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Scattered all around the four continents are various treasures. The chests on the world map are the treasures. Each type of treasure (they all look the same) does a different thing, as listed on the table below
GoldYou find a treasure of gold, there are 2 things you can do with gold you find: take it or distribute it. Taking the gold will add to your money (duh) and distributing the gold to the peasants increases your leadership (one of the most important things in the game) as a rule of thumb, unless you absolutely need the money and cant get it any other way you should distribute the gold.
Mineral DepositsYou have found that the land is rich in mineral deposits that could make the king a fortune, in return he raises your weekly commission.
MapsThese maps are incredibly important, they show the way to the next continent and allow you to progress in the game
Crystal BallsMagical crystal balls that reveal the whole continent map. When you go into the map from the main menu you will not see the whole map, press A and it will show you the whole map, if you press A again it will change back and only show the areas you have explored (useful in treasure hunting).
GeniesYou find a genie in a bottle that aids you by using its magic to raise your spell power.
ShamenYou find a magically advanced tribe whos shaman teaches you spellcasting methods (your max spell # goes up).
SpellsYou find a spell and it gets added to your list, when gaining spells this way you can go over your limit.