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Chapter 1: Runefaust Invasion

New Force Members: Luke, Tao, Ken, Hans, Lowe, Gong
New Items: None

          The game begins with the hero, Max's, return to consciousness after being defeated by Lord Varios. Once you can move, walk up the stairs and talk to Lowe, who automatically approaches and blocks your path. Then, walk back down the stairs and talk to Varios, and finally, back up to Lowe once more. He'll run off and you'll be free to roam the area.
          Head to the east of the town and talk to the old man sitting at the pub. Listen to his story, even if you don't care about it right now; this will become vital later on in the game. When you're finished, head north and exit the town to enter the castle. Speak with Varios automatically (after walking far enough to the north), then speak to the king. Agree to take the mission (you want to start killing things, don't you?) and then walk south and exit the castle.
          The king ordered you to recruit party members, but they recruited themselves.. Luke the WARR, Ken the KNT, Tao the MAGE, Lowe the HEAL, and Hans the ACHR will join your party after introducing themselves. Also, the old man joins your party to "advise" (annoy) you.
          Now, purchase some supplies with the king's money. You won't need to, most likely, but some medical herbs for your party members couldn't hurt. When finished in either case, head south and exit the town. You will be automatically taken to the first battle, at which point, you should flee! When it's the hero's turn, walk down to the bottom-most square of the screen, and when asked, retreat. From your new location on the world map, head east to the cabin and enter.
          Talk to the guy on the left side of the outside of the cabin. Without even mentioning who you are, the guy will recruit himself onto the Shining Force--and it's a good thing, too! He's got both physical strength and healing powers. Exit the cabin area, and from the world map, head west to the first battle.

Battle 1: Ancients' Gate
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong
Enemy Party:GoblinGoblinGoblinGoblinGoblinDark DwarfDark DwarfRune Knight
Conditions for Winning: Kill the Rune Knight!
         Being the first battle of the game, it's not terribly difficult. Three of the goblins will walk up to the front of the entrance to guard the Rune Knight while the other enemies usually crowd around the Rune Knight to protect it. Kill off the first wave of Goblins with your melee characters (Max, Gong, Luke) and keep your support (Lowe) and missile characters (Ken, Hans, Tao) right behind to attack without receiving damage. If anyone receives damage, have them healed immediately by Gong or Lowe, then proceed a few steps forward until approached by the next wave of monsters. Kill them using the same strategy, then once ready, swarm the Rune Knight! He should fall relatively quickly.
         After the battle, exit south and then prepare for... yet another battle!

Battle 2: Return to Guardiana
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong
Enemy Party:GoblinGoblinGoblinGoblinGoblinGoblinDark DwarfDark DwarfDark DwarfRune KnightRune Knight
Conditions for Winning: Have Max enter Guardiana / Defeat all Enemies
         The same enemies from the first battle are present in this battle, but there is one additional enemy of each form that you've previously encountered. Because of the earthquake, you won't be able to travel south of the mountains during the battle, so you must go north around them, then west. Just to the east of the mountains is the first group of goblins; have one of your best melee characters (most likely Max) travel travel northward to meet the enemies, then follow him with Ken, Tao, or Hans to attack afterwards. If possible, try to move as many characters to confront the goblins as possible, including a healer who will most likely be necessary. As you battle, the second group of enemies just around the mountain may approach, but usually will just wait for you. Approach them with your strongest characters, after having healed up, then destroy them as well. Heal once more, then slowly make your way to the bridge and to the Rune Knights that have gathered near the Dark Dwarf. Usually, the three enemies will await you gathered around the space just past the bridge. Place Hans across the water from one enemy and Tao/Ken across from the other enemy, then have them use their ranged attacks to take out two of the enemies while gathering your troops to kill the final Dark Dwarf. Once ready, charge him with everyone at once and kill him.
Guardiana Revisited
New Force Members: Mae, Gort
New Items: Power Potion, Defense Potion, Antidote, 50 Coins, Angel Wing, Medical Herb
          If you haven't already, enter Guardiana. Head north and exit the town through the northern exit (into the castle area), then continue north into the castle. You'll be greeted automatically by this guy, then taken into the throne room for a fun scene.
          Mae will join your party and run off to join the rest of the Shining Force, so you should leave too. Exit to the south, then go east and north to enter the pub once more. Talk to Gort and he'll join the party and run off to headquarters.
          Before going off to do battle, you can stock up on supplies at the newly opened weapon shop and, as usual, the item shop; you'll need a few medical herbs for the next battle. Before leaving, however, return to the castle and before entering, go to the west side after passing the two guards, then loot the remaining treasure in the vault. Save if you need to, then exit Guardiana through the south for Battle 3.

