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Name Pic HP Attacks Strategy
Archer 50-100 Shoots Arrows Running Slashes or Jump Kicks
Bat 10-20 Flies around and dives Stabs or Slashes
Beam Eye 50-100 Shoots beams Multi Kicks or Slashes
Beetle 50-80 Curls up and rolls Slashes
Bomber 40-200 Throws Bombs Slashes
Blob ?? Grows smaller & faster with each attack Slashes
Cave Rat 100 Attacks with Bone Running Slashes, Fire
Flame 80-120 Flies around Slashes
Gargoyle 100-180 Swoops down Jumping Slash w/ Sword
Shoots Fireballs
Gremlin 80-100 Jumps Around Slashes
Shoots Rocks
Guard 100-200 Stabs with Spear Running Slashes or Jump Kicks
Knight 160-500 Attacks with Mace Sword Melee, Arrows, or Flip Attack
Charges and attacks
Mimic 90 Bites Bombs
Ogre 120-400 Jumps and Smashes Multi Kicks
Grabs and Chokes
Raptor 180-200 Attacks with claws Swords
Attack with tail
Slime 60-80 Jumps around Slashes
Shoots slime
Snake 50-60 Bites Swords or Flip Attacks
Explodes on low HP
Soldier 80-160 Punches Running Slashes or Jump Kicks
Spirit's Ghost 200 Attacks Spirits Slashes
Swordsman 100-200 Slashes with Sword Running Slashes or Jump Kicks
Water Hand 160 Drains life Swords or Slashes
Wizard 50-80 Disappears and Reappears Slashes
Shoots Magic
Zombie 100-210 Hits with arms Slashes or Fire
Jumps around at 1/2 HP

*Note that there may be different colors of each monster, but these are what they each look like. Getting pictures of each color was just too much, so I gave you one color and an HP range.

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