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HP Healing Items

Item Name Pic Description
Cheese Restores HP by 1/4 of total HP
Fish Restores HP by 1/2 of total HP
Ham Restores HP by 3/4 of total HP
Beef Restores all HP

SP Healing Items

Item Name Pic Description
Orange Restores SP by 1/4 of total SP
Apple Restores SP by 1/2 of total SP
Pear Restores SP by 3/4 of total SP
Grapes Restores all SP

HP/SP Healing Items

Item Name Pic Description
Mushroom Restores HP/SP by 1/4
Lettuce Restores HP/SP by 1/2
Garlic Restores HP/SP by 3/4
Orange Mushroom Resores all HP/SP

Call Items

When you use a Light Ball on these items, you can get a special item from it.

Item Name Pic Description Item from Light Ball
Dytto Call Calls Dytto on Command Beef
Efreet Call Calls Efreet on Command Omega Sword (20)
Shade Call Calls Shade on Command Heart
Bow Call Calls Bow on Command Elixer

Other Items

Item Name Pic Description
Heart Increases your Rank (Level) by 1 and increases your HP by 2.
Elixir Restores HP/SP when your HP reaches 0.
Gwyn's Pendant Restores Ali's HP when under the sunlight. Used to belong to Ali's older syster Gwyn.
Warp Key Allows Ali to use the Warp Zones.
Spirit Ring Allows you to restore SP when not using a Spirit.
Large Cube Holds the power and soul of the ancient evil, Agito.
Charm Amulet Speeds up the HP and SP recovery process while under the sunlight.

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