Battle 3: Path to Alterone
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort
Enemy Party:Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Rune Knight Rune Knight Rune Knight Rune Knight Rune Knight Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat
Conditions for Winning: Have Max enter Alterone / Defeat all Enemies
         In the start of the battle, place all of your best melee characters along the path that heads north. The Giant Bats to the east will move towards your party, so you want them to hit the wall of your characters with the best defense. Once you take out the two Giant Bats, heal any damaged characters and then proceed to the north a few steps at a time, this time placing your melee characters from left to right to prepare from an attack from the north. All five Dark Dwarves will approach, so be ready to swarm one at a time and take them all out. Once you do, heal once more, then continue along the past hugging the river. Five Rune Knights await, and once you get close to them, the three Giant Bats will also begin to approach your party rather quickly. Swarm one unit at a time and heal as often as possible, and if things don't look good, don't hesitate to use Egress or make a dash for Alterone!
New Force Members: Khris
New Items: Bronze Lance, 70 Coins, Medical Herb, Medical Herb, 50 Coins, 50 Coins, Healing Seed, Healing Seed, Healing Seed, Power Potion Wooden Arrow, Middle Sword, Middle Sword, 100 Coins, Defense Potion, Bread of Life, Wooden Staff
          Enter Alterone if you already haven't, then go to the house directly to the left. Enter the basement and open the treasure chests to receive a Bronze Lance (for Ken) and 70 Coins. Exit the house, then travel to the northwest part of the town and enter the house there to obtain a Medical Herb in a treasure chest. To the right of the first house you entered is the bar, in which you can find , a Healing Seed, and 50 Coins! Just north of here is the church, containing a treasure chest with another Medical Herb, and north of THAT is an old man's house. In his basement you can find a Healing Seed and a Middle Sword. Finally, return to the middle of the town and find the lady who warns you about getting mud on her dress. Head to the right and push the cart into her, then talk to her again. You'll wind up next to a chest containing a Power Potion; press down to return to where you were.Now that you're finally done looting the town for now, return to the bar and speak to the man just in front of the statue.
          Now you can enter and loot the castle! Exit the town to the north and the guard will be standing aside (he would have otherwise been blocking you). Make a left and go to the end of the path, then north to open a chest containing a Wooden Arrow. Return to just north of the entrance, then go north just slightly, then left and down the stairs, then left past the waterfall to another chest containing a Healing Seed. Return to north of the entrance once more, then enter the throneroom to the north and before talking to the king, go west and enter the treasure room to obtain the Middle Sword, 100 Coins, a Defense Potion, and a Bread of Life,. Finally, you can return to the king and speak with him.
          Go to the right down the hall in pursuit of the king, then enter the room northward. Head down the hall to the left to get the Wooden Staff, then return to the right and go down the stairs. Talk to the man standing next to the king, then wind up in prison.
          Talk to the priest to save if you want to, then search the jail bars. Khris will let you out, then join the party, then show you a secret passageway. Go down the stairs in the jail cell, then south down the long hallway, then west down the hallway and up the stairs for Battle 4!

Battle 4: Alterone
Battle Party:Max Tao Lowe Luke Ken Hans Gong Mae Gort Khris
Enemy Party:Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Dark Dwarf Rune Knight Rune Knight Rune Knight Rune Knight Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Giant Bat Sniper Sniper Dark Mage
Conditions for Winning: Defeat all Enemies
         Slowly make your way northward, keeping your strongest characters up front. First you will encounter the Giant Bats, which you can easily dispatch using the same strategies as before, then the Rune Knights at the top. Don't group your party into a + formation or the Dark Mage will cast Blaze 2 on all of them for massive damage! Try to take out the Dark Mage as fast as possible or keep your party spread out so that only one is hit with a spell at a time. Khris' healing powers will have come just in time for this battle.
          Exit Alterone town to the north and enter the castle once more. Return to the throneroom and talk to the king. Agree to forgive him, then go south and to the west to find the dragon head (located in this picture). Search it and agree to pull the chain to reveal a hidden doorway in the waterfall. Enter the door, then travel down the hallway to end chapter 1 automatically.
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