
Tower of Suffer
Key Jo(ker) Key Jo(ker) Received from Guru in Tower of Fortress Unlocks: Building South of Forepaw with Ring of Ruby
Key K(ing) Key K(ing) Las Mist Town- $1500
Daybreak - $1200
Last Town- $1300
Unlocks: Two Parts of Branch that Hold Battle Equipment
Needed to Return to Conflate from Daybreak
Optional Room in Branch
Key A(ce) Key A(ce) Received from man in house East of Tower of Suffer Unlocks: World of Branch
Ointment Ointment Found- Temporary Temporarily reduces damage
Glove Glove Found- Temporary Temporarily increase attack power
Elixir Elixir Eolis - $320
Shop East of Mascon - $4300
Restricted to one life
Automatically refills health and magic when health meter runs out.
Poison Poison Found, immediate effect Depletes a portion of health, good to avoid

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