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In Beyond Oasis, you can do a variety of skills with your Ali Knife or with a Sword. However, they require an extensive button comination in order to work, and can take some time to get them to work. Here is some of the skills that I've found useful while fighting. Most skills can only be used with the Ali Knife.

Skill Name Pic Button Combo Weapons Description Damage
Stab Tap B Ali Knife Ali quickly stabs the enemy 1x
Slash B Ali Knife Ali slashes the enemy 4x
Multi Kick Repeatedly Tap B Ali Knife, Swords Ali quickly kicks the enemy many times 10
Jump Kick C, then B (while in the air) Ali Knife,
Ali jumps then kicks 20
Jumping Slash C, then B (while in the air) Sword Ali jumps then slashes with his sword 1x
Spin Attack Hold B, rotate D-Pad in a complete circle, then release B Ali Knife Ali slashes 360 around him 3x
Flip Attack Hold B, press Forward, Back, Forward, the release B Ali Knife Ali jumps in the air, does a backflip, then slashes as he lands 6x
Running Slash Forward, Forward, B Ali Knife Ali runs and then slashes, knocking the enemy off their feet. 5x
Running Stab Forward, Forward, Forward, B Ali Knife Ali runs and stabs the enemy many times. 2x per stab
Quick Flips* Forward, Right, Back, Left, Forward, Back, Forward, B (add B for a 2nd flip, then another B for a 3rd flip) Ali Knife Ali quickly flips and attacks 6x per flip
Sword Melee* Forward, Right, Back, Left, Foward, Back, Forward, B Swords Ali makes 5 quick slashes at the enemy. 2x

*Directions with these can be a bit confusing. When I say "Right" I don't mean the right button on the D-Pad. To best describe what Right and Left are, just think of which direction to you his arms are facing. If his right arm is facing down, then Down is "Right". If his left arm is facing down, then Down is "Left". This is to make things easier to write no matter which direction you are facing.

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