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The Racetrack is quite a fun minigame. You have to direct Efreet around the track 5 times in order to finish the minigame. The faster you do it, the better prize you get. In order to start the race, you have to direct Efreet into the starting gate to the right of the campfire (on the left side of the screen).

The best way to win this is to use the Fireball Attack. This will allow Efreet to charge ahead, but only in the direction that Ali is facing. Have him keep doing that all the way around five times. After a bit of practice, you should be able to get the Infinite Fire Bow and the Red Gem. Remember that you can only win each prize once.

Place Time Item Pic
1st Under 1:09:9 Infinite Fire Bow
2nd 1:10:0-1:19:9 Red Gem
3rd 1:20:0-1:29:9 Efreet Call
4th 1:30:0-1:39:9 Elixer
5th 1:40:0-2:00:0 Cheese

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