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Magical Relics

In King's Bounty there are 8 magical relics that are hidden across the countryside.
Each relic is found with a piece of the map to the stolen scepter.
In addition to the piece of the map you also gain the special powers of the relic.
Here is a list of the items and their effects(in alphabetical order):
Amulet of AugmentationAmulet of Augmentation
Effect: The Amulet of Augmentation raises your spell power by 5.
Anchor of AdmiraltyAnchor of Admiralty
Effect: The Anchor of Admiralty lowers the cost of renting a ship from 500 gold per week to 100 gold per week.
Articles of NobilityArticles of Nobility
Effect: The Articles of nobility raise your weekly commission by 2000 gold.
Book of NecrosBook of Necros
Effect: The Book of Necros doubles your spell limit.
Crown of CommandCrown of Command
Effect: The Crown of Command doubles your leadership.
Ring of HeroismRing of Heroism
Effect: The Ring of Heroism adds to leadership and supposedly gives good luck.
Shield of ProtectionShield of Protection
Effect: The Shield of Protection reduces the danage done to your army by 25%.
Sword of ProwessSword of Prowess
Effect: The Sword of Prowess raises the damage done by your army by 50%.