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Tips & Hints

Summoning Items

When you pick up a Call Item like the Dytto Call or Efreet Call, you might be tempted to just use them. DON'T use them. Drop them first and then cast a Light Ball on it. You will summon the Spirit PLUS you will get an added bonus item. For instance, the Efreet Call gives you a 20 use Omega Sword. Each Call gives an added item.

Which Spirit?

You've probably asked yourself "Which Spirit is better when fighting a boss?". I know that I've asked this before. Bow is pretty useless as he only stands in one spot. Shade is useless as well, as Dark Claw isn't gonna do much against a boss. That leaves Efreet and Dytto to choose from. Efreet is good and he can attack on his own. Dytto can heal you when you need it and can also use Magic Storm. Personally, I take Dytto. Chances are that in a big fight, you're gonna want a quick heal and not waste any items.


Gems are an important part of the game. Not only do they increase your Spirit's power, but they also increase your SP by 50. There is no real tip for looking for Gems unless you look at the section of this shrine, but if you are having a hard time finding one, look around and kill every monster in sight.


Hearts appear totally at random. They raise your HP by one or two, and increase your rank (or level). If you are looking for a challenge, don't pick up any. The lower your rank, the better "Class" you get at the end of the game.


Elixers are handy to have. You can make one out of a Shade Call, or win one at the Secret Racetrack. I usually try to carry at least one around with me, since it will restore your HP if you die.

Efreet Call, useless?

If you have any type of explosive, whether it be a bomb or an Atomic Bow, then the Efreet Calls are useless. Just throw a bomb and aim a Light Ball at it when it explodes. Efreet will be called. So, what do you do with those Efreet Calls? Use a Light Ball on them and make an Omega Sword out of it. This can be handy earlier in the game before you can get the Infinite Omega Sword.

Bow Call, useless?

If you have a head of Lettuce with you, it can be. But the head of Lettuce will also disappear and make a Mushroom. You can try to carry both, but the Bow Calls make an Elixer, which can always come in handy.

Shade to the rescue

Are you low on HP? Are you full on SP? Call Shade's protection services, providing that you have it. Shade will take most of the damage for you, and will even rescue you from some pits.


Bows are sometimes overlooked weapons. Though they do not attack well up front, if you can get at a range without getting close to combat, they can be handy. The Fire Bow can take out Zombies easily at range without having the backlash of the Atomic Bow. The Metal Bow has the longest range, so if you are a ways away from the enemy, this weapon can help you out. And the Atomic Bow is probably your most useful weapon until you get the Omega Sword. They explode on contact and sometimes the explosion will hit twice. Don't overlook bows completely. They sometimes can save your tail.

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