Joining RPG Classics

Thanks to Merlin for making the original Join Page, and Cidolfas for doing a fabulous job following in Merlin's footsteps!

So, You Want To Be A Shriner! Good on yer! It's a bit more complicated than it seems, though. ^^; Click on a step below to be taken to a Q & A page outlining the numerous details of each step. Please read ALL the Q & A pages before sending me any e-mail or requesting a shrine! I will be checking to see that you've understand what you need to do before doing it, so don't be lazy.

Step 1: Choose And Reserve Your Shrine and how I bug you about working on it!
Step 2: Decide What To Put In Your Shrine and what not to put!
Step 3: Create Your Shrine Using HTML and how to use HTML and the templates!
Step 4: Send Your Shrine To RPGC's Server Using FTP and how to use it!
Step 5: Finish Your Shrine And Join RPGC and what you get when you join!

These pages should take care of all the help you'll need. But if you are still confused, feel free to post on the message boards; there are many HTML and whatnot gurus hanging around the forums. If that doesn't help, e-mail myself or Merlin and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Any other advice? Well all I can say is to try to do a lot of the shrine at once as you play the game, for you'd hate to have to replay an entire game you just finished to get all your monster pics eh? If that's not your style then I suggest making A LOT of save states, at least one new one after every hour of gameplay. Secondly, choose a game you enjoy. Doing a game you cherish should make the sometimes tedious process of shrine making go faster. Finally, do NOT try to reserve the shrine unless you have the time and energy to learn how to use HTML and FTP, and to actually make the shrine. Don't reserve it just because you think you might eventually have time to do it.

Here is a list of suggested ("high-profile") games we're looking for shriners for. If you want a game that's not on this list, you'll have to clearly convince me why it's an RPG.

